I’m moving in…..

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Life In General

Okay…. not like really moving in…. but kinda!

I have just loaded my 40″ TV into my car (ok…. Keston did….lol) and am going to be moving it in to Andy’s tonight. I am SUPER excited!!!

Last night, when I got to his house, he had moved EVERYTHING around! And he cleaned! It was amazing! It was very clear that he had been working on this for HOURS! I was completely taken aback! In a pretty awesome way…..

(Hmmm….. me thinks I have been using the word “awesome” an awful lot lately…. like totally…)

Oooo….. and also….. lol….. he kind of made this other thing a big deal: he gave me a key to his house. It was so cute how he did it…. When I first got there, I was just marvelling at all the work he had done and was looking around. Then I finally decided to take my shoes and coat off. When I turned around, there he was, with his hand extended out and a little silver key in his fingertips…. like a 12 year old boy giving his first girlfriend a necklace on her birthday. It was both awkward and adorable all at the same time!!!

I mean, I pretty much live there anyway…. I sleep there every night, even when he works and won’t be there to sleep with me. I go there every single day now. We had talked about the key issue because I leave in the morning before he gets home and I lock the door behind me so I REALLY have to make sure I have everything before I close the door. I am always afraid of locking my own keys in there!

So yeah, a home rearrangement, a house key, and my TV and blu-ray system…. for him, this is a major commitment! And it’s pretty exciting for me! (Lame…. I know….)

Last night, when he was rearranging things as I sat and watched him (lol), he had a man moment that he couldn’t get past. I had to bite my tongue….. He has this really ugly cabinet he was using for his projector equipment. He was thinking out loud about where he should put it in the living room because it has old LPs in it. He asked me if he should put it in there. I said no. No you shouldn’t. He still contemplated…. Once again, I said no. And then he kind of shushed me………

Yep….. shushed me….. lol

So I bit my tongue. He just doesn’t see how completely ugly that damn thing is! I tried suggesting then that he move it into his office. You know…. so I don’t have to see it everytime I watch TV. LOL! I also did not say anything about the ugly rugs…. Thank God he decided for himself today that those would not be going back in the room!

This has really balanced out my day because I am pretty sure I lost my best friend today. We both think we’re right and neither of us is budging. And, I can truly say that for myself, I will NOT be budging in the future. I am just not willing to compromise who I am. I have done that in the past many many times. And I know that part of life is compromise. But I won’t be doing it this time.

What’s done is done. There is really no turning back now. I am so very sad about it but I am relieved as well. I am sick of feeling like I am such a bad person when I was doing nothing wrong but caring maybe too much for her. A simple and sincere apology two days ago was turned into this ugliness by her, not me. I am too frustrated to continue on with someone who talks to me like I am an asshole all the time. Because I know I’m not. And I have other friends who love me just as I am – neurotic, crazy, and senseless. Thank you very much.


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