Hey ya’ll! How’s it going? 😉 A little schizophrenic here… but what else is new, right?

So I went to that last doctor appt. Based on their calculations, I lost 6 pounds. 😯 When the nurse asked me what happened, I said the last weigh in was wrong but that the doctor was too busy lecturing me about the 4 pound weight gain to listen to my reasons why. She left the room and I could hear her whispering to the doc before she came in my room…

And she (my doctor) entered all rainbows and butterflies like. Very nice and kind and happy. Completely different attitude than last time and much like the first time I saw her. She did say something this time about not losing too much weight but it was kind of a passing comment. 🙄 Of course.

So everything with baby appears to be fine. I see my THIRD new doctor in a week and a half. My blood sugar has been stable. I can feel the baby move every once in a while when I’m laying down in bed at night. It’s kinda sorta glorious! 😀

My only thing now is stabilizing my weight. I keep losing weight. I’m not doing it intentionally. I just forget to eat or I eat too healthy of items. One of the reasons I have been able to stabilize my sugar readings is because I have made my portions smaller. I didn’t do this by choice really… I started finding that if I ate half of my plate (and I use salad plates, not dinner plates…), I would start feeling way too full and I hate that feeling. So I have been eating healthier and smaller portions, which results in weight loss. 🙄

I don’t want to lose weight. I want to maintain. At least. I can only gain 15 pounds, according to the doctor… I can do that in the last trimester easily. Hell, the baby will be half that! So for now I am trying to maintain but it’s so hard! I find that I lose weight one day and then have to up my calorie load without upping the intake so I don’t get sick. That’s where rice krispie treats, M&Ms, and Ding Dongs come into play… 😆 But I am not really a sweets lover… it’s just that sweets pack the most punch calorie-wise.


Eat. Don’t Eat. Schizophrenia. 😐

I went to Dekalb this last weekend to see Chelsea’s new apartment, which is a dump compared to the last one… but hey, we have all lived somewhere dumpy as young adults just starting out. It is in a nice neighborhood. It’s in my old neighborhood when I lived there. They are only one block from a park so Carley’s son has somewhere to play. Robert has some little friends to play with as well, so they all seem okay.

She is “taking the semester off” from school. 🙄 Yeah, right. I was so pissed that I wouldn’t even talk to her for a week but I’m over it now. You know, I can’t force her to go to school. I’m not going to beg her. She is essentially supporting 4 people in her household and she makes good money for her age. She wants to make money. That’s not such a bad thing…

I have been actively planning the nursery. And everyone seems to have an opinion… 🙄 I kind of find it hilarious. So many people think we are crazy. It makes me want to implement my plans even more! You know me, true rebel at heart! 😉

So I have settled on a color scheme. I may change it a little if we are surprised with a girl, but it will stay basically the same. No theme room going on here. I am NOT a theme girl.

I pulled the green chairs from my basement full of STUFF and they look very good considering where they have been. I really like the gray and the green warms it up a bit.

My take on the nursery is this: babies really don’t know anything about their nursery. They could give a shit if it has dinosaurs or cars or giraffes in it. They have no idea what any of those things are! My premise for the nursery is that it be a reflection of both mine and Andrew’s personalities. And we are NOT cutesy! We are a little strange to most people but we are passionate about certain things. I know too many people who aren’t passionate about anything, so I think we kind of rock in that respect! 😉

I have too many art project ideas right now and am not sure what will make it in the room and what won’t. I do know for sure that the project Andrew and I are working on together WILL go in there. I’m basically getting a wall size frame from Ikea and we are going to put very small movie posters from all our favorite movies in there. Like this:

No, it won’t be all horror movies. 😛 There will be some but Andrew also likes some Action and Thriller movies and I have some chick flicks and comedies, so it should be a well rounded mix. We were thinking of doing all the covers of Andrew’s comic book collection but… have you ever looked at comic book covers? Some of them are very scary and violent! More than horror movie posters even! I was shocked!

Anyway, that project is a definite must because it is a reflection of both of us. I have some artwork I have done of good kids in horror movies. They are hard to find but I have managed to find 3. Well, one is Drew barrymore in Firestarter, which isn’t really a horror movie, but it’s one of my favorite movies of all time with a girl heroine… I just need one more good girl and that project will be complete… if you know of one, send me the idea please!

The third art project I haven’t started yet but I bought the canvas to do. I was just going to do a wall display of 6 or 7 quotes to live by that little kids could relate to. Very simple. Stuff like “Be happy” or “I think I can”…

My fourth project is black and white still photos of the baby, Andrew and I, maybe some pregnancy shots along with a birth record similar to this:

So, as you can see, I think I have too many projects going on… I mean, I can’t have stuff on every wall, right? It will look too cluttered and tacky. *sigh* I need to worry about the basics right now. Get the electrical done. Repair the walls (this may be a big job). Paint. Windows. I’m getting too ahead of myself with all the fun art projects! 🙂

I know everyone has made comments on my past posts. I have been lazy about approving them. It’s on my list of things to do tomorrow so I WILL approve them! I promise! I need to sign off for now, though. Be good! 😉

  1. Nate is Banging Hawt! says:

    If could get pregnant, I would eat ding dongs every day!!!!!! Oh wait. I kind of do! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LLLUUUUUUVVVVVVVVVVVV the nursery colors!!!! Go LIME GREEN! 😉

    LUVS U!

  2. rick says:

    krispies, ding dongs, and mnms are my standard Sunday brunch. that’s not healthy? fuuuck.

  3. K'nesha says:

    U R PREGNANT! Tell them drs to quit trippin!

  4. Ashleigh says:

    What about the little girl in Poltergeist? Carol Ann?

  5. Brenda says:

    You are still getting mixed messages from your doctors. I would bring this up with the new doctor, Renee. I feel like they are unnecessarily scaring you. You sound like you never know exactly what to do.

    You are in your second trimester and have lost weight. Your blood sugar readings are still good, yes? It all sounds confusing to me and I had gestational diabetes myself. I did lose weight while I had that pregnancy but they did not make a big commotion about it. They did check the size of the baby often, tho. When is your next ultrasound?


  6. sarah & al says:

    Beautiful colors for the nursery! So exciting! We will definitely need to schedule a girls day of shopping the next time you come in to the Chicagoland area! Ikea is still out of cribs. Have you found any alternatives?

    Don’t worry about Chelsea. She will find her way. Some kids are better suited for the workforce than to continue their schooling. As long as she’s happy, what more can you ask for?

    Hope you are feeling well!

  7. Tom says:

    Linda Blair in that Exorcist movie!

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