*THIS* is my Friday night…….

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Life In General


I was going to cook supper (Jagerschnitzel with Gnocchi and Garlic Zucchini). We were gonna watch a movie (Harry Brown on bluray). Then, we were going to go to bed and fall asleep in each other’s arms….. that was the plan….


So now, after trying to torture my sweet boyfriend into awake land, which totally did NOT work…. I have sent him to his room and have settled on microwave nachos with an indie romantic comedy. I will probably crawl into bed with him at midnight and hope like hell he can actually wake up in the morning. I know he sleeps pretty long and hard after taking a Unisom and he does need to catch up on his sleep.

So I’m not mad….. just a little bummed…. I had a whole magical evening planned and now it’s all shot to hell….. but I knew this would be something I would have to deal with. I used to work third shift so I know how that really fucks with your body and mind. And I always worry about him and whether he is getting enough sleep to take care of himself. Still sucks a little, though.

So now what?

I have caught up with most of my shows. Andy doesn’t have cable so I’m not watching as many shows as I normally would. SOA this week was pretty amazing. It had that whole “ew” factor with the near incest storyline. I can’t believe they let it go as far as it did, though. Now, I’m just hoping Tara doesn’t lose the baby! Survivor has been very surprising. All my picks have been eliminated and at this point I am thinking Naonka may actually make it to the end. But my pick is Jane…. I want to try to catch up with the Biggest Loser but those episodes are so damn long!

I spent a good part of my day just looking for throw pillow covers. I don’t need anything fancy. Andy and I just want to have big comfy pillows for the couch to make it more comfortable. Do you know what they want for these covers???? I could buy actual pillows for the amount they want for just the covers! What’s the point in all that? It’s ridiculous! I may have to make a pillow run sometime this weekend….

I did my laundry today. I hate the Savanna laundry mat. I get there and load all my crap in washers and go to get change and NADA! There are two change machines in the place and neither one had any change in them! So I had to drive around and beg a business to give me quarters because the banks wouldn’t since I didn’t have an account there. Amy wasn’t working so I had no local contact in any of the banks today. Then, I finally get back to the laundry mat and when I started using the dryers, the one I loaded jeans into popped a seal. Sheesh! Really?? What a pain in my ass! I really need to just get a washer….

So, you have now heard about my TV habits, my pillow cover search, and my laundry….. how much more boring and pathetic can a person possibly be??? Oh, I’ve got tons more material… I could fully elaborate about carpet staining, psychology documentaries, my Avon order from Brooke, or my mesmerizing thoughts on how 3 boys lose full tubes of toothpaste every other day…..

But I’ll spare you the pain…. I’m going to walk the dog…. I never EVER thought I would be walking around the streets of Mount Carroll ever again! The things we do for love……


P.S. I know you are thinking, “what of the drama?” Well, I have not responded to any of the drama so none is going on anymore. And I am going to continue that stance. I told you yesterday. I am DONE. And, yes, I am actually sticking to it this time…. my decision was a life changer for me this time. I actually really truly meant it and will follow through and stick to my guns. I feel sooooooooooo much better now…… Oh, and Andy tonight finally told me his opinion on it (he normally just listens to me and rubs my back….lol) and he fully supports my choices! Yay!


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