1. Today, I had a meeting that was completely incomprehensible. I am a very smart chick and I was so freaking LOST! I hate it when I feel smarter than my superiors. Maybe he was having a bad day, but really… UGH! What a waste of my time! 😡

2. Drama train from former BFF has finally STOPPED and it’s all good in the ‘hood again. Thank God! Thanks to those who sent positive vibes my way!

3. One of my very good friends, Susie, was just diagnosed with Stage 3 melanoma. Some of you may remember Susie from way back in the heavy Myspace blogging days. She was one of the friends that really helped me through my divorce days in real life and she often left very uplifting and positive comments on my blogs over there. I love her. She is the sweetest woman I know. She so does not deserve this. I am sad for her and her family. 😥

4. I got my passport this week! Yay! It was so quick! And the photo inside is WAY better than my driver’s license photo, which looks like I just ate a small family. Ufff! Or I should say MOOOO! 😆 Anyway, now I am trying to start obsessing about the trip. Now that I have the photo contest done, I think I can finally start doing that! 😉 I put in my vacation request today!

5. Why is make up so damn expensive? I was adding up what I spend a year on make up related items and it’s gotta be like $300-$400 a year! Is that freakishly large? I have never added it up before until now and it seems freakishly large. And I would think that I would look way more beautiful for that kind of money output, you know? 😉

6. I am not caught up on TV for the week so I can’t comment alot. Ooo…. did you see that Kevin Federline once again couldn’t put a jacket on and now he’s having a 5th kid? Come on, K-Fed! I was royally pissed that Jason Ritter was NOT in Parenthood this week and that the black chick is completely dumping the youngest Braverman kid (can you tell I can’t remember anyone’s names right now? 😆 ).

7. With the Love Yourself Project, I have finally hit over 100 deviations over at Deviant Art. Yay me! The only problem now is that I have a bunch of pervs following me. Thankfully, they are all in Hungary and Budapest… lol! Poor guys… the women there must be horrific if they are perving over me. 😉

8. I’m pretty sure Andy’s dog, Kiana, is suddenly jealous of me. Everytime Andy is sleeping, she bugs me constantly to take her outside or basically “threatens” to wake him up. Then, when he is up and we are hugging or kissing in the kitchen or something, she stands there howling like she is being neglected in some way. I think she will never forgive me for bringing Petey over for that one weekend. 😐

9. That douche bag Joe Francis from the Girls Gone Wild gigs is on trial because some underage chicks are saying that their images being shown in those videos ruined their lives. Here’s the thing… Joe Francis is a complete and utter dick. There is no question about that. My question is… how did HE ruin YOUR life and send you spiralling into a major depression? Puh-leese. If you were over the age of 13, then you know exactly what you were getting into. You lied about your age and did something incredibly demeaning and stupid and now you want to sue this asshole? I’m sorry. I was a very very stupid 13 year old girl that did some pretty adult things… it resulted in my being kicked out of my parent’s home at age 14 and then having to live either on the streets or by the good graces of my friends’ parents until I found a full time job at age 16 and got my own apartment. Depression? You have no freaking clue! I blame no one but myself for the circumstances I made for myself. Sure, there were some pretty shitty adults that should have morally done more for me, but bottom line… everything I did was due to actions I myself took. I take and took full responsibility for all that. Why not try that? 🙄

10. Did anyone see the video of the USC students having sex on the rooftop at school? Is it a really slow newsday or something? This got way too much press. If you do a search online for sex in public places, you will see that this goes on DAILY. Not that I would know… and not that I have searched for it before… I’m just sayin’… crap. 😯 Foot. Mouth. Disease.

I’m shutting up now.

  1. Nate says:

    1. just win the lotto and you won’t have to do this anymore
    2. fuck her
    3. so sorry to hear about Susie!
    4. Ok moo cow, lets see your DL photo. now I am intrigued!!!!!
    5. quit bitching. I have to wear body make up too if I want to perform. That stuff is uber expensive!
    6. I would have Jason Ritter’s baby any day
    7. Foreign guys have great sexy accents.
    8. She sounds lonely to me.
    9. WORD
    10. Hahahaha! You totally have looked it up!

    • Renee says:

      1. No shit, Sherlock
      2. No comment…lol
      3. I know! Send good vibes her way!
      4. Screw you
      5. You don’t perform that much anymore so shut up
      6. Except you can’t
      7. Foreign guys are creepy
      8. Or plotting evil revenge.
      9. what? how old are you?
      10. No comment… lmao!

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