Pet Peeving Me

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Life In General

I swear…. this ALL happened to me TODAY:

1. I send a message to my dad on Facebook about wanting pictures from a DVD of my Grandmother. He proceeds to say he is in Missouri….????…. Um. Yeah. Didn’t see that one coming. I hate hate hate when he just takes off and doesn’t tell me where he is. I know we were never especially close but he KNOWS that I kind of freak out when he does this. He said he thought he told me. I asked Andy if he remembered my dad mentioning it because I didn’t. Andy didn’t remember him saying it and Andy remembers EVERYTHING for the most part. So….. I doubt my dad told me this. Now, I should just be happy he didn’t leave the country without telling me (yes, he has done this before…..) but STILL! Could you please tell the one child with your DNA that actually cares whether you live or die where the hell you are at???? Sheesh!!!

2. Chelsea sends me random crap by text message all the time. If you have me as a friend on Facebook or Myspace, it is kind of similar to the very random messages she sends me on those sites. So today she texts me, “My phone won’t connect to my email.” Okay. My response was, “What am I supposed to do about it? lol!” Her response: “I hope you got me a phone for Xmas.” Me? “Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!” Her? “Whatever” She knows I am done shopping for her. She knows I can’t afford a phone for her. She knows I can’t do anything about the crap she did to her phone. Why is she asking even? Random……

3. I got a call from a co-worker today regarding a meeting we attended. During the discussion, I found out that another co-worker, who constantly talks herself up in meetings, has actually been taking shortcuts on files. I also found out that almost my entire team of co-workers feels the same way about this co-worker as I do….. that she is very conceited and self-absorbed….. I endured an entire day of hearing this chick talk about how great she was and how much her clients loved her and I only did that because I felt like everyone else was eating up her bullshit so why should I be the one to burst the bubble? But, no…. apparently everyone else is sick too….. Well, shit! I could have said so many things to shut the woman up and I didn’t because I was concerned for my team’s morale? Well, that’s the last time I do that. I hate when I don’t trust my gut….

4. I asked James to shovel the walk today. Now, when Tim left, I started shoveling the walk and was AMAZED at how simple and quickly it could be done. For all the whining that the men in my house did for years in order to get 10 yards of sidewalk shoveled, it was such an EASY job! Well, after last week’s snow, no one did it so I asked James to do it. He hates the cold and bitched about doing it but went out and started shoveling. Here’s what he did….. one path the width of the snow shovel, which is about half the sidewalk…. so basically, he did a half-assed job….. LITERALLY…. he did HALF the sidewalk…. his solution for the other half? Load up the salt. W.T.F.

5. I did my checkbook today. I have $15.53 to my name until Christmas Eve…… and I need $400 for tires…. crap. Yeah, I know…. I should be thankful because all my bills are paid and I do still have savings, but still….. I hate running that close. It’s the tire thing that sucks more, I guess…… I was hoping to get my hair cut for my Christmas gift…. instead, I’m buying tires. sexy.

So the completely BRIGHT spot in my day was getting to go home to Andrew and getting to cuddle up and nap and talk and laugh….. Also, he sent me a really sweet, loving message in middle of the day that really kept me in a positive mood….. Today could have been a really negative feeling day….. it’s because of him that it wasn’t. I am lucky. I am really really lucky to have him in my life. I so ADORE him!!!!


(Oh! And we decided to take some pictures of ourselves this weekend probably…. I hope they come out okay. I look like a fat cow sitting next to his skinny ass, I’m sure….. but I’m hoping he’ll let me pick the picture we send out to people…. well, to his grandma…. oh, and to you 😉 lol!)

  1. Nate says:

    I thought you were joking when you always told us about your dad, but now that I got a FB, I perved your profile and YOU ARE RIGHT! He is funny as hell! I also see Chelsea’s posts on your profile and she is my kind of girl! Very funny as well! (Yes, Brenda, I broke down and made a new FB profile.)

    I used to have a co-worker like yours. He got promotion after promotion over me and I was better at my job! My solution was to quit my job, go to Key West, find a Sugar Daddy, and marry him! You could do the same, no?

    Thank God I don’t have snow. Tires = SEXAAAAYYYYY. I’m starting to adore Andrew as well. 😆 Can’t wait to see the new pictures! You are gorgeous so I know they will look great! 😉

  2. Brenda says:

    Don’t sweat the small stuff, Renee! There will always be irritating people to mess up your happiness. Look for the joy in your life (Andy) and keep the focus there and you will be fine.

    A year ago, you would have been devastated at the prospect of needing new tires. I can tell in your writing that it is only a bump in the road. That is what I call Progress! I am really proud of you that you are taking it in stride. You will be fine.

    I wish I could find one of my children to shovel my walk! It’s only December and I am already hating winter! That is so unlike me. 😦

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