I’m so freaking sick…. ugh…. I have no energy at all. You know how sometimes you get so sick and you’re like “I wish I would just die already”? Yeah… I’m there…

I have done nothing but sleep for the last 2 days. I didn’t stay at Andy’s because I didn’t want to be a burden to him. So I came home and holed myself up in my bedroom and have been trying to tough it out on my own. James has been very nice and has made some gas station runs for food, cough drops, and fluids. I went to Andy’s late last night to see him off to work and then immediately went to bed…

Today, I woke up and still felt like death. I decided I needed to work, though. Damn corporate attendance policies anyway… so I am muddling through the day. But I feel horrible. My entire face just HURTS. As soon as I get off, I am taking a bath and then going to Andy’s. If he’s sleeping, which I imagine he will be, then I can take a nap until he gets up. I’ll see him off to work and go right back to bed. 😆 It’s alot of energy to just go to his house at this point…

Ugh! I just want to die right now!

I watched Dancing with the Stars last night. I think I am crushing on the sweetness of Ralph Macchio. I hated him when he was young. Like really REALLY hated him! But the words he had for his wife were so sweet!

I just caught up with Survivor. I love Boston Rob. I have always loved him and every time he does any reality show, I love him a little more than before. He is so going to win this season! Phillip… uh… does it scare ANYONE that our US Federal Government employed him for several years? What a kook! This guy was helping to maintain our freedoms! Eh… maybe we need to have a few crazies in there to help us throw off the terrorists…

Still catching up on Idol, Bethenny, Celebrity Apprentice, and the Biggest Loser…

We got the results back from our EP Project Love Yourself. I won. Can you tell how sick I am? I was ecstatic when I found out, but now I am just so meh. I am so meh in fact that I am going to post the winning pic here in all it’s naked glory. Because I just don’t care right now… (you’d better hurry up and take a look because I could wake up tomorrow miraculously cured and mortified that I posted this here and take it down!)

UPDATE: I did get miraculously cured… and stopped my heroin intake… so now my bum is “hidden” by Nate’s glorious Blue Ribbon. 😛

Seedy Hotel....

Anyway… yeah… I won the top prize and I got an honorable mention in 2 other categories. Thanks so much to all the entrants over at EP. I couldn’t have been in better company with any more creative people. I am so proud of all of you for putting it all out there and on the line. You are all beautiful human beings and I am so happy that you are all my friends.

For those of you with DA membership, don’t forget to enter some of your works into the contests going over there. The pervy professional photographers seem to have a little different eye than those of us at EP. Case in point: my “HIGH ART” piece, which is simply an art deco-y picture of my ASS (plain and simple) is the front runner in a contest there… so many pervs in the photography industry apparently… 🙄

Ok. Well, my day is done. I need to soak in a hot tub and pray that my will to live comes back to me soon. Hope everyone else is feeling better than me. 😦

  1. Brenda says:

    I agree! We had so many great, artistic photographs in the Love Yourself Project. So many beautiful women! My husband said he couldn’t believe how so many men would be stupid enough to let such beauty go. So many emotional photos. Bravo to everyone! I really enjoyed seeing them all and was very proud of the vulnerability everyone allowed us to see. It truly was body appreciation art.

    The judge must have had a very difficult time choosing. To me, everyone who entered a piece was a winner, though. You were all so brave and beautiful!

    I hope you continue to look for your will to live, Renee. LOL! I know the feeling, though. Whenever I get really sick, I tend to just stop speaking for fear I might wring someone’s neck unintentionally. Poor children. LOL!

    Drink tea with honey and lemon. Stay warm. Take a bubble bath. Load up on the sinus medications. This too shall pass. I promise.


  2. Sarah & Al says:

    Still sick? I feel your pain, lady! My sinuses have started acting up now so I have been toting around a kleenex box from meeting to meeting today! 😆

    Congrats on the winning photograph over at EP! As I said over there, everyone did such a wonderful job! We have such a talented group of people over there and everyone really seemed to get into the spirit of this project! Of course, Nate taunting everyone probably helped a little. 😉

    He did deliver, though, since he was the only male entrant and he did win his category that he wanted. The judge was at his condo, though, so maybe some strong arming went down. Just kidding, Nate!


  3. Jakob says:

    I am a Deviant so I am not sure what EP is. Which of your pics got honorable mentions on the other site? Your galleries are very ecclectic and visually appealing. I myself am trying to focus more on portraits so that is what drew me to your galleries. Good luck in your current contests!

    • Renee says:

      Welcome, Jakob! It was my breast cancer one and the “Is that Red on you?” one. Thank you so much for the compliments on my galleries! I like potraits the most but I try to mix it up from time to time. Add me to your watch list there! I would love to see your work!

  4. Hilary says:

    I am with you on Boston Rob, girl! If I figure out where he lives, I am going to go to Def-con 5 stalker mode, break up his marriage, and make 10 babies with that man!!!!!

    YESSSSSSSHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! 😆 😆 😆

  5. K'nesha says:

    Popping in from EP for the 1st time. WOWZA! Great blog!

    I just wanted to stop in and thank you. I met you through the DS board and I entered the Love Yourself Project at EP at your urging. My ex told me I was a fat ugly pig when he left me for a younger model. 😦

    I was really scared about hanging myself out there for the project but everyone at EP was so supportive and encouraging. It really helped my self esteem to do the pictures and get all the positive feedback. Now I know that I am nothing of what he said I was. I am pretty and talented and capable and strong woman and I know it now!

    I really can’t thank you enough. Your nice words a couple of weeks ago in that email you sent me really helped me to get over my fears and “just do it”. I feel transformed now. 🙂

    • Renee says:

      Oh KK. You are that and SO much more! Your pictures were breath taking and showed such a softness and (the word Brenda used…) vulnerability. You were courageous and you have got it going on!

      You just wait… karma will swing right back and hit that stupid fuck right where it hurts most… He’s the ugly one. Someone who says those things to another person is just an ugly person themselves inside.

      You…. YOU are AMAZING! 😀

  6. Jean C. says:

    I love DA! I hope you get to feeling better soon! Try pomegranate juice.

  7. Nate says:


    You should post the honorable mentions here too, chickie!!! 😉


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