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Posted: December 8, 2010 in Life In General

I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to post updated blogs! Whew! And, yes, I know I blew off Monday’s EP chat…. I was really frustrated with work on Monday and just cut out early and went to Andy’s to cuddle…. SORRY! 😦

So what’s been going on? Is everyone ready for the holidays? Yeah, me neither…. I thought I was close, and I guess I am, but I have so much little crap to get done still yet. My tree isn’t up. I don’t even know where the hell it is! So I may really be up a creek on that one…. The kids are breaking the bank on my Christmas budget. I would have been fine if JCPenney sold everything I needed like back in the old days….lol!

Andy already bought and wrapped my gifts! 🙂 I am so excited! I don’t usually get anything except money from my dad so I am super pumped! I have started getting his stuff. I am pretty bad at gift buying for boyfriends I think. I got him a new sweatsuit because he said he wanted to start running again and we have this ongoing joke about his current sweatsuit being too big and super cheap. I got him a couple of bluray DVDs from his Amazon wishlist. I plan to get him a couple of Under Armour type shirts for working out and running.

I wanted to get him a lobby card for BlackWater (the movie we watched on what he deems our first official date) and mount it with a cute picture of us together. The big problem with that is….. we have no pictures together! Now, this is kind of funny because we both are into photography… and yet we can’t seem to get any pictures of ourselves as a couple. Chelsea took some at Thanksgiving but I looked like a cow so there is no way I’m using those. And, no…. no amount of editting would have helped those pictures…. I am toying with the idea of photoshopping a picture together (lol) but I will have to wait for some night when he’s working to see if I can manage that…. Grrrr!!!!

Chelsea started her new job. She hasn’t said much but I am hoping she likes it and gets along with everyone. She really needs this! James is still at the Rodeo and bitching every damn day about it. Oh the horror of having to work a part time job!

I have my work Christmas party on Friday. I already pissed off one of the girls planning it by telling her what everyone else was thinking but not willing to say to her. So Friday will be fun when I see her …. Shereen is meeting me to take a walk through Ikea. She was going to go to the party with me but it’s $27 a head so…. yeah…. someone didn’t plan that very well, but what do I know…. I will be trying to finish up some Christmas shopping that day…

Then, on Saturday, I will definitely try to finish up my shopping! Amy and I are going to shop our butts off in Dubuque that day. Then, I will come home and start the making of my Christmas batch of salsa and chips! So you had better hope you are on my good side if you plan on getting a goodie bag with that in it! I am also considering doing bruschetta as well…. I’ll have to see what my checkbook looks like currently….lol!

I am not doing the Christmas baskets this year. It’s just too much work and too much money to do this year. Instead, I am just doing a few goodie bags. I don’t have a ton of people to do them for since I am not doing Tim’s family this year. Plus, I have decided to really showcase the salsa with proper packaging in new jars with cute little tie labels. I am excited about seeing how they turn out!

I have caught up on most of the shows I watch. I still am not caught up with the Biggest Loser yet, though. Survivor with Naonka and Purple Kelly quitting was so lame. I wish Probst had tore them apart! Oh! And I just started watching Top Chef All Stars! LOVE IT! Of course, I love any where Marcel is there….lol! Such a smart ass…. I don’t really like the remaining teams on Amazing Race…. but if I have to pick a team, it would be the doctors…. yes, they are already gorgeous and rich but eh… who cares? They have kicked ass all season… they deserve it!

Anyone see that Favre was injured last week? YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

On that note, I am outta here for today, boys and girls!



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