It has been a busy, busy week for me! Sorry I have been M.I.A. My ex-husband did something very selfish and nasty to me this week and I just haven’t trusted myself to post a new blog without going off the deep end… so I refrained. 😡 And I am still too livid and hurt to post about that incident so I will just tell ya’ll everything else that is going on. There’s alot…

So last Friday, I emailed my boss and let him know I was pregnant. On Monday, he hadn’t responded so I IM’d my work bestie, Amanda, and asked her if she thought that was a bad sign… and then she dropped a bomb that SHE was pregnant, too! 5 MONTHS! I thought I was waiting a long time to tell my boss, but she hadn’t told him either! 😆

So, she sends him an email and then he suddenly responds to BOTH of our emails… of course, because now he is probably freaking out that two of his best team members are going to be on maternity leave back to back, if not together… 🙄 He asks if we have told anyone. We both said no 😆 but that we would disclose at the meeting on Wednesday.

So on Wednesday, I had to drive to Rolling Meadows for the meeting. Not a big deal usually, except there was construction ALL THE WAY from Rockford to my exit at 53! 😡 “Someone” didn’t tell me this would be the case! Anyway, so the meeting was taking FOREVER. Amanda got there and sat down immediately because she is showing big time and she couldn’t get up to pee until we announced. But everyone was causing the meeting to go way longer than I even imagined! And then, there was always SOMEONE who was out of the room. No one could sit still! It was ridiculous! 😡

Finally, at the end of lunch, I decided I had to make the announcement because Amanda hadn’t peed for 3+ hours. My boss was not in the room at the time but I had already been waiting for a time to do this and he already knew and HIS boss was going to start talking business so I had to do it…

We had already preplanned that I would announce Amanda’s pregnancy and she would announce mine. It went off beautifully and we shocked everyone I think. It was pretty funny. I think my boss’ boss thought it was rude of me to not wait for my boss, but whatever… They knew we both had announcements to make and they didn’t present an opportunity when everyone was present so we had to take matters into our own hands in the name of toilet privileges! 😉

After the meeting I went to IKEA to look at cribs. 😐 Uh… yeah… they pulled ALL the cribs because of some new law to be sure they were in compliance. 😦 I swear, I am never going to find a crib. So then I went to the cafeteria and ate a piece of chocolate cake and I felt better. 😆

TUESDAY I went to Rockford and had my Nuchal Scan. The tech there said all my measurements looked normal and she was very happy with them. I’m sure the ratio/odds will still come back pretty high for Down’s Syndrome but that will be just because of my age, I think. I have an appointment this Wednesday to get the results for sure. I was pretty happy, though. That will be my last ultrasound until the 20 week one where we find out the sex! 😀

I am VERY anxious to figure out the sex part. I am convinced it is a boy and I pretty much convinced Andy, too. 😆 Everyone else seems to want a girl, even Andy’s side… I don’t know why I feel so sure that it’s a boy. I could be wrong, I suppose… you never know! I’ve been known to be wrong a time or two! 😉

I need to get this figured out, though, because if it is a girl, so much stress will be lifted off my shoulders. There are a million cute things for a girl and NOTHING for boys!!! 😡 I have looked at a million nursery designs this week and I hate almost ALL the boy ones. I went to Joann Fabrics and found some neutral fabrics that I can “maybe” use for a boy nursery, but at this point, I am lost. 🙄

Either way, boy or girl, I do NOT want cutesy shit all over the nursery so I am looking at not really decorating a nursery per se… I am just decorating ONE ROOM of Andy’s house… which he may be scared of me doing. he already shot down painting the wood trim. :/ Dang it! So I am looking at going a little vintage/retro… but it is still tough to do without getting too girly. *sigh*

As soon as I settle on an idea, then it will be easy! But I am so indecisive when I have a completely blank slate to work with. At my house, it’s already decided that I will stick with the beachy colored theme there. Boom. Done. 😆

I met Sarah for lunch since she was in town for a meeting that xday and we went to Babies R Us. Dear Lord. That place is insane. Who pays $500 for a crib? Holy shit! And they weren’t even pretty! They were all kinda bulky and had awkward edges. Not what I had in mind at all! I want something modern and simple with very clean lines and a oak finish. Apparently I am going to have to build my own if I want that. 🙄 And you all know how incredibly handy I am. 😆

Someone told me it is illegal to sell used cribs. Is this true? WTF? 😡

Andy told his grandmother finally and she was extremely happy. 😀 He was scared to tell her since we aren’t married and I am divorced. That made ME very nervous! But I had no reason to be. She was very happy and even came up to congratulate me, which was extremely sweet.

I think Andy telling her about our conversation regarding grandmothers helped. This child will not have any grandmothers. Both my mother and Andy’s mother are dead. So that only leaves his grandmother, which will be the great grandmother. He told her this so maybe that helped a bit in how she felt about this great grandchild. She did tell me that she felt like this would be the only great grandchild that she would not have to worry about. All her others are from broken homes with estranged and slightly weird baby mammas. 😆

So we have pretty much told everyone we wanted to and all the reactions were positive except for his dad wanting us to get married. :/ His grandmother asked about that and he told her we probably would eventually. 😯 That’s the first time he has even mentioned that and it was so non-chalantly that I am just going to ignore it. 😆 You all know how I feel about that… and if it doesn’t go my way and feel absolutely right when he asks, then that won’t be happening. 😆 I know, I know… I’m too demanding, but HEY! I’m not fucking up a second time! It’s done right or it’s not done AT ALL! 😉

Just sayin’…

Andy and I just finished Season 2 of Breaking bad today and I can’t wait to get Season 3. Big Brother 13 started last week so I have been semi obsessed with that. Not as bad as in years past and I did not get the live feeds this year since i don’t have time to watch them. Still rooting for a Jeff win but I like Cassi and Shelly as well. 😛 Rescue Me started their final season this week. the first episode was slightly lame but it usually is since they are just setting up for the storylines for the year.

So that’s about it on my end. I hope everyone had a super positive week. My week was super negative but I am trying to pick myself up from this potentially life shattering betrayal. 😡 I don’t think he’ll be happy until I am penniless and destitute… 🙄

Love ya, guys! I’ll try to post more often next week so we don’t have all these marathon posts! 😆 MUAH!

  1. OMG I am soooooo into BB13 this year! So glad Keith is gone but it looks like Cassie is following him and that makes me 😥 . I like Shelly but she’s almost too goody two shoes. We got Jordan for THAT. 🙄

    Fuck the ex. When are you getting married? Bwhahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hilary says:

    That was a neat way to announce your babies! Was you boss mad that he missed that? And what the heck is Ikea?

  3. rick says:

    what did the asshole do now? its been 3 years and you are still dealing with bullshit? i don’t get it. when i divorced i wanted to get as far away from that broad as possible. some people just cant get a clue i guess. glad to hear your test went good ms worrywart.

  4. sarah & al says:

    It was so nice having lunch and shopping with you, Renee! We always have fun when we see each other! You looked so happy!

    I agree that Babies R Us prices seemed too excessive. I think any store that specializes in just baby items will be expensive, though. I think I understand what you are looking for, though so I will keep an eye out for you!


  5. Ashleigh says:

    I want a girl! 🙂

  6. Brenda says:

    It sounds like you have his family’s full support! Wonderful!

    I understand they probably want you two to get married but I understand your apprehensions I think. You want him to show that he really wants to marry YOU… not the mother of his child but you as an individual. I understand that. Given your history, I think your reasons are very valid.

    Plus, you have always been a romantic at heart so I think having someone who is very devoted to you is important to you and that is fine to feel that way, dear. Who doesn’t want that man who can’t live without you? We are women, after all. 😉

    I go to Ikea often so I will keep an eye out for you when they put the cribs back up. I don’t know anything about selling used cribs but I don’t see them very often in the classifieds. So maybe there is a reason for that.

    So happy the nuchal scan went well. Maybe it can give you some peace of mind. You’re on week 13, yes? Just 11 more weeks until you reach viability stage! Counting down! 😉


    • Renee says:

      I hate to admit it it, but yes, I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to the love stuff. I definitely want him to be marrying me for all the right reasons. I already did the wrong reasons thing. I want things to go right this time. I want to be proposed to properly and I want someone who isn’t terrified on my wedding day. That would be good… 😆

      Viability stage… week 24… yep… count down has already begun here! 😉

  7. If you have a good image from your 12 week ultrasound, I can give you a good guess on the gender. there’s a way of determining gender at 12 weeks, if the shot is taken at the right angle. Sometimes it’s more ambiguous, and other times it’s really obvious. It has to do with the angle.
    Email me your ultrasound pics if you’d like. At least it’ll give you an idea, percentage wise.

    BTW, I’m the same way about gender, I’m dying to know. But I have a good guess as to what my baby is going to be, based on my 12 week u/s.

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