Hey everyone! How has everyone been? I know I have been M.I.A. 😦 My energy levels have been shit and I have been working mad crazy hours so I can take off early this week for doctor appointments and Italy on Friday. So….

This will probably be my last blog before I leave for Italy. I’m not sure how much access I will have to post anything when I am in Italy. My dad is bringing his laptop but I don’t want to monopolize it either. I’ll play it by ear.

I have given Nate permission to repost any pictures I upload to Facebook onto EP for you regulars. I was going to give him permission to guest post on my blog, but then I came to. 🙄 I really didn’t want to come back from Italy and see my blog had been inundated with excessive exclamation points, LOTS OF CAPS, and millions of question marks! Sorry, Nate! I still love you!

I have been trying to get some home repairs done this week and can’t seem to get ANYONE who wants to earn money to do ANYTHING! It’s so frustrating. I called 4 different local AC/Heating guys. No one is returning messages or phone calls. No one picks up their phone. I mean really? They don’t need any money? 😡 So now, I am so desperate that I am actually contacting my ex-husband’s last mistress’ ex-husband to see if he can help me out. Sad, huh? He has a soft spot in his heart for me, though, so I am hoping that he knows a guy who knows a guy… ya know?

I have a final doctor appointment the day before I leave for Italy. Cutting it kind of close, huh? And I had to scream at the receptionist girl in order to get that! But, it will give me peace of mind I am hoping. I am so paranoid right now about everything. I researched deep Vein Thrombosis for like 5 hours one day because I am scared that the 9 hour flight may kill me. 🙄 So this last appointment will hopefully take some fears off the table for me.

The stop smoking thing? It’s been going pretty well. I’m not doing so great today. I fought with James and have been so stressed with all the crap I am not able to get done. Otherwise, it has been going excellent. I think I will quit 100% when I go to Italy. It’s hard to break the habit when I am dealing with all my everyday stressors and doing the same things that I normally do (only moreso).

James is still being a complete asshole. He tries to be nice but I’m pretty sure that is only because he knows I am really pissed off. Today, his argument for why the house and my car keeps getting trashed is that it doesn’t matter because I only work here, I don’t live here. 😡 Except, you know, I pay all the bills and the deed is in MY NAME, asshole. IT’S MY HOUSE! Then he says, fine. Get me someplace else and I will move out. 😯 What? You are 22 years old! I’m not getting you an apartment, you lazy moocher! Hell, I didn’t even have to do that for Chelsea…

He says the only reason he is still here is because he has this new girlfriend. Really? The new girlfriend lives 2+ hours away in Iowa City… Don’t tell me stupid excuses. MOVE OUT! It’s just ridiculous.

He really pissed me off when he tried to say that I was just overreacting because of my hormones… 😯 He’s really lucky that I don’t chop his balls off with a dull butter knife at this point. That’s not hormones. That’s me sick of being taken advantage of and mistreated in my own house. He went too far by insulting me the other day and now it’s coming back to kick him in the ass. That’s what it is…

I am so looking forward to this vacation. I need it just to get away from my house and James. That’s sad but true. My house is like a frat house. It smells constantly like stale beer. Nothing is ever really clean, even after he cleans it… The bathroom is disgusting and it doesn’t matter how many times I clean it, it will be trashed again in 24 hours. I have given up on it. There are so many little teeny repairs that need to be done that I am reluctant to do because James and his friends will just trash it again so what’s the point?

I am very scared about what is going to happen to my house when I am gone… but at this point, I am just going to go and deal when I get back… I think I am going to give him an ultimatum when I leave. Clean up and get on track or move out when I return. The stress is just so overwhelming and I can’t have that in my life anymore. It can very disastrously affect my health at this point. He’s grown up. I need to do what’s right for me since he just could care less about me, period.

I turned 41 on Monday. It was pretty uneventful. 😆 Andrew and I went to Rockford on Saturday and retrieved my driver’s license from Best Buy. We also went to the Chinese buffet even though I clearly told him I wanted Spaghetti. 🙄 In one ear abnd out the other… *sigh* He gave me an awesome gift, though. His oven is broke. The stovetop works, just not the oven. You never realize how much you use an oven until you don’t have it! Anyway, he got me a huge toaster oven! I went out that night and bought a whole bunch of junk just to cook in the oven! 😆 So that was good… he did a good job…

I went to a graduation party for one of my best friend’s daughters last weekend. I never realized how much more peer pressure to drink there is in your 40’s! I never had that kind of peer pressure in high school to do anything! Crazy! Anyway, the daughter’s gifts were the art projects I have been working on for the last week or two.

So this is my final post. Hopefully, it won’t be my final post FOREVER… but just in case (because I like to be well prepared), I love you guys! You have gotten me through thick and thin, major depressions, completely awful life choices, and really bad freak outs. You all are my rock. You have my heart and I will definitely eat lots of tiramisu in your honor! MUAH!


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