It’s Easter. Happy Easter, everyone. I’m not a particularly religious person so I have no plans whatsoever. Andy is home and in bed. Chelsea is working today. James is the only one upset that his family isn’t doing anything and that’s my fault, of course.

My ex-mother-in-law is very religious and she usually always does something on Easter. At 4:52am, I get a message from James basically saying he was not invited to anything for Easter and feeling sorry for himself. He wants me to take him out to eat. Which is fine. I’m bored and up for doing that. Now, let’s see what he says when he wakes up and he’s sober. 😆

One of my best friends, Joanne, invited me to dinner at her house but she is having her in laws over. They are very nice people and her dad is funny as hell, but I don’t want to invade their dinner. I used to do that at Deann’s, which I think that’s why her mom didn’t really like me. Joanne’s in laws love me so I want to keep it that way. 😉

I actually have the movie “Tron” from Netflix. Andy doesn’t really care to see it so I could probably watch that. I also have some training stuff I need to look at for work. I also bought a new computer and camera and could do some stuff on those. Oh! And I should probably pay my bills so I can see where I stand… Extra paycheck Friday is coming up this week. Yay! But all of that sounds almost as fun as watching paint dry. *sigh*

Bored and Lazy and not all that Funny. That’s me. Today. Easter Sunday. Joy.

So I got a new computer. If you know me, you know how I obsess over research whenever I buy electronics or any high ticket item. I am terrible about it. So I settled on the Samsung RV511 from Best Buy. I’m still on the fence about whether I like it or not. Internet Explorer was running so freaking slow in it so I downloaded Firefox and it seems to be better. I hate the way you scroll on the touchpad. I love the HDMI feature. I watched Housewives of NYC on my TV last night through my computer. It was awesome!

I paid $100 more for this computer than the other one I wanted because I could get this one right away, it has a longer life battery than the other one, and a faster processor speed. The Samsung has great reviews online, too. I am just kind of not that excited about it for some reason. I thought I would be more excited, you know? 😦

I also bought a Canon SD1400 point and shoot camera, which is pretty cool. They had it in Orange, Pink, and Black. I got lucky and found it in black. The pink was obnoxious and the orange had to be ordered. I went to Rockford to pick up the computer and lucked out that they had the black one in stock. Their website had indicated that it wasn’t available in black in Rockford.

Anyway, so I have started experimenting with that. The return policy for computers and digital cameras is 14 days so I need to use both heavily over the next 14 days to make sure they are what I want. That’s why this feeling of laziness is not really doing me any favors right now. 😡

I FINALLY found the perfect little white wicker loveseat and table for the front porch at Andy’s. I couldn’t fit it in my little Honda, though. 😦 Andy made excuses for not wanting to pick it up for me today after work but he has agreed to pick it up tomorrow morning. I can’t wait! I *am* excited about that! The cushion is red with some pattern to it so it matches Andy’s house. It’s starting to get nice enough to sit outside on the porch. It is only $100 for the two… although, now that I’m thinking about it, having the chairs might be good too… Hmmm…. Well, I will decide that later.

I don’t want to freak Andy out too much by making him pick up too much or by buying too much stuff for his house. 😆 It’s really cute, though. 😀 I am going to find some red flowers this week to hang up on the front porch and put maybe on the sides of the loveseat on the porch. I really like having a pretty space to sit in and just listen to music or drink coffee or eat breakfast on a beautiful morning. It makes me HAPPY! 🙂

Okay. Well. I just thought I would check in real quick here. I’m too BLAH to continue writing. I’ve got nothing in my brain for ya’ll today. Love you! I’m outta here!

  1. Brenda says:

    Happy Easter, Renee! I’m getting ready to serve up a huge Spiral Ham for Easter supper! I have about half the crew here today! I wish it were sunny out, though. And warmer! Easter egg hunts inside are just not as fun inside!

    You seem a little down in the dumps today. Cheer up, dear!


  2. Nate says:

    me tooooooo!!!!!!! I am feeling just BLAHHHHH today!!!!!! You should meet me in chat so we can feel blah together!!!!!

    I did nothing today too. Stephen is in Detroit on business. I slept until 1 and now I’m watching a Fresh Prince marathon on TV. How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is just like any other Sunday for me. My family hates me right now and they never do anything special for Easter anyway. They suck at holidays. 😦

    Hope the new comp is okay but if you aren’t excited about it then return it! The HDMI port is great but I have one of those Roku boxes and it’s easier to deal with then having to hook my computer up all the time. It’s only $80 and has a billion channels on it. You should look into it!!!!

    Come find me, beeotch!!!!!!

  3. Sarah & Al says:

    So sorry to see you are down in the dumps today. I think holidays flatline a bit once you are an empty nester. I hope James called you and you went out for diner.

    We just bought a new wicker set from Pottery Barn for our deck and we love it. We got our in brown. They make these things so much better than they used to! My mother had one on her patio in the 80’s and it wasn’t built nearly as well as mine is! I love it!

    My daughter has a little Canon digital camera and she loves it. It’s pink, though. LOL! But she’s also only 18. I myself would prefer black or silver. Make sure you post some pictures with it!

  4. K'nesha says:


  5. Thomas says:

    Happy Easter, Renee! Hope you are feeling better!

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