So I’m going to Italy…..

Posted: November 25, 2010 in Life In General

Yeah…. you heard me right…. I’M GOING TO ITALY!!!!!!

My dad invited me to go in 2011. We are going to go with my favorite cousin of all time , Jason, and his extremely cool wife, Jill, as well as my super sweet Aunt Margie. I can’t wait!!!! Now I have to try to get my damn passport! It’s just too cool…… I am super excited!!!

Now I have got to do some serious saving! And I should probably start selling all my inventory ASAP. And I should try to put the house up for sale in the spring maybe…… There is no freaking way I am missing this trip! I will sell a kidney to make sure I can go…..

So it was a very good Thanksgiving! I spent the day with my family and my amazing boyfriend. We had good food. The turkey I thought I totally ruined turned out to be just fine. My dad’s homemade pecan and pumpkin pies were fabulousness. I am so blessed to have people who, while they drive me absolutely insane every single day, they love me and care for me at the end of the day, every day……

I am getting ready to go out for Black Friday. My Christmas budget is very tight this year, much to the kids’ disappointment but I think they understand. I have too many people to buy for, I know that. Demareo is an extra person and cuts into James and Chelsea’s gift budget. Plus, I have to get Robert something….. and Andy…..

I already bought my own gift for myself ….. a GPS that I got for cheap at Walmart because it is refurbished. It had really good reviews, even on the refurbished unit, and I desperately need it. Every time I make a trip into Chicago, I wish I had a GPS. They do make life easier and less scary. That’s for sure. That should be here tomorrow but won’t be here in time to test when I am out and about shopping.

I really have no game plan for Black Friday. I know I want to go certain places, but it’s mostly to get household items and stuff for myself….! The deals are too good to pass up! I am meeting Shereen in Rockford (for SUSHI!) but I will try to get most of my shopping out of the way in Freeport so I don’t have to do any of the major stores in Rockford. I really wish they had a Target in Freeport, though…. I also need to get over to Old Time Pottery and pick up the couch pillows for Andy’s couch as well.

I have no desire to be in Rockford at all , but I love Shereen (and SUSHI!) so I am going. I plan to stay out of the mainstream stores and just go where I need to go. The only exception will be a couple of thrift shop stops. I don’t “need” to stop in those…. I WANT to stop in those …. it’s an addiction, what can I say?

So I hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving. Be safe out there for Black Friday! And bundle up!!! It’s cold out there!!!

  1. Brenda says:

    Oh my goodness, Renee! I am so excited for you! ITALY! That is really so exciting! I know you will have a blast going there and it sounds like you will have enjoyable company as well!

    I did not venture out on Black Friday myself. The kids and I decorated the house for the holidays. Sushi would have been an excellent way to end a good day of shopping though! 😉 Hope you had fun!


  2. Hilary says:

    I always miss the good chat weeks where there is lots of news! 😦 Italy is the bomb! I went back in 2003 with my college roommate and we had a blast! I know you will too because you are always so enthusiastic about everyone else’s travels and telling them what they “should” have done. 😉 Live it up, girl! Do it all!

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