So this week has been good. Really good. While the vacation to Italy was a wonderful blessing, it also took a toll on me emotionally that I didn’t anticipate. It feels really good to be home with my family and my friends and doing the things that I love. I feel really blessed just for that! 😀

James has been very loving and nice and sweet and helpful. Someone apparently gave him a lobotomy when I was gone. He’s like an almost new kid! He still has his moments of frustration but he is quick to come to an understanding now that I am not to blame and apologizes almost immediately. I think me being gone for 2 1/2 weeks made him (GASP! 😯 ) appreciate me!

So Andrew and I have just been hanging out, enjoying life, working, sleeping, and I have been trying to eat better. When I first got home from Italy, I kinda went crazy with anything salty and crunchy. In Italy, everything is soft and fresh. You can’t just find Nachos any time you want, ya know? So I went a little crazy with the french fries and chips. But I have received my Amazon book order this week and I am planning to start this new way of eating next week after I take my Glucose Tolerance Test, which I am pretty sure I will fail… 😦

One of the joys of being fat and old and having wacked out hormones is that I am at high risk for diabetes. My grandfather had diabetes late in his life I think as well. So I just have all sorts of crap factors involved. High risk this, high risk that… 🙄 So my short test came back and my blood sugars were 175 after 1 hour. I’m not sure that is bad but I don’t think it’s good either…

So yeah… next week will be a new eating plan. 😦 Goodbye French Fries! And Casey’s Brownies! And Jalepeno Poppers! And Chinese Food! Geez… this is going to suck!

Well, in honor of WTF Friday, I am going to share with you some of the stupidest things I have encountered this week online because the ridiculousness just keeps on a coming! I get all my news online now and the amount of trash I read is overly abundant… So, just for you, lovelies!

Potato Chips make you fat. Gee… thanks for that. It’s a shocker. 😯

In case you need another reason to quit that nasty cocaine habit you’ve got… you know who you are…

You can’t even trust the Amish with your 12 yr old daughter anymore! WTF?

And his wife still sleeps with him. Ewwwwwwwwwww!

Some people are douchebags in real life and others continue to be douchebags even after they die. Nice guy. 😡

CREEEEEEEEEPY. And I’m talking about ALL of them.

I seriously think a MAN did whatever study this article is citing. It’s a damn conspiracy!

And this woman just pissed me off. As someone who ran a successful AOL portal on frugal cooking and living for YEARS in the late 90’s, I was interested to see what she said… and then I read it and I thought, “does she think we are all stupid?” First, the menu isn’t very appetizing, and second, half her ingredients aren’t even included in the food bill! I’m great at this kind of stuff but I should have known it was too good to be true. The only way you can eat on $10 a week is by incorporating Ramen noodles. And maybe some tuna in a can. 😆

And, finally, the final punch in the gut:

SERIOUSLY? This is just blasphemous! No one can replace Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer! NO ONE! Assholes…


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