What a Day! Whew!

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Life In General

Well, it was my last really super busy day before I settle in to sit on my lazy fat ass for an entire vacation…. well, the last day until Christmas arrives anyway…. and, boy, did this one pack a wallop!

I started out my day having to spend my ENTIRE Christmas gift money from my dad on new tires for my car. I hate when that happens! I need so many other things in life! I need a haircut. I need a heater for my back bathroom. I need to take Petey to the vet. I need new slippers. I need socks. I need to get my nails done. I need new gloves. I need windshield wiper blades. I need a new entry rug for salty boots/feet. I need a damn massage! I could have gotten ALL of that….. but NOOOOOOO….. I had to get tires…. oh Joy!

I spent some time with Chelsea, but it almost didn’t happen because whine ass boy threw a sissy fit. He told Chelsea she couldn’t spend all day with me. He would be bored and lonely…… Oh Wah…. really? How old are you? What an asshole. I was trying to be nice about it. I suggested he come along and I would pay for lunch for him too….. but no…. he didn’t want to do that. He just wanted to bitch. I finally told Chelsea that I gave birth to her ass so she needed to get some balls and man up and tell her little boyfriend that she was spending whatever time was necessary with her MOM! Oh, and then I threatened to return his Christmas gifts…. 😆 …. hey! I needed to add a kicker in there! 😛

We did a whirlwind shopping trip through MC Sports, Michael’s, Game Stop, Walgreens, JCPenney, and I ended it at Walmart, where I picked up my car and then high tailed it to meet the amazing group from EP for some afternoon cocktails.

That meeting was not long. In fact, it was WAY too short! Next time, we will need to plan it better and for a time when Stephen does not have to be somewhere for business. I would have loved to spend alot more time together! We are such an eclectic group of people, yet somehow we all seem to fit so well together! I am pretty sure Brenda will be posting pictures on EP on the group page sometime tomorrow morning. She had some kind of dog thing to get to this afternoon and evening.

So after cocktail hour, I started my trek home….. and it was a NIGHTMARE! When I left this morning, the news said 1-3 inches of snow starting after 2pm and up to midnight. I thought “no problem”! Uh….. yeah…. apparently the forecast was changed to 1-3 inches AN HOUR! I was fine until I got to Rockford….. then all hell broke loose…. because the plow guys were all still at the damn bar or something…. I was driving in 3-4 inches of snow AT LEAST. Completely unplowed….. and drifting heavily…… Now, driving in snow doesn’t bother me. I had brand spanking new tires on…. My issue was that I couldn’t see the edges of the road! So I couldn’t tell in many spots whether I was even on the road! It took me 3 hours to go 75 miles. That sucked. 😦 Here was what I drove for 3 hours in:

But I made it home….. to Andy’s….. finally……. He was sleeping but I was way too amped up to go to sleep, even though I probably should have since I didn’t sleep much the night before. So I got on facebook and commented on everyone’s posts, I made coffee (as if I needed the caffeine), and I watched a couple of Survivor episodes. I also went out and shoveled the sidewalk and steps, moved my car….. which was being plowed in by the now abundant plow drivers…. and walked Kiana, who has been having “women issues” and isn’t feeling well….. 😦

She went to the vet today and we found out she was having a hormonal imbalance that was causing her to think she was pregnant and needed to prepare for pregnancy RIGHT NOW! So she has been acting a little loopy….. and for those of you who have known me for a while, you know I had several issues regarding hormone imbalances in the past as well, so I can totally relate….. She is still acting loopy but we hope it wears off on its own within the next week or two. The vet made it sound like it could have been something else which would have been fatal! I’m sure Andy was freaking out when he heard that. This dog is like his child! And I think he was very traumatized by the loss of his last dog so losing Kiana would be bad….. but she is going to be fine…. Now, she’s just going to milk it for all it’s worth…. 😆

Currently, I am watching the lunar eclipse on some dude’s handycam in his backyard in Northern Arkansas while he plays Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon….. only on the internet can we do this…. 😀 it’s where the super geeks hang out in the wee hours of the morning…. LOVE THEM!!! So a shout out is going out to dgold who runs a USTREAM channel called Honest Tunes…. super geek extraordinaire who has a soft spot in his heart for really great music. Love ya, man! 😆

Okay… I am off for the night…. the total eclipse just started and I want to get a hot bath in before I retire for the night…. If you an EPer…. and I suspect you all are EPers…. then go check out Brenda’s pictures from our event today (well, yesterday now….). Talk to you later!

  1. Brenda says:

    Just letting everyone know that I did post the pictures from “Martini Monday” EP event on our EP group’s home page. I know many of you come here and read Renee’s blogs so I am posting the notice here as well as on the front page of our homepage at EP.

    It was a wonderful time seeing everyone. I want to thank Renee, Nate and Stephen, Hilary, Misty, Thomas, Jake, D’arnya, Jon, Sarah, and Alan for making their appearances. We had a very fun time. I am also sad it was not a longer event because it seemed like we only just met and then were saying our goodbyes.

    Next time, I want to extend an invitation to the out of towners for a safe place to stay so that we can maybe do a whole weekend next time. I know Nate and Stephen talked about coming back to Chicago for a pleasure trip this summer (Stephen had business to attend to this week) so maybe we can plan around that time.

    Renee: I am so sorry you had to drive home in such yucky weather! So happy you made it home safe! That must have been very stressful! But it was wonderful to see you in the flesh and I am so glad you made the trip in, even if it was brief! Thank you for helping me organize it!

    • Renee says:

      Thanks for posting the pictures, Brenda! They are great! And for once, I look pretty decent in them! That’s a first…. must have been the super duper photographer! 😉

  2. Nate says:

    Just saw the pictures! They are FAB!!!! U!!!!! LOUS!!!!! THANK YOU BRENS!!!! I had a FANTASTIC time at MARTINI MONDAY and it showed! Wooohooo!

    Being in Chitown is very nostalgic for me, but I know one thing for shooo — I do NOT miss the cold and SNOW!!! I am so glad you made it home alive Renee. I was terrified for you! I’m sure me texting you a million times while you drove thru that didn’t help, no? LMAO!!!

    • Renee says:

      Uh…. yeah, Nate….. thanks for almost getting me killed several times just so I could see your ONE WORD text message….. you know, I am worth less to you dead than alive…. 😆

  3. Hilary says:

    It was so great meeting everyone! I posted a long post on EP about it. I loved the pics, Momma Brenda! We all looked so awesome!

  4. Sarah & Al says:

    Al and I loved meeting everyone at the Martini Monday greet! You are all so much better than I ever imagined! Can’t wait for the next one!

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