Posted: January 15, 2011 in Life In General

This is a quickie while I wait for my curling iron to heat up…. 😆 So there has been alot going on and no time for a bunch of details so I will give the quick rundown, if that’s possible….

James has finally broken up with the non-girlfriend and I am hoping it’s a permanent break now. The result has been that my house has now become THAT house… I am the ghetto neighbor that you love to hate… the one with all the loud noise, crazy teenagers, and cops showing up in middle of the night… Yep, that’s my house. Apparently, the non-girlfriend has not been taking the break up very well and has just been showing up at my house drunk in middle of the night and physically attacking James when he tries to get her to leave.

So, two nights in a row now he has had to have her physically removed by the police…. 😯 Last night, she was arrested at my house for minor drinking because she is only 20. James wouldn’t charge her for the battery but I’m pretty sure the cops could have done it themselves but they didn’t. They should have. James is covered in scratches and bruises. He didn’t stay there last night in hopes that if she showed up, then her “fight” would be deflated when she realized he wasn’t there… I hope it works… because I don’t want to have to get a restraining order against the girl…

In other news…. my zodiac sign has apparently changed. 😯 WTF? I feel like now I have never known who I was! 😆 Well, I never quite felt I was a Gemini. They are supposed to be the lives of the party… so not me… at all. But I also don’t think I am much of a Taurus either… but it does fit better than the Gemini… but at the end of the day, who really gives a crap?

I’m not someone who really believes in all that crap. What I do love is reading my enemies horoscopes, and whenever it’s a bad one, really really REALLY hoping that horoscopes ARE true! And then I laugh in a just evil enough maniacal way that might make you think I am bitter… but I’m not… not too much anyway… 😆 Is that wrong? Ah…. who the hell cares? It’s fun!

I think… according to Andy’s circa 1941 bathroom scale… that I have lost like 8 pounds. Woo hoo! Ok… don’t woo hoo yet… I will do my official number Monday and I have to get through the weekend which includes free lunch at a decent restaurant today with my dad… Anyway… I was getting dressed this morning and realized my back fat is more hideous today than it was last week…. Ugh!

You know how the “experts” say that you lose weight in the places you last gained it at? Yeah. Bullshit. When you lose weight, you lose it whereever your stupid body, who hasn’t cooperated with you in YEARS, wants to lose it from. Apparently, my body chose back fat this week. Awesome. So now I have poofier back fat than last week…

Back fat is one of my greatest enemies… I hate it. Yeah, I know I have always said my arms are the worst, and they are. But back fat is just gross. At my heaviest, it was really gross. Since losing all that weight, it has been better. I have been working with it. It was easier to hide… not now. So now I have to hope like hell my body continues to choose back fat to even that out again. But I really was rooting for the abdominal fat… you know… so I don’t die of a stroke or heart attack… but since the back fat looks bad now, I guess I’ll have to risk it… 😛

Okay… I need to go do my hair… maybe that will deflect the focus off the back fat that I can clearly see in my teal cardigan… Hmmm… I am wearing a push up bra… maybe THAT will deflect attention? Whatever.

Can you see my back fat or my boobs? lol!

Have a great day! Muah!

  1. Nate says:


    I will have to come back and comment later tonight when I have time. GREAT POST!!!!!!!

    LUVS U!!!! Have a good day with the fam fam! 😀

  2. Rick says:

    boobs. def boobs.

  3. Brenda says:

    Sorry to hear about the situation with your son. Break ups are so hard on young women. They hang way too much worth on relationships at such a young age. Young men don’t feel the same way. I hope it all calms down for you.

    I know what you mean about losing weight in unwanted places. When I had my last child, I went on a major crash Slim Fast diet. I lost alot of weight very fast. 40 pounds. I lost most of it in my feet, breasts, and tush. Not what I planned but I am healthier than ever! 🙂


    • Renee says:

      Brenda, if I start losing boobs, THAT’S IT! I will stop dieting immediately. I really like my boobs! 😆 😆 😆 I would much rather die with great boobs than without… I’m just being honest here….

      Oh…. and when I lost like 75 pounds after the ex’s first bimbo, I lost a whole shoe size! WTF is THAT about? 😆

  4. Hilary says:

    Yeah. I am no longer a Scorpio. or so they tell me. screw them! I will forever be a Scorpio! 😛

    Regardless of where it was lost, yahoo on the 8 pounds! 😀

    • Renee says:

      Thanks Hil…. but let’s see what the official weigh in is on Monday… I ate fajitas at Applebees today… that could have screwed up my whole damn week…. Oh well… you only live once! 😉

  5. Sarah & Al says:

    Al says what boobs and what back fat? All he saw was the awesome dog in the picture behind you! 😉

    I thankfully remain a Cancer. Al won’t look. He says no one is telling him what to do! LOL!

  6. Thomas says:

    yeppers — I am now a Leo. whodathunk? I read a little on it and it doesn’t really sound like me but I’m with you. Who the fuck cares?

    My best friend had a crazy ex-gf like your son’s. make sure you include your home and cars when you get the restraining order. and you will probably need to get the restraining order, honey. bitter ex-gfs are wack-o!

    Andy has a 1941 bathroom scale? when ya selling it? lol

    boobs. I saw boobs. nothing else. just boobs. (lol)

    • Renee says:

      Well, I can’t just sell all his stuff out from under him! 😆 No, I don’t know if it’s from 1941… but it’s old… and off by 3 pounds… in a good way…. 😉 So you only saw boobs… are you SURE you aren’t a Leo? You may be more Leo than you thought…

  7. Nate says:

    OMG! I don’t know what to talk about! There are so many delicious things in this post!

    First off, James needs to get that psycho chicka outta there! I have a neighbor like you! It’s quite entertaining to watch them. You can be the neighborood entertainment! Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just read the whole Gemini thing at and I would say MOST of it fits you, girlfriend. Sorry! I know you don’t consider yourself a social butterfly or the life of the party but you are without intending to be. The only things that didn’t fit was the not paying attention to detail, being superficial (you aren’t — I am so I would know), and the being nosy. You actually seem extremely detail oriented to me and you usually are trying to NOT know things so the nosiness isn’t you. But I found the best part — It says, “Gemini women are so exciting that they are worth the effort, you will remember her forever!” Yesssssssss for your boy toy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, I just read the Taurus one and that one sounds like you, too!!!!! I’m so confused now! Hmmmm. Well, you aren’t lazy or materialistic, tho. In fact, the whole “temperment” thing doesn’t fit. Maybe you are some kind of freakish hybrid between the two signs!
    I am concerned about your Virgo man, now tho:

    I’m with Al, tho. I’m a Pisces and I’m staying a Pisces and not even checking to see if mine changed. If I did, I may go into a full manic episode that involved way too many Dirty Martinis, a speedo, and Seaworld. And I can’t do that again because Seaworld has me banned for life now. 😦

    Back fat? EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t talk about this! It gives me the heebie geebies!!!!!!!!!! I think what’s worse than back fat is toe fat. Or, no. CANKLES!!!! Those are the worst!!!! And I know lotsa Drag Divas with MASSIVE CANKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yuck! Anywayz, your boobs looked great but what I really wanna know is — where did you get the FAB cardigan??????!!!!! Is it cashmere???? It’s FAB!!!!!!!!

    Calling you now, beeotch.

    • Renee says:

      Ok, hobag. Thanks for the Virgo info….. you are giving me loads of confidence I tell ya! Or maybe your master plan was to scare the bejesus out of me! Nice job. Someone told me that relationships started after age 35 and people who had been married previously really shouldn’t rely on those compatibility thingies anyway. I agree that he fits the Virgo to a tee, but I write my own story, tyvm….. 😛

      That’s one thing I have never really had permanently is cankles…. thank God. I did have them when I was pregnant with James…. but that’s only because I slaved a Full time job at Corn Dog on a Stick (yeah…. you heard me right…. bring on the jokes….!) and I was as big as a house and the Sbarros folks were feeding me for free every damn day because they thought I waddled cute. 😉 and I did….. 😛

      And it’s plain old white trash poly rayon, my love….. too lowbrow for you…. plus I got it at Penneys…. do you even know what that store is? 😆

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