Here I Am! I know you miss me! :P

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Life In General

Okay…. I know, I know… I have been M.I.A. And, yes. I know that I haven’t approved anyone’s comments on the last blog. I haven’t had time! I have been mad busy! In fact, I am typing at super human speed right now just to get this blog up! So excuse any typos….

First of all, for those who don’t know, Nate has also been M.I.A. because his condo in Florida had a fire. His own condo is fine. It was someone else’s. But he and Stephen have been staying with Stephen’s mom until the fire marshall okays them to return to the building, which should be by tomorrow. He has not had internet access despite begging and pleading with Stephen to take him to a hotel…. 😆

What have I been up to? Work, work, work…. I have been selling pretty steadily on Etsy this week and I also listed all the textbooks in the house this week and have sold a few of those. Amazon is RAPING ME on the seller fees, though, for the textbooks so I may have to find alternative selling resources. I like Amazon because I can list them and forget it… but the fees are outrageous and I get screwed on shipping. 😦

Andy has 3 days off this week so that is another reason for no blogs. I don’t like to take up my precious time with him by being on the computer too much. We are going to Madison tomorrow night to see a play, which sounds like great fun to me… It’s so nice to FINALLY have someone who likes at least some of the same things I do. 🙂

I have been working on his Valentine’s Day gifts. My Warhol project turned out amazing and I will definitely put pictures up when I can. I have what I call a “Face Off” project as well, which is my really dorky, cheesy project. I plan on making him his favorite meal that I am having to cook at Joanne’s since the oven here doesn’t work and mine only works when it feels like it… I bought some candies, framed some pictures, and planned to write a romantic note (in leiu of a card…). I still am trying to figure out one more thing but I think I am doing ok, eh? He’ll probably due some typical guy thing for me, which I will still be eternally grateful for. Most of you know my gift horror story from 2008. 😆

I finished the little drive-in collage for etsy and just listed it this week. I still have like a million little ads in a bag so I may do some other projects like decoupage boots/heels, maybe a purse, or possibly some little jewelry boxes. I read alot of craft blogs and forums during the week and I tend to get really obsessed with being crafty even though I have no natural ability at it whatsoever and half my craft projects would be eligible for inclusion at 😉

We have been watching movies like crazy lately. My personal favorite has been “Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things”, which I HIGHLY recommend if you are into the whole cheesy 70’s horror genre. It is hilarious and cohesive. That is alot in that particular genre. Really. Anyway, it was great fun. I currently have “Machete” but haven’t watched it yet. Andrew doesn’t really like over the top modern movies, just over the top old movies…. 😆

The kids are doing good for the most part. Chelsea is still doing average in college, which is good I guess… but she needs to be better than average this semester or she is going to lose her financial aid for next year. That will suck ass. For her. She is still in that phase of thinking she knows better than me what to do about everything, so she tries not to call me and ask me stuff anymore. You know… because I won’t say what she wants to hear. 🙄

I am a little worried about James. I don’t think he has been taking his meds. And you can tell. He has been very agitated several mornings the last couple of weeks. He’s back to feeling like life is so overwhelming when he has it so easy I could puke. It’s very annoying. As someone who built myself from absolutely nothing, it sucks listening to people who have so much given to them just whine and whine and whine…. But I still worry. It’s hard not to when you gave birth to them. Plus, I know it wasn’t his choice to have bipolar disorder…

Andy had a co-worker whose stepson committed suicide this past week. He was still a teenager. It is very very sad and tragic. It is my biggest fear for James. That one day he will overreact and just kill himself because he perceives something small as HUGE. It so incredibly possible and hearing of Andy’s coworker’s loss reminded me of that. I don’t know what if anything her stepson had going on, but with the bipolar disorder, it is a very real possibility for James. My only glimmer of hope that I keep in my head is that he really does think so highly of himself that he wouldn’t do it simply for himself. *sigh* He’s just like his father, both good and bad…. 😐

Okay, well, I want to finish watching this week’s Top Chef before Andy wakes up, so I am signing out. I promise that any comments from here on out I will approve right away. Sorry for the laziness, guys. I did read through all the other ones, though. I also promise to post pictures of the Valentine crafts maybe on Saturday or Sunday night. I don’t think Andy comes around here. If he did, he wouldn’t be so clueless all the time…. 😆 Love you all!

  1. Brenda says:

    James isn’t taking his medications? Well, you know what I have to say about that. That is so sad about your boyfriend’s co-worker! How tragic for them! Loss from death is so hard by itself, but suicide added to it has to be the hardest thing ever to go through! I understand your own fears. I also had them. All you can do with this disorder is take it day by day and do the best you can in that given day.

    I have spoke with Nate. Don’t let him fool you and give him any sympathy. He is using this fire as a reason to buy a whole new wardrobe! So he has been shopping, shopping, shopping his days away. 😆

    It sounds like you have Valentine’s Day covered! I can’t wait to see the pictures! The previews at EP were pretty good! My husband and I are going out to eat and the movies that night. Pretty standard, I believe, but a rare occurance for us. I am sure Andy won’t make the same mistake that your previous men have on Valentine’s Day. They were truly just dumb. Andy is smarter than that. 😉

    Have a good weekend!


    • Renee says:

      I hope you are right, Bren, but after last night, I am worried that he will do something/nothing….. Oh well. And did you see Nate’s post at EP on the wardrobe revival? Ugh! I need to call Stephen and tell him to hide the camera…. 😆

  2. Hilary says:

    I sell textbooks on eBay. I get more for them there. Yea, you can’t just list them and forget them, but you make alot more money and don’t lose any money on shipping. I always love your craft projects that you post on EP! Even the failures have character! LMAO! I loved the previews you listed so I can’t wait to see the finished projects! I am single this valentine’s day. I am thinking of throwing a dinner party ala Jennifer Garner that night since I have a few girlfriends that are also single. O, and I saw Machete. Skip it. Totally stupid.

  3. rick says:

    holy shit. I wish I had a girlfriend as organized as you. I’ll be lucky to get a little hershey kiss. I was so pissed that Dale was eliminated this week on Top Chef! I was hoping that Michael would go. He’s such an arrogant asshole.

    • Renee says:

      Idk. I was getting sick of Dale being so smug with his Chinese heritage and all…. Mikey’s smugness is laughable. I’m pretty sure you are mistaken though. Dale wasn’t eliminated…. I wish he had been…. Fabio (my fave) was eliminated. I will miss him terribly!!!! I hope Dale goes next week. lol! I am loving Carla, though!

  4. Nate says:

    I’m home! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! Internet access!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The fire damage in our condo was only smoke damage and it was pretty minor. ostly in our bedroom and master bathroom area and a little in the hallway. Stephen’s precious kitchen was spared. 🙄 I have gotten a whole new wardrobe out of it and all new linens and towels. We are shopping for a new bed this weekend. Until then, we are sleeping on the couch. 😐

    WTF on the grindhouse collage!??????????? I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe you made another one and didn’t give it to meeeeeeeeee! 😡

    I am catching up from your other blog. SPW is such a little twit! I would pay cash money to see you kick that girl’s ass. Oh. Wait. Ok. I guess I would need to save my cash money to bail you out of jail. Hmm. Ok. Well, still worth it. I HATE when children act all tough.

    Hopefully, my V-Day will be spent setting up and sleeping in a new king size bed! I hope everyone else’s V-Day is as rewarding as mine will be, but I highly doubt it! 😉

    • Renee says:

      Either buy the collage on my etsy site or shut the hell up! I have heating bills to pay. Duh! You are such a cheapskate! JUST BUY IT ALREADY! 😛

  5. Sarah & Al says:

    Oh, Renee, I LOVE the previews of the gifts you made for your boyfriend! I am waiting to see the finished products, though! 🙂
    Al watched Machete this last weekend and liked it. I watched about 15 minutes of it and went and started cleaning my office. LOL!
    Sorry to hear about the co-worker’s stepson. My nephew also died from his own hand and it was very difficult for our family. My sister had to be hospitalized briefly afterwards. It is such a tragedy when things like that happen. It has been 10 years since that happened in our family and it still haunts my sister to this day. How terrible!
    You are a very caring mother, but bipolar disorder is pervasive and sometimes being a good mom has nothing to do with it. Overreaction is a standard bipolar trait and sometimes there is nothing you can do about it. Just do the best you can and offer whatever encouragement James will take. That’s all you can do, hon.
    Did you fare okay with the snow? I had a co-worker who was one of the unfortunate souls who was stuck on Lakeshore Drive that day. It took 2 days for him to get his car back and there was snow in every crevice! even his vents inside! My Al was so cranky from all the snow shovelling but we had 3 snow days off from work so it all evened out I suppose.
    Have a great weekend, dear!


    • Renee says:

      We did fine with the snow. That’s one great manly thing I love about Andy…. he really takes care of things like that…. he does all the shoveling and does it well and even digs my car out for me without me asking or anything. He also dug through a 5 foot mound of snow to make a walkable path to my car from the street parking spot I normally park in. I LOVE THAT!

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