Another great weekend….

Posted: November 21, 2010 in Life In General

….minus the drama……

On Friday night, one of the kids tried like hell to pull me back in but I stuck to my guns and averted the obvious by focusing my energy elsewhere. Pretty proud of myself! I think I am going to be able to do this! And it feels good! It feels like I am doing the right thing! I like that….

I went to an auction on Saturday morning at the Campbell Center. There were alot of great things there but I didn’t stay long. I knew if I stayed, I would have to go back to Savanna and get Big Red. There were none of the usual jewelry dealers there so I stayed for the first batch of jewelry, won all my bids, and then went home to my love. The second batch of jewelry wasn’t worth waiting around for and I was scared of what I might buy while I waited…. I went home and totalled up my loot: $22 worth of jewelry that will easily get me $100 in sales at the bare minimum. Not bad. Now I need to get it listed!

I went home (meaning Andy’s) and cuddled the rest of the day with him. It was so cold out! My legs were FREEZING when I got back from the auction! They were so cold that my jeans hitting them actually hurt! So I was happy to get home and cuddle. We finally had the Friday night we had previously planned on the Saturday night….

The only thing that sucks about that is that he had to leave to work. But the good thing about that is that he came home and woke me up….. and he had stopped at the store and bought me hot chocolate and marked it with a post it note “snowfall use only”. Awwww! That was the sweetest! Love him!

Today, I woke to my honey , had a cup of coffee with him, went to Joanne’s to visit and have a couple of cups of coffee, and then went home and cleaned like crazy for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day meal. James was actually home and woke up to help me at some point, which is a small miracle because he is never home, and when he is, he is in bed and griping about cleaning. It was nice spending the day with him and talking. Too bad he had to end it on a complaining note after speaking with Tim.

What is it with kids today? They all think they have it so bad. James is pissed because I am not home enough and don’t cook or take care of him. Hel-lo? You are 21 YEARS OLD!!!! You aren’t even supposed to be here!!!! And, I am there every weekday all day, but he sleeps through most of those days. That’s not my issue, it’s his.

But ultimately, I think he resents that I have found a boyfriend. I think he resents that Tim has a girlfriend but he doesn’t live with Tim so he can ignore that issue. I am around every day to give a guilt trip to. Oh well….. I’m not going to miss the opportunity with Andy just because James can’t grow up and be an adult. He is being ridiculous.

Tonight, I am going to plan my menu for the holidays out and see what I need to get still at the store. We are doing a traditional meal and feeding 8-10 people. I am excited because my dad will meet Andy and it’s been a LONG time since I cooked a traditional holiday meal! Turkey, stuffing, cream corn, mashed taters, green beans, hot rolls…. Mmmmmmm!

And it will be the first time in like 5 years where I don’t get some side criticism from Tim about what I could have done better. He had this nasty habit the last couple of years of our marriage of doing that. It used to drive me silently insane. I don’t mind criticism, but if it’s not useful, then why say it? It was always nit picky stuff. He probably didn’t even realize he was doing it. But I did. I always chose to ignore it because that was kind of my thing at that point was to just ignore stuff…..

With Andy, it’s pretty easy to tell likes and dislikes. He will eat more than one plate ALWAYS if he likes. If he dislikes, he won’t eat seconds. It’s as simple as that. I kind of wish sometimes that he would say “hey, great meal!” or “hey, I’m not really into italian sausage” (he’s not, I know this) but he never says anything. He just either eats a shitload of food or he doesn’t. That’s how you know!

So this is a short work week and I can’t wait!!!! I still haven’t organized my Black Friday ads. I am definitely going out that day but I can’t decide where and with whom. It will depend on the Black Friday ads and where I need to go probably. I have multiple invites to go with people but thay are all going in different towns…. so I should probably look at the ads, huh?

Shereen really wants me to come up there because there is a new Japanese Grill with Sushi bar she wants to try out that day, which actually sounds like heaven…. my only concern is staying in Rockford. I’d rather not…. but I might have to just to go to the restaurant. Shereen knows the chef/owner so we may get premium service and get to try new things we haven’t tried before, which I am always up for!

Okay, well, Andrew is going to wake up any time now and he will want to check his facebook before he leaves for work, so I need to sign off for now. Hope everyone has a fabulous week!


  1. Nate says:

    Hey girl! Me and Stephen booked flights to Chicago for a conference he is attending in December! 😀 I was going to talk to you about it at EP tonight but you ditched! 😦 Call me and lets make plans for an EP get together!

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