Giving it up….

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Life In General

Okay. Well. That’s it. I will no longer be doing any original or clever artwork for Andy. I am pretty sure he doesn’t like what I do put out there. It’s been what? 3 days now? Not a word on anything I did. So that’s it. I’m done. Silence is a good enough hint for me, ya know?

Now, just because I won’t be doing it for him anymore, does NOT mean I won’t be doing it for myself or others. I like what I do, even if what I do is dorky or cheesy or whatever. And I know that I have friends who WOULD appreciate having some of my items. That’s what makes doing these projects worthwhile is knowing that someone APPRECIATES them. Soooo….. I have purchased some supplies to make a few of you some special pieces. And, yes, Nate…. you will be getting a series of small panels with the grindhouse ads on them. 😉

So I am trying to use up all the small ads I have of the drive in movie theater things. I plan to do 9 5×7 panels. Then, whatever is leftover is going to be used for a suitcase of some type. I have about 20 vintage suitcases in my basement so I am sure one will make a wonderful one of a kind project that someone will love eventually. I hope. 😆

I am going to make a go at making zombie shaped magnets. Someone else sells them on etsy but they make them from laser cut steel sheets. They charge $30 for 4 of them. I’m hoping to make them for way cheaper and sell them for 1/2 that. Of course, I have to be able to make them work right. 🙄 I know what you are thinking….. epic fail is coming, right? Hey! I am okay with failing as long as I am always trying! 😉

My meeting in Rolling Meadows went well yesterday. I only almost got myself in trouble once for being a smart ass. That’s pretty good. I usually have at least 3 close calls…. 😆 But, yeah… it went well and I am doing pretty good this month and now have some new ideas for kicking ass in the future, which I definitely need to do…. kick ass, I mean….

I met with Shereen for grocery shopping and chinese food on the way home. I miss her so much! We had a great time picking through several gourmet food items. I walked away with some fresh made lox (smoked salmon), several 99 cent trial gourmet cheese packs (super find!), Gorgonzola stuffed gnocchi, chicken fajita ready mix, and a few fresh veggies…. oh, and steamed dumplings and sweet and sour chicken! It was a pretty good haul and it didn’t cost that much either!

I came home and Andy was up but I had been up since 5am so we went to bed pretty early. Early for me anyway… which then meant that I ended up getting up early… 4:15am early. 🙄 Oh well. I had today off so it didn’t affect me too much. We have been lazy today, watching movies and eating food…. (don’t say it…)

James called and his car is STILL not done. So he calls to ask me about using my car and then proceeds to be an asshole to me about it. You know what? If you want something from me, then you had better be NICE when you call to ask for it or SCREW YOU! You don’t deserve any of my graciousness if you are going to be mean to me. So he gets all indignant and says he doesn’t need my help and he will do this on his own. Okay. Fine with me.

I mean, really…. did he think this was a threat to me? *I* didn’t need anything from him. He needed something from me. So a threat where you lose your ability to get anything from me and it’s your own damn fault? That’s your issue, not mine. I know he isn’t taking his meds and I know that my patience for his irrational thinking is currently wearing thin. Somehow, I do not think this week is going to end well for him….

Okay, well, I have to catch up with Facebook. I opened up the option to be able to see EVERY.SINGLE.POST from every single page and friend I have. I had some pretty kick ass pages and I never ever saw their posts! Now, I can find infinite things to entertain me in just a few hours of posts! It’s great! Plus, I believe sidereel has a few new episodes of TV shows I follow like Biggest Loser, Top Chef, Parenthood, and American Idol that I need to catch up on. I will keep you posted on new projects I am doing both here and on EP.

I want to thank all of you who are so supportive of me here and on EP. I love you all and if I didn’t have your reassurance I don’t know where I would be because I get it nowhere else…. you all are my safety net/support system now that my mom is no longer here. You all mean the world to me. THANK YOU FOR BEING WHO YOU ALL ARE! I appreciate each and everey one of you for EXACTLY who you each are individually. Y’all make my heart smile with dorky cheesiness. It’s a beautiful thing. 😀

  1. Nate says:

    Awe! I LOVE YOU EXACTLY THE WAY YOU ARE TOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know you can always count on us EP crewsters! We adore you to pieces!!!!!

    Andy’s loss is MY GAIN! WOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will FINALLY get what I was asking for all this time! Ooooo!!!! And since the “face off” picture was not received well, I will assume it has no “special” value and if I can somehow find a way to get a pic done of me in a similar stance, can you do one of me and you? I want the lyrics to be a really super cheesy song. Right now I am thinking “Wind Beneath My Wings” but I may change my mind on that. Please consider and get back to me! I LOOOVE that project the most!

    Did you get 99 cent goat cheese? I thought you were getting goat cheese? I had some of the honey goat cheese this week. Yuck! I don’t like it sweet. Goat cheese is supposed to be earthy and savory. Sweet just is wrong!!!!! Stephen made me throw it away! 😆

    Hey!!!!!!! I love you, chicka! Sorry you have had a bad week but it sounds like you are overcoming it. Start crafting away because I appreciate it ALL as long as I get something!!!!! 😉

    • Renee says:

      How do you reply so quickly? That’s weirdness, stalker……. 😯

      I will consider the Face Off pic for you but only if you do it in full costume… that’s the deal…. 😉

      I did not get goat cheese. I was so happy about finding the gourmet mini blocks of fontina, muenster, pepedew havarti (yeah…. you heard me right… love it!), and aged cheddar that I ditched the goat cheese idea. Just one little mini log was $3.49…. and I’m a cheap ass when I need to be… I shouldn’t have been shopping at all! 😆

      Yes, this week was LESS than ideal but every day is a new day and I am sick of feeling like I’m all hurt and a victim…. so I’m kicking myself in the ass now…. but I do appreciate it when you do it, too. Love you!

      • Nate says:

        I get an email/text message when you update your blog so I can respond right away when you post anything. I guess that is a little stalkerish but I DON’T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

        I’m searching for a gun now. 😆 You would be surprised how my group of real life friends seem to have no weapons of self defense. 🙄 They are SO GAY!!!!! 😆

  2. Hilary says:

    I’m sorry that your efforts weren’t well received, hon! If it’s any help at all, I love your projects and you have always been very inspiring to me personally. You are one of those women who just doesn’t care what people think and will try anything once. I love that about you. I am one of those meek people who never try anything because I am always scared of looking like an ass (which still happens even when I am trying not to) or hurting myself (which also still happens regardless). So you are like a rock star to me. Any support I am able to give you, I know you will return to me tenfold and always have. I guess that was the long way of telling you that I love you too! lol! I am, however, a bit scared to ask about the grocery store haul — hmmm?

    • Renee says:

      Oh, Hilary….. I will have a special post just for you this week still…. and you are such a doll but I fervently dispute you being meek. In the last year, I have been so very proud that you have come out of your shell and started doing so many exciting new things that you have never done before! I love that you…. like me…. aren’t afraid to make an ass out of yourself in the name of progress…. there are many times that you have inspired ME! You, my dear, are my dorky twin sister! Much love!

  3. Brenda says:

    Well. I’m not sure what to say. I’m sorry that you feel your gifts were not received well. We all loved them and we are not usually wrong about these things. That sounds a bit conceited but it isn’t meant to be.

    I think that we – your core group of online friends – are pretty diverse and we all liked the projects you did so I would have no idea why your boyfriend didn’t seem to like them. Of course, Renee, there is that possibility that he does like them. He hasn’t actually said out loud that he doesn’t like them. My understanding is that he hasn’t said anything, right?

    The suitcase idea sounds interesting so I will be intersted in seeing that project as you go along! I agree that as long as you love what you do and can find an outlet of people who also can give you feedback and that also have an appreciation for what you do then maybe Andy’s interest in it just won’t be important. Do what you love, Renee. You know how that all works. Your happiness now and in the past has always went better when you have done what you love to do.

    I see James is still causing issues. If he doesn’t take his meds, it is only going to escalate. I know that you know this so I hope you are preparing for the moment when that happens. I can feel the tension building every time you post something about him here or at EP. I’m sure you can feel it 100x more. Call me if you need me on this one.

    Because that is what we do for each other. We found each other during some of our lowest life moments when we all joined EP. I think that bonds us for life. Anytime I need an emotional helping hand, I turn to all of you. In my real life, I am the strong one. With all of you, I can be weak and know that it is okay to be that way. That’s why I love you, Renee, just like that’s why you love us. The feeling is all around mutual. 🙂

    Love to all,

    • Renee says:

      You always touch my heart, Brenda. I feel the same way about being attached to all of you. In real life, I am always the one who has her shit together. I only really show my vulnerability here within my blogs and on my posts at EP, because I know that you guys get it. You get how the shell of us is not always what is on the inside.

      I spoke with James this morning and he kind of just blew me off but I told him we were headed for a blow out and that I wanted him to knock it off or move out. We’ll see if it did any good….. 🙄

      And, yes, Andy has not said anything at all, but if he really liked them, he would have said something, right? He hasn’t. Like I said, silence is all I need to hear. I can take a hint. It’s disheartening but what can I do? I can’t INSIST that he like my dorky little projects, ya know?

      It warms my heart that all of you like them, though. It really does…. and I love you all for that, for being encouraging and appreciative….. it keeps me motivated because you are right…. Me, myself, and I *loved* these last few projects I did and that is what ultimately matters……

      I love you, Bren.

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