Checkin’ In! (Now edited for stupid typos! lol!)

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Life In General

I figured I should get a post in here before the weekend starts because I will be hibernating most of the weekend away with Andy INSIDE! Because it’s FREEZING COLD OUT! I only plan to come out of the cave to go watch the Bears kick the Packers in the nuts on Sunday….

I got to Andy’s late this afternoon when James dropped me off. Andy was in bed so I” decided to prep salad and omelet veggies for the week. He gets up at like 5pm and can’t get back to sleep. We sit around talking and before we know it, it’s 10pm!!!! WTF? What happened to our night??? I guess when you are having great conversations with your favorite person in the world, life goes alot faster!

So he’s off to work now, but he has the next 3 days off. We both have this habit of bringing movies in from the humungous DVD library to the TV area… that way we always have movies waiting to be watched…. the problem is that we seem to have somehow backed ourselves up and we need to catch up! So on the agenda FOR SURE this weekend is Predators, Jonah Hex, The Heirloom, Vampire Circus, and maybe Midnight Meat Train. And that is just my list…. 😆 Andy is way worse than me and I count 20 movies in addition to my 5! So, yeah…. we should be busy all weekend…lol!

I have finally decided that I am going to quit stressing about Andy’s disinterested thing he does and the (what I perceive to be) fake myspace account. It just isn’t worth my time to worry over the trivial stuff anymore. We had a great time tonight talking about 50 different topics. His past with his own disconnected family makes me think he understands that he will at some point need to become a part of my other life as well. So it’s all good.

I obviously have trust issues and so does he. I am not going to assume that I know why he does things or possibly hides things. I don’t think it’s to be malicious or anything like that. He already told me that he was NOT physically attracted to one of the women I was previously stressed about and that makes me feel alot better. And, I still fully believe that I am a great fucking catch. I am. And I have to believe, for my own peace of mind, that he would be crazy to screw “us” up in any way because what we have going on is just too good. 😀

James’ psycho non-girlfriend finally sobered up and hasn’t been an issue anymore. I do notice that James now locks the door before he goes to bed at night, so that helps…. He now likes some chick that is going to University of Iowa. She is up this weekend and James spent all day cleaning the house and taking down the Christmas tree! (Nope… I didn’t even have to ask/yell/crush a testicle! He did it –gasp!– on his own!)

I still have a broken window. Robert says he will fix it but I’m doubtful that that will happen. I think I am just going to make a list of odd jobs that need doing around the house and hire a handyman to come in and do it all at once.

I am 3 weeks into the month and have lost a whole whopping 8 pounds. That is probably mostly water weight. I went grocery shopping today and plan to pre-prep some of the food I will need so I don’t get stuck. My problem is late night snacking…. it’s killing me…. I fully believe I would have lost double what I did so far if I could just stop the 2am peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! DAMMIT! 😆

Okay, I am tired now so I am closing this one out. I didn’t get to say everything I wanted to say but this looks long already. I talk too damn much!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Root for the Bears on Sunday! Love you all! Muah!

  1. Hilary says:

    Ha ha! I’m purty sure what you meant to say was that he was NOT attracted to that one girl. I could be wrong! LOL! Sounds like you are calmer now and feeling alot better than earlier this week. My week was shit, too, so I am doing the movie thing too this weekend. I’m watching Salt, Dinner for Schmucks, and Easy A today after I go for my workout. Hope you enjoy the stress free weekend!

    • Renee says:

      How was Salt? It’s on my Netflix queue but it says VERY LONG WAIT….. figures…. I saw Easy A last week and loved it…. but that may just be because I was traumatized as a teenager, dealing with vicious untrue rumors…. poor me, huh? lol!

  2. Renee says:

    Ha! I just reread this and saw the typo…… He told me he is NOT physically attracted to the one chick! LOL! Changing it now…. thanks Hil!

  3. Nate says:

    I just don’t want you compromising, girl. It does sound like you are letting some of the flaws go and I just don’t want you to regret it later. I’m not saying anything bad. Judging from what you told me about Andy waaaaaay before you even started dating him, he seems like a really sweet guy and you more than anyone I know deserves a really sweet guy that will love and care for you. I’m just saying that you may want to open up a discussion about the little things that are bothering you before they become HUUUUGGGEEEE!

    Ok. Serious talk OVER!

    First, 8 POUNDS IN 3 WEEKS??????? That is FABULOUSO!!!!!!!! You seem disappointed with that. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Keep up the good work, babe. You will be rocking a VS fuck me thong in no time!!!!!

    Second of all, JONAH HEX????? That skanky bitch Megan Fox is in that! WTF ARE YOU DOOOOOOOING!!!!!! You are gonna barf up last week’s late night PB&Js when you see her. Hmmm. Ok. Maybe that will help you to develop your much wished for eating disorder. Go ahead. Watch it. 😛

    Luvs U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Renee says:

      Hmmm… I’m not sure I would ever buy anything at VS…. just a matter of principle since they don’t sell stuff fat chicks can wear…. I have to represent, you know?

      Well, I didn’t barf…. but I could have…. damn bluray…. back hair was killing me… and I’m pretty sure they air brushed her face or something in some scenes, but in others, you could still see the facial hair…. ewww.

      I love you, too, Nate! 🙂

  4. Brenda says:

    Thanks, Nate, for pointing out the compromise thing. Renee and I discussed that this week as well, but I really think this is a case of reading too much into everything.

    Renee, you are definitely a good catch. I don’t think, given Andy’s romantic past, that he would wish to go back to that grind, but I also don’t think he should settle for you nor you him. That being said, I don’t think either of you are settling at all! I think that all the love and devotion and loyalty and deep feelings you have for him are felt both by yourself AND Andy. He just doesn’t express them out loud all the time like you wish you could and sometimes do. And you are a grown up now. You can’t keep expecting someone to validate your feelings constantly.

    Unless he is distancing himself from you, quit sweating the small stuff I say! You two are very cute together. You can talk for hours on end about anything. You never fight even when you disagree. He is very accepting and patient with you as you are with him. That’s normal and what you do in a healthy relationship. You two are doing just fine, dear.

    Congratulations on the 8 pounds! That is a very good start for you this year! Only 22 more pounds and you will meet your goal for the year already! That is great, Renee! Keep going and stay steadfast!


    • Renee says:

      I think you are right, Brenda. He has a hard time expressing himself. But I had an extraordinarily beautiful morning with him today and I can see that he does feel pretty deeply for me. It kind of caught me off guard but it was amazing as well. Once again, Brenda always knows the score…. 😉

  5. Rick says:

    I liked Jonah Hex but its a guy movie so Nate would never like it anyway. he’s obviously jealous of my girlfriend Megan and can’t seem to get over himself.

    I’ve told you this before huney but you are the good catch and he would be an ass if he let you get away. You said he’s a real smart cookie. He won’t let you go huney. He ain’t dumb. Brenda seems to be the voice of reason here so listen to mama!

    please don’t put “crush a testicle” in any future postings. it’s hard to read when yer cringing.

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