Movies and Cosmononsense….

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Life In General

So, I went and saw the Mechanic today with Andy. And then we came home and watched the original. Andy prefers the original. I prefer the remake. He doesn’t mind having characters that he doesn’t like. I’m a girl…. I kind of need to have some type of likability factor involved. He said he didn’t like the characters in the original but “admired” them. I get that but I didn’t agree. This kind of miffed him I think.

Well, how dull of a girl would I be if I just laid down and agreed with every opinion he had!? He’s a big Bronson fan so maybe I overstepped the boundary on that? Eh….. I don’t care. I stand by my opinion. I think all the characters in both versions were not necessarily like-able BUT there was a certain gritty disdain I had for the original characters that I didn’t have for the remake characters. Andy would say I was brainwashed by the Hollywood pretty version…. I guess he’s right…. Oh well…

Did you see the weather forecast? Yeah. More freaking snow. I swear…. I am so sick of snow! And I commuted 3 hours a day for 9 years! But I never remember having this much snow in all of those years. And it’s always during the week when I need to drive! It’s never on the weekend when I want to be holed up in bed all day…. Grrrr!!!!!!!!

Since Andy has been working so much, I have been way caught up with all my TV shows (thank God for sidereel) and my usual blogs. So, for entertainment, I have been reading online magazines…. the most entertaining of which has been Cosmo. Who reads this crap? Seriously! I hope women don’t take the drivel published by Cosmo as serious advice….

The one that amused and entertained me tonight was “3 Weird Signs He’s Into You”. Here’s the breakdown:

1. He orders steak – Apparently a study at Northwestern said that men will show their manliness when they order on a date…. to impress you. Really? That sounds like a whole bunch of let-me-show-you-how-big-my-cock-is-ness

2. He starts talking like you – Research from the University of California at Riverside shows that people subconsciously pick up each other’s speech patterns (even accents) in conversation. Oh dear Lord. I hope this doesn’t happen…. because I often speak like a gay man…. and that won’t be good for my relationship AT ALL!

3. His mind goes blank – The theory here is that so much brain power is being used for making a good impression that short term memory goes out the door. This can’t be good because if my date loses his ability to know where he works or what his name is, then I’m just going to think he’s an unemployed loser who has been using meth for WAY too long… so much for his good impression….

I really can’t believe the crap Cosmo is putting into the minds of women these days. I hope that most women are smart enough to know that this is all useless nonsense… Eh… who am I kidding? This is one of the most popular magazines ever…. *sigh* I am sad to now realize that I am surrounded by ditzy broads who apparently will believe *ANYTHING* they read.

Sad. It’s just all so sad….

  1. Hilary says:

    Haha! I once went on a date with a guy who wouldn’t tell me anything about his family. I took that to mean he was a serial killer and never called him back. Maybe he was just “into me”? lmfao!

  2. Nate says:

    Stephen ordered Penne on our first date. Soooooooo glad #1 isn’t true at all! As for #2….. your bf is cute! I would welcome him in to the gay man ranks but I much prefer Renee the gay man instead. Luvs U!!!!!!!

    Don’t you DARE become one of those god awful women who change their opinions for their man. I swear to fly up to O’Hare and actually DRIVE to the middle of BFE where you live just to slap the stupid out of you if you do that EVER!!!!!!!! Stephen looooooves Al Pacino. I think he’s a small ugly has been. Stephen still loves me. That’s how it works. πŸ˜‰ It’s not a flaw. It’s an opinion. (Of course, my opinion is ALWAYS right, but still….)

    Oh, and I love COSMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s my favorite magazine!!!!!!!!! DON’T HATE!!!!

  3. Ashleigh says:

    Thanks for the link! Now I can see if I am badass enough for my man because they have a quiz and if cosmo says I’m bad ass enough then I am obviously way hot and sexy. I hope it tells me what to do if I fail the test!

  4. Nate says:

    That sounds like a whole bunch of let-me-show-you-how-big-my-cock-is-ness

    and then you see it’s really itty bitty. πŸ™„

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