This week has felt like a weird out of body experience. I don’t know if it’s the freakish sudden summer temperature jolt or the discombulation of actually having a clean house… I have uncomfortably been floating through the week here. And I’m getting NOTHING accomplished! And I feel like a weirdo all of a sudden… :/

1. Andrew keeps playing these “mash ups” from youtube REALLY LOUD so I can’t think straight and write this damn blog! I mean, I get it. They are kind of cool, but… Grrrrrr! 😡

2. My printer at work just decided it didn’t want to do anymore work and QUIT! Fucker.

3. Then, my power adapter decided to run off with the fucking printer! WTF?

4. It’s like 1000 degrees in my office! It’s the hottest room in the house since I have so much office equipment running in there. But, hey… James is “so hot” in his bedroom… where it is clearly 20 degrees cooler… WHINER! If I can sit in my office at 1000 degrees for 8+ hours a day, surely he can withstand 980 degrees. Sheesh! 🙄

5. I highly suspect that my boyfriend is plotting my exercise frequency. He has stopped walking the dog. I swear. Everyday I get there and he has not walked the poor girl. And she will not poop unless she walks. He has just been letting her out to pee and then going to bed knowing full well that she will bug me until I walk her! It’s an evil plot, I am sure…

6. Anyone need a pimp mobile? James is selling his 2001 Caddy in Pearl White with pimping sunroof and newer motor for $6000. He’s only gonna get $5000 but what does he know… Oh. I forgot. Everything! He knows EV-ER-Y-THING! 🙄

7. Chelsea started talking to me again. Then chose not to talk to me again. And then couldn’t handle it and started talking to me again. And now she is just avoiding me because she knows I am going to get on her ass about deciding to stay in Dekalb instead of moving to Freeport.

8. Oh yeah… and her LOSER boyfriend is “changing” after she stood up for herself… I give it 3 months. You can only fake sincerity for so long. Stay tuned, people.

9. I realized tonight that Andy’s grey bike shorts are see through. No really. They are. I told him. He doesn’t believe me. That’s okay, though. It will be payback for #5 when HE finally realizes I am right. 😆

10. I hate corporate politics. I hate not being heard AT ALL. And I hate men who have no balls. And that’s all I will say about that. (On the up side, I love my clients!)

11. I have given up dieting before going to Italy. It’s futile. I eat crap too much because I haven’t shopped at the grocery store like a normal person for a couple of months really. I used to plan whole monthly menus and shopping lists out! Hell, I even had a very popular portal on AOL for that. I was like an EXPERT! 🙄 😆 You know… before AOL ran themselves into nothingness… Anyway, I’m a mess on my eating habits. I go 12 hours eating nothing and then eat crap for breakfast and I am starving by lunch and eat a slice of Casey’s pizza and a bag of chips. Ugh! I eat a healthy meal at Andy’s but I feel so BLECH so I know it ain’t good. I haven’t gained any weight… I’m just not losing. When I get back from Italy, though, I have a PLAN! 😉

12. I am so disconnected with real news that I didn’t realize that the Ah-nold wasn’t the governor of California anymore! How did I miss that? WTF?

13. Also, I am behind on EVERY SINGLE TV SHOW because I got somehow mesmerized by Asian Horror films last week and this week and couldn’t do ANYTHING else but watch those. How this happens to me, I have no idea… damn Asians… they make the best low budget horror flicks in the modern era… but it’s way too addicting…

14. This blog is already too long and filled with lots of useless info you probably could care less about BUT there is no way I am ending my random thoughts on #13… because that’s creepy… and I’m superstitious… and I am sure something bad would happen to me if I did that, like equipment failures, heatwaves, torture, embarrassment, frustration, and obesity… Oh… wait… that’s already happened to me this week!

15. So fuck it… I’m making it longer now… 😆 because I’m a rebel like that. A bad ass, mother fucking, blogger rebel! HA! I laugh in the face of… of… um… whatever… I’m a REBEL, dammit! 😛


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