American Idol – Week 1 Reviews…. Yay!

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Entertainment

Okay, kiddies…. it’s American Idol season! And I love me some American Idol! 🙂 This week was the top 24…. Boys were up first…

Does anyone else get the feeling that Steven Tyler thinks he is the shiznit? He’s driving me bonkers with the way he speaks… JLo’s hair was very “meh” that night. And Randy? Well, he was Randy…. Okay…. so the boys….

Clint – I usually like quirky boys. This little guy tries too hard to be quirky. I hate his glasses. HATE THEM! They are ugly and make him look uglier than he probably is… He sang real good but he just exudes this quiet cockiness that I can’t seem to shake off myself…

Jovany – The boy is so amazingly good looking. Classic Italian looks but he didn’t bring the Classic Italian swagger. He needs to…. I thought his vocals were just alright… not real strong but not bad…. he needs swagger to amp things up.

Jordan – How lame was he? There is nothing “legend” about him, I’m tellin’ ya. He’s my vote to go home….

Tim – I loved Tim during Hollywood week, so where the hell did that guy go? He obviously picked the wrong song because he is way better than this performance… WAY.

Brett – Look, I think we are long overdue for a Jewish American Idol, myself. His vocals were just okay, but gee, he is so emo cute and fun that I can forgive some of the off notes… (there’s my quirky love kicking in….)

James – I happen to believe that 80’s metal music is dead. James does not. He wants to bring it back. I get that. I really want to like him. He performed great and I was very entertained. I just wish he wasn’t so cocky about it all. But then…. he wouldn’t be 80’s metal if he wasn’t cocky….

Robbie – Was anyone else wondering where he stashed his Mickey Mouse Club ears? That’s all I could think about was that he should be doing the Disney circuit…. and I also kept seeing homeless puppies…. overall, he was too bland for my tastes… Nickelodeon could be his meal ticket….

Scotty – Ugh! SING SOMETHING ELSE! He’s a one noter… he won’t be able to sing anything but country… PROVE ME WRONG, SCOTTY! PLEASE!

Stefano – Everyone else seems to be fawning over this guy. To me? Forgettable….

Paul – I thought his song choice sucked ass but I’m torn because I love him, love his style… I believe he is genuine… but his performance reminded me of drunk nights at Whiskey, singing on the dance floor…. but he does have blindingly white teeth… so maybe it’s a wash?

Jacob – He definitely sounds very “Luther”-y and I loved Luther, BUT I sometimes got creeped out by Luther and Jacob has that going for him, too…. cah-reeeepy!

Casey – Awww… Casey…. I heart you! He’s unique and fun and comfy and huggable…. just a big teddy bear. Loved his confidence and he sounded pretty good to me but the song wasn’t especially technical now, was it? I so hope he doesn’t go down that Taylor Hicks path….

So that was the guy night. Hits and misses, highs and lows…. typical kick off night on Idol…. and then came the girls….

JLo’s hair looked 1000 times better tonight. She was just stunning. Steven is still killing me…. he talks to everyone like he’s their dad…. and I know he is a dad…. but it’s still freaky weird hearing him talk like that… he’s the creepy dad. Randy… well, he was Randy… okay….

Ta-tynisa – WTF is up with the hyphenated name? and WTF is up with the cutsie pageant dress? And who the hell did her hair? It was a hot mess! I thought her vocals were flat and the beat was too fast. Steven Tyler seems to be on crack, and it’s a sad day in Hell when I agree with Randy… and I did…

Naima – I love that she is designing her own clothing. This girl is reality based. She knows she may not make it to the end and is already gearing up for a sideline gig! Love her! Loved the song! Did I say I love her? I do. I do.

Kendra – She just seemed okay to me. Was the audio really tinny? Eh… well, I mean, how hard was that song to learn anyway…. it had like one word for the entire time… “Impossible”… ok then….

Rachel – First off, STAND STILL! She sounded good until she started moving…. There’s something weird about this one… she has like a blank cold face… I’m not saying she herself is blank and cold but she can’t seem to express proper emotions with her audience… that may kill her off…

Karen – I wish her hair was darker and her first name was Carmen…. how did a latino girl get named Karen anyway? Anyway, she looked Ah-mazing! And she sounded pretty good, too…. only a couple of very minor pitch problems… I hope she keeps this up…. and dyes her hair… and changes her name…

Lauren T – I’m sorry…. she sang GREAT but I just couldn’t get Nate out of my head. She has an underlying drag queen thing going on and I can’t seem to get it out of my head…. and once again, who the hell is doing hair backstage???? She looked like it hadn’t been brushed in a week!

Ashton – FINALLY! GOOD HAIR! And she sounded pretty good…. do I think she’s Diana Ross? Hardly…. you got a long way to go, honey…. now you’ll need to live up to the hype….

Julie – Holy Shit Bombs! She looked really pretty even if she was wearing another pageant dress, but oh my…. she really sounded awful in comparison to everyone else… Poor girl…. she’s going to shoot herself when she hears the playback…

Haley – How old is this girl? 12? Playing 30? And where was her neck? Overall, she sounded pretty good…. I am now convinced that Randy is on crack with his ludicrous comments… idiot.

Thia – She really had a rough week in Hollywood. She was never on my favorites radar. But, last night? She looked absolutely beautiful and she made the best song choice of the night and her vocal was flawless. I was really blown away…. go Asian go!

Lauren A – Ok… baby got back! At first sight, I thought she had a major outfit fail but it seemed better once I saw her moving around… She had some great big Southern hair and she sounded really good… Hmmm…. the youngsters are kicking everyone else’s ass it seems….

Pia – I want to like her. I want to root for her. I thought her vocals were weaker than others and she looked like she was in pain. I totally didn’t get the need for a standing O…. maybe it sounded better in the studio? I didn’t get it…. sorry… I want to. I really really do….

So that was it. Now we are waiting for the vote. I’m sad that they are cuting 12 tonight…. that seems like alot in a very quick shot….. *sigh* It’s going to be a sad night…. 😦

(My picks: BOYS: James, Casey, Jacob, Paul, and Brett. Alternate – Tim. GIRLS: Thia, Lauren A., Ashton, Karen/Carmen, and Naima. Alternate – Lauren T or Pia.)

  1. Nate says:

    oh no you didn’t, you did not just cut my boys James and Jakey down!!!!!!!!!! It’s ON!!!!!!!!!!!! Hobag!!!!!

    First of all, I would MUCH rather have our first Tourette’s American Idol than the Jewish American Idol. Every interview with James would be entertaining because you never know when a nervous tick or unexlained expletive will fly outta the boy’s mouth! YESSSSHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! FUN!!!!!!!!! And Jacob is all cuddly just like that one dude on MTV. Uh. The old rapper dude. What’s his name? Run? DMC? Whatever. You know what I’m saying.

    Where is Naima from? Her dresses have been GORGEOUS!!!!! I would LUV to order one for my show!!!!! Lauren T. is NOT DQ material, huney. You would NOT catch me out dead with scraggly locks like that!!! I pay good money for my hair!!!! I’m going with my little Asian cutie patootie Thia FTW!!!!! but I did feel bad for Julie. Such a happy name! Julie! but she tanked. 😦

    Can’t wait for tonite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Renee says:

      Naima is from Milwaukee! That’s pretty darn close, huh? And, hell… you convinced me on James…you are right… he might be fun to watch as the season goes on….

  2. Hilary says:

    wow. i thought the band and back up singers were way too loud on both nights. poor kids. i’m with you! bring on the jewish idol! i always was a sucker for a redhead. i hope he doesn’t go all buff like that crackpot carrottop in the future. i love brett emo and feminine. ha!

    (side note: you are killing it on your eating this week renee! i just glanced at your fitday. bravo!)

    • Renee says:

      Yeah… the usual bloat weight from AF’s visit did NOT want to go away! So I had to go to extreme measures this week…. 😦 It paid off but it sucks that I had to do that…. but now, I think I’ll try to keep it up because it’s going pretty well and it was pretty easy this week! 🙂

  3. sharon says:


  4. Brenda says:

    Well, I thought all the kids sounded pretty good, but everyone always says I am too maternal about it all. I do have favorites, though. My favorite girl is Pia. I thought she sounded beautiful and she has such a heart warming story. For the boys, I really like Paul because he has an infectious smile and such a good hearted personality. His song wasn’t my favorite but I have never been much of a Rod Stewart fan.

    Tonight is going to be sad. I hate to see so many get cut in the first week. Have they always done that in years past? I don’t remember having such a large cut before.


    • Renee says:

      No, I don’t think they have done that before…. they cut 11. I haven’t watched the episode yet so that’s why I didn’t write a post about it… I’ll try to watch it sometime this weekend and maybe include it in the weekend blog… but, yeah…. 11 cut. I hope there aren’t too many tears in the episode!

    • Renee says:

      Oh, and you can cut the maternal stuff by channelling your inner catty gay boy….. just a tip! 😉

  5. rick says:

    shit I hate american idol season. wake me when its over. zzzzzzz

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