I love my boyfriend :)

Posted: December 19, 2010 in Life In General

Well, I have spent upwards of the last 36 hours being a snotty, coughing, cold med drugged up mess with NO make up, swollen facial sinus passages, and a red chapped nose…. and he told me twice that I looked good…. Bless his heart….. I know full well that I didn’t look good AT ALL, but he said it sincerely….. and that made my heart melt…. πŸ™‚

So I am still sick…. it sucks…. I made what “looked” like some amazing ass lasagna last night and I couldn’t taste it…. Andy said it was good but I don’t think he is picky about lasagna. He just likes all lasagna. πŸ˜› I do think it looked super awesome. I just wish I knew for sure that it tasted super awesome…. πŸ˜‰

I currently can’t smell or taste ANYTHING, which sucks majorly…. I was going to go to Noodles & Co. tomorrow in DeKalb but I really don’t see the point if I can’t taste the amazing stroganoff! Damn it! I made salsa today and Andy said it smelled up the whole house but I couldn’t smell a thing. I also couldn’t taste it so I am holding off on the final packaging…… I am hoping my sense of taste and smell come back in the next few days or no one is getting any salsa or bruschetta!

So, my vacation hasn’t started off exactly well…. it kinda sucks actually…. and I am not getting everything done. My biggest concern is the “project” I have that I need to complete for Andy’s Christmas gift…. I am already behind…. and I am very very nervous that it won’t turn out like I see it in my head. I wish I was a craftier girl… I aspire to be…. it just doesn’t always work out that way…. πŸ˜†

I hope that if I can pull this off that Andy actually likes it…. I really don’t want to have a “moment” like that…. you know the one…. where you have this awkward silence after someone opens your completely unwanted gift and they don’t know what to say because “thank you” is waaaayyyy off from what they are really thinking….. Yeah. I don’t want to be on the receiving end of THAT awkward moment….

But, if he is as gracious to me on Christmas day as he has been this last 36 hours, I don’t think I will have much to worry about…. he has been very loving and affectionate, even though I am a stuffy nosed mess…. he looks at me like I am beautiful, when I know I am just NOT….. he went and bought HEET for my car and some more cough drops this morning when he got up….. I didn’t even ask him for that…..

You know why I am blogging about this? I’m sure some of you have already heard this story but I will briefly tell it again (haters). I was very sick about 3 months prior to Tim and I seperating. I got the flu. I couldn’t even get out of bed. NO ONE checked on me. NO ONE! I had no strength at all. I was CRAWLING (seriously…. on my hand and knees crawling….) to the bathroom. I was getting drinking water out of the bathtub faucet. Because NO ONE checked on me for at least 24 hours….. NO ONE!!!! It was fucking pathetic of my family. I knew right then and there that I didn’t matter to any of them. Now, the kids were teenagers and they tend to be selfish and self absorbed, so they had an excuse. My husband, on the other hand? No excuse would be good for that situation. I could have quite literally died and no one would have noticed for at least 24 hours…..

This is why this whole incident of me being sick and Andrew being so kind and loving to me is a big deal to me. For most people, this is probably normal behavior from their boyfriends or spouses. Not so for me…. and I wasn’t expecting it. I just figured he would leave me alone and let me deal with myself by myself…. you know, just stay out of my way…. He hasn’t been that way at all. I mean, he isn’t like treating me like he’s my mommy but he is concerned about me and still very loving and affectionate and suggesting things to me and convincing me to take care of myself better even when I resisted…. πŸ˜†

I love him. The way he looked at me today and told me (with a straight face) that I was pretty today…. *sigh*……. I just can’t think of anything better than that….. he makes me melt and my heart flutter…. yep….

I love my super amazing boyfriend….. πŸ™‚

  1. Nate says:

    MARTINI MONDAY!!!!! πŸ˜€

    (sorry you are sick! 😦 )

  2. Brenda says:

    If that’s what you look like when you are sick, you must be killer gorgeous when you aren’t! So sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. I hear that it is going around. Thank goodness for your boyfriend. Sounds like you have a keeper on your hands for once!

    I hope you can still make it today! I can’t wait to see everyone!

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