What an exhausting day! I feel like I have been on the road for 16 hours!

It didn’t help that I woke up late… and Andy woke me up as he was walking in the front door at 9am. 😯 I had planned to be on the road by 9am! So it was a mess from the get go!

I drove straight to Rockford as fast as I possibly could. Literally. 🙄 I get to the DMV and it’s a scene from HELL. The line just to get license plate stickers had 5 turns in it and the line went out the front door! Ugh! Luckily, they had 4 people working that line so I got through it in 20 minutes, but still… WTF.

Next followed a series of stops to search for fish and incense. Don’t ask. But I found it all. What I hate about shopping in Rockford is that the parking lots are all huge and you have to park so far away from the store entrances! Anyway, I also returned my crappy Samsung computer to Best Buy.

So the chick that did my return took my license for ID. Okay. That’s fine. Except she was too busy talking and forgot to give it back to me! So, later on, when I finally reached Freeport to do my laundry, I looked in my purse and discovered the ID missing so I called Best Buy. Yes. They had it. I told them I lived 75 miles away and would they mind slipping it in the mail. No. No they can’t do that. WTMLF! 😡

Have these people seen the gas prices? WTF? They want me to spend $20 in gas when they could just put a 46 cent stamp on an envelope and mail it to me? Talk about poor customer service! Besides, I stayed in Best Buy for an hour looking at other laptops to buy. This chick was obviously really dense because she didn’t even realize she didn’t give it back to me. She could have paged me while I was still there. Such bullshit customer service with no common sense. It’s cheaper for me to just replace the license for $10 at the DMV in Chadwick.

I was going to buy another computer through Best Buy but this incident has really made me reconsider. I mean, if they can’t even extend small gestures of common sense help, how will they ever serve my needs if something goes wrong with a technologically more advanced problem? Bad customer service is a pet peeve of mine! 😡

I picked up my Converse open toes today. They are Pink. I also ordered the Black but apparently those are sold out. 😦 I haven’t even looked at them yet. That’s how busy I was. While I was at JCPenney, as I was returning the two shirts I previously ordered, I found a $140 luggage set for $40 after discounts, coupons, and a gift card. The gift card was the one I bought for my brother for Christmas but never sent him. :/ Oh well. Merry Christmas to me! 😉

Oh! When I was in Rockford, I saw the ex-boyfriend from afar. He didn’t see me. I always dreaded the day when that would happen. Surprisingly, I felt nothing. I thought for sure that the next time I saw his coward ass that I would try to rip his eyeballs out with the dullest item I could grab. But I had NOTHING. And that felt really really REALLY good.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still not totally angelic or anything. I still hope he has a life filled with torment. I just don’t wish that now while I am foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog. Now, it’s a peaceful calmness. A quiet longing for karma to hit him where the sun don’t shine. And I didn’t feel a twinge of anger or sadness or craziness at all when I saw him. It’s good to know that the disease of him is done in my heart once and for all. 🙂

Oh! Talking about diseases… I got a bill from a collection agency on Friday for $1915. 😯 Yeah. I had never before seen this bill. My ex-husband apparently went through something or another in July 2009 and racked up this enormous bill. We had been seperated 13 months by then. We were not divorced because Tim was an idiot and continued to fight for NOTHING AT ALL! Apparently, they are going to collect this debt from me. Tim said he would handle it. (I texted him for the first time in like 6 months about this.) He has never taken care of ANYTHING properly before so I am not going to kid myself and think this will finally be the ONE thing he takes care of right. 🙄

I am *NEVER* going to be rid of him. EVER. I always thought we would be intertwined because of the kids. But no. It’s because he remains irresponsible. That’s why we are intertwined. Super. 😦

Chelsea flipped out on Friday on the phone regarding my ex-husband because she called him and he was headed to a doctor appt because he told her he had some “issues”… whatever that means. Now, I’m not cold hearted… okay, maybe I am… but he tends to overreact on things sometimes. Remember when he was trying to win me back and was SURE something was wrong with his stint? He INSISTED that they do an angiogram, which is a pretty serious procedure, to find out what was wrong. And nothing was wrong at all! That was in January 2009.

So, after them telling him that NOTHING was wrong, he felt the need to go back for something else in July 2009 and rack up a bill he could not pay for to the tune of $1915. Nice. So now they are coming after me for it. I put in a dispute but I’m pretty sure I am going to lose and I am going to end up paying on this bill for the next 2 years. Just like my attorney bill. 🙄

ALL OF THIS would have NEVER been an issue if he had just agreed to the divorce right away instead of conjuring up all these phantom lies and being all paranoid that I was screwing him over somehow… you know… with the MOUNTAIN of ASSETS we never had… and DRAGGING out our divorce for MUCH longer that it EVER needed to be. 🙄

Just when I think I am over the anger of his irresponsible and irrational behavior, something like this happens to just bring it up again.

Wait… I was gonna say something other than all that… 😆 Oh yeah… Chelsea…

So Chelsea is in a bad mood after he tells her this and calls me to bitch about how unhealthy her father is, and why is he fatter than before? and why is he smoking so much? doesn’t he realize that she and James have no money to pay for a funeral? doesn’t he realize that she loves him and wants him around? doesn’t he care about her enough to want to do that? and I won’t even mention what she said about his girlfriend except to say that she holds her partially responsible for not regulating her father’s health choices. And that is putting it kindly. 😆

After 30 minutes of this, I finally told her that she was bitching at the wrong person and she needed to speak with him if she wanted to make an impact. I hope she did it. She was very upset about it, and if he were to pass away and she didn’t say what she felt, she may feel bad for not saying it. Know what I mean?

Okay. Well, this girl is TIRED! I am going to bed. I will approve comments on this post and the last one tomorrow evening sometime. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 😀

  1. Hilary says:

    This is why I am never getting remarried. I don’t want to owe anyone anything unless it’s for me and only me. That sucks, Renee. And I’m sorry to hear that your daughter is having to worry like she’s her father’s mother. That probably sucks for her. I was lucky because my ex wanted to marry his hobag so much that he got a quickie divorce. Didn’t see it that way at the time but now I can see that it was the best thing ever!

  2. Nate says:

    WTF?????? I hate Best Buy. They have the stupidest policies and all their employees are kids who never know shit about anything other than how to follow you around the store like you are shop lifting. It’s fucking annoying!

    Did you CRAPOLA in your undies when you got that bill? I would have! Do you have it under control? Isn’t this bad for your job? Do you need help????

    My grandmother was a hypochondriac. She would go to the hospital ER for EVERYTHING!!!! I once had to drive her and she said her toe was falling off and she couldn’t walk. Come to find out, she just had a hang nail. I was super PISSED!!!!! because I took the day off work just to do that. Thanks, Grandma, now pay me the $500 you cost me for the day… 🙄

    LUVS U!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Renee says:

      I’m going to try to dispute it and get on Tim’s ass to do something about it. You know I would never ask for your help on this, Naters. I love you but I would never ask that. I’ll handle it.

      Thank you. I love you.

  3. Brenda says:

    Oh Dear. I’m sorry to hear this. I know you wanted to sever all financial ties as soon as possible and now I understand why. I hope that your ex will suddenly become responsible and want to clear this up for you.

    Chelsea is being very mature in her thought process so that is a good sign. I imagine her reaction is just her youth talking. She means well it seems. I hope she was able to have that talk with him and he took it to heart. After my health scare last year, I made a will and got all my affairs in order to save my husband and children the trouble should I pass away. I’m a busy body like that. I assume most people do not do that.

    Did you buy a new computer to replace the one you returned to Best Buy? I looked at the Samsung reviews for the model you chose. It had great reviews! I think the one you got just had issues. Let me know what you decide to get or if you have narrowed down your choices!


    • Brenda says:

      OH! And BRAVO on handling seeing the ex-boyfriend so well! It’s been over a year now since that whole mess ended. You have grown so much! That’s when I first met you was shortly before that!

      It must feel so good to know that you have moved on to bigger and better things! He didn’t deserve you. You were in a much higher class than him. I’m not usually one to classify people in classes but the way he handled himself was just so lowbrow and shady and white trashy. He was lucky to ever have you in his life. He blew that. Good riddance.

      What you have now is much better and cleaner and purer. I am sure you would agree!


      • Renee says:

        And I definitely agree with you about what I have with Andrew now. It feels better, fresher, very innocent and pure… very secure and solid.

        And Andy is about 1000 times more of a man than John ever could wish to be. One thing I know with Andy is that he NEVER says anything he doesn’t mean. He’s honest. He is more likely to just not say something than to ever lie about something. That’s very comforting after being lied to for 20+ years of my life. VERY.

    • Renee says:

      I’m leaning towards the Dell 15r series. They have one at Walmart for $548.

  4. rick says:

    fuck Best Buy, the ex-boyfriend, the ex-husband, and the DMV!!! Did I cover them all?

  5. Thomas says:

    now I feel bad about sending you that email regarding my credit report nightmare when you are having a nightmare of your own. 😦

  6. Ashleigh says:

    Converse Open Toe Tennis Shoes? Where are those? I can’t find them on jcp.com!

  7. Andie says:

    Found you through the Bloggess.. can totally relate to the ex-husband thing. Mine is well-meaning but still a jackass. Most times we get along okay (mind you, this is talking after splitting almost 8 years ago) but sometimes… GRRR.. I just wanna KICK HIM REALLY HARD. Because he’s there. And because his drama affects MY LIFE. Then I take a deep breath and count the days until my youngest turns 18.

    • Renee says:

      I hate to be the one to break it to you, Andie, but the madness does not discontinue when the kids grow up. Mine are 19 and 22 and I *still* have to deal with stupidity! One lucky thing for me is that we split up 3 years ago so he is still VERY bitter and goes out of his way to NOT talk to me… 😆

      I dream of the day when I have no more worries that his antics affect me. It’s just a dream, though… 😉

      Thanks for the comment!

  8. Nate Wilson says:

    High gas prices aside, Best Buy’s policy is still idiotic. So rather than mailing you your driver’s license, their policy is to have you break the law instead, and drive without a license? I believe if they force you to break a law, you’re legally allowed to commit one extra infraction at no extra cost. Slash the girl’s tires.

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