Posted: November 17, 2010 in Life In General

This blog is going to be random today because I am random today.

Thanksgiving is one week away and I am totally not ready. I have bought no food and made no plans. My Dad is coming. My sorry excuse for a brother may come. Andy will be here. James and Demareo will be here. Chelsea is MIA since she isn’t speaking to me so we’ll see….. if she wants her car, she will be here. But I have no food bought and my house is a mess.

My dad will be meeting Andy for the first time that day. And, Andy has this ridiculous mustache he has been growing and he won’t shave it for the holiday for me. But I love him. Alot. So I am tolerating it. He has some kind of “thing” going with friends on Facebook where they all decided to grow mustaches for the whole month of November. Complete dorkiness…. which, unfortunately, is a major reason I love him so much.

My normally hot boyfriend now looks old. Ok…. not too old, but older…. and that’s what I keep telling him to insure that he actually shaves it off on December 1st as promised. He does have some vanity so I think that will work. If not, then he can expect a full service mid-sleep shave in December. Tell me I’m wrong!

Shereen and I are planning a trip to Ikea on December 10th. I love Ikea. I have been perving the website to plan for what I want to buy there. Andy and I have a need for couch pillows because his 1980’s couch is the most uncomfortable thing ever. I just don’t know if I will be able to wait that long before I get them. We have discussed taking one of my couches over there but I think James may freak out if I start removing furniture from the house. I will be keeping an eye out at auctions for one, though. It’s amazing how sitting on a couch affects your ability to concentrate on a TV!

My office Christmas party is the 10th so I will be taking Shereen as my guest and then doing the Ikea thing and probably stop in at Woodfield while we’re at it. I haven’t shopped with her since I was working in Rockford so it should be a fun time. She loves coffee almost as much as me and she has this freaky interior designing knack that I can’t do even on my best days. So I will be using her. She will come in handy!

So I haven’t done my laundry in over 2 weeks and I am down to wearing leggings and ugly tee shirts. Don’t you hate that when that happens!? So Friday is laundry day. I have been wearing mostly pajamas at Andy’s. Unlike my last boyfriend, who HATED when I did that, Andy has not said a word about it bothering him. Thank goodness. Because I would be screwed right now if he did. I literally have nothing left! Skankness to the max here!

Gatlin is coming today to help me organize the attic. I’m pretty surprised that his mom is even letting him come over…. I am scared to go up there because I haven’t in a while and I know the boys keep hauling shit up there. Plus, I have heard a mouse or something scratching away in there periodically. I guess I will need to set some traps. I am making Gatlin go up there first! That way, he can be maimed by the killer mouse FIRST!

I have been freaking out at work lately. It is getting close to the end of the year and I have just about had my limit of nonsense. I hope I can make it through the next 29 days without completely going off the deep end. I just need a break from everyone else’s problems for a while. I need 2 weeks of just taking care of me or being taken care of. Sometimes, a hard working girl just needs that!

My obsessions of late: movie quotes, pillow shams, french roast coffee in my Melitta One:One, planning to lose the last 10 pounds I need to meet my annual goal (notice how I said “planning” not “doing”), Indie comedies and documentaries, gnocchi sauces (having no luck), Nate’s boyfriend’s obnoxious flip flop collection, bras, lips, random facial abnormalities, AVON, youtube make up reviews, and 1980’s tee shirts (have you seen what these go for on ebay?!).

Speaking of ebay, I am still being a lazy ass. I have been coddling and nurturing my relationship and have had no time to work at all. I still am steadily selling on etsy without much effort at all, though, so that’s good. Andy has a full schedule coming up with limited days off so I may be able to at least clean up my shop and list what I do have pictures for this weekend or next. I am being so lazy about it though! Not my plan at all…..

I am just easily distracted (which you can probably tell by the randomness of my current obsessions). I get over to ebay to start that and end up looking at things I want or need. I go to youtube and can waste away DAYS literally due to the related videos on the right. I start watching crap on Netflix instant play and that will scratch a whole day off my calendar easily. There’s just too much other fun stuff to do besides working! You only live once and I like to enjoy some of my free time!

I am currently collecting cool movie quotes so I think I will leave you with one for today:

“When life makes you have to put up with mean and hateful people, think of them as sandpaper. They may scratch you, rub you the wrong way, but eventually you end up smooth and polished…and the sandpaper…its just gonna be worn out and ugly” – The Fighting Temptations

So true….. so so true…..


  1. Nate says:

    O he is cuter without the mustache. tell him ur gay friend said so. we know about these things. stephen is sending u the zsa zsa flip flops for xmas, girl!

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