Well, I am in a better place today. Had a great day with Andrew and feeling a little stronger. I’m sure that will be destroyed by work tomorrow morning… damn Mondays anyway…

I had my new doctor appointment on Friday. I only gained like 10 oz. 😆 so that was good. My new doc is an absolute dream and I am so happy with him. He didn’t say a word about my weight, assured me that YES I am definitely showing… it’s not just fat…, and was very friendly and nice. He said my uterus is getting quite large. About the size of a extra large cantaloupe. Why does everyone refer to uterus size in food item sizes? Anyway, we scheduled the gender and anatomy ultrasound for Sept 2nd. I’m very excited! 😀

I don’t remember having this many aches and pains in my other pregnancies. If I go shopping for half a day, I am exhausted beyond belief and every single joint in my body hurts. After a day of work, i spend about an hour before bedtime just massaging my hand and finger joints! WHO DOES THAT? 😯 It’s weird. I’m weird. Super.

Chelsea’s car is fixed now… but she had to pay $360 to get it fixed… Tim was supposed to pay for it and he had, let’s call it… a “payment issue”. This was not a surprise to me since when Chels tried to call him, his cell phone was shut off. I am hoping he reimbursed her for at least what he promised, which was not the whole bill but 2/3 of it. She came down today to get a check from him but I told her she will need to call his bank on Monday before she cashes it to make sure it’s good. I don’t want her to get hit with a bunch of overdraft charges. 🙄

My dog, Petey, has been found, no thanks to James. If this kid ever has a kid, I am going to have to install a sensor on him/her because I can’t trust James to not lose my grandchild! And James was so smug about the whole thing, which majorly pissed me off. 😡

Lately, he’s been doing this thing where he tries to “sell” me on his side of an argument. His father used to do that to me all the time. In my later cynical years of my marriage, it was a tremendous pet peeve of mine. I’m not a customer. Don’t “sell” me on anything. Be intelligent and give me a rational reasoning. Anyway, James has been doing that (and not nearly as well as Tim, I might add…) and it just makes me so mad. I’m done being “sold”. Get your shit together and be rational or get the hell out of my house. Really. I’m done with your fake ass bullshit!

I forgot to tell ya’ll that Petey got skunked last week, didn’t I? Yeah. And not just skunked even… he took that skunk DOOOOWN and massacred it. I’m sure the skunk’s family was horrified. Anyway, so James calls me and says Petey got skunked and I needed to come home and take care of it because he was going out. 😯 😯 😯

Um… yeah… fucking inconsiderate prick. So me — the pregnant mom — went home at 11PM to wash my dog in a somewhat explosive hydrogen peroxide and baking soda bath FOUR TIMES by myself because the asshole I gave birth to couldn’t NOT go to the bar for one freaking night of his life. In hindsight, what I should have done is left Petey in JAMES’ BEDROOM for the night. To this day, James still doesn’t understand how inconsiderate he was that night. He also feels I am using my pregnancy as an excuse. 🙄

My father told me he still plans to go to England in September. I haven’t told everyone here what is going on with all that but you EPers know the dealio. Anyway, I bit my tongue when he told me, then I texted my brother who thinks the whole situation is hilarious and that my Dad is going to get his ass kicked. My concern is that someone does kick his ass. Forever. And his drunk ass won’t even know what hit him. And then he will be cut up into little pieces and dumped all over the English countryside. And who gives a crap about missing American tourists? NO ONE! He’s an idiot.

In better family news… today was Andrew’s grandmother’s family picnic. It was a great time and ALL his brothers showed up. that is very unusual. I think Andrew said it had been a few years since that happened. I took a picture of them all together with their Dad because who knows when THAT will ever happen again?! There was so much food! Typical midwestern fare, of course. I took Cheesy Bacon ranch potatoes. I didn’t eat it but I had no leftovers so that’s a good sign, right? 😉

What I loved most about today is that Andrew rarely left my side. It kind of felt like we were truly a partnership team today. We would whisper smart ass remarks to each other that only he and I would know meant something. We could look at each other from across the pavilion and know exactly how the other felt based simply on the facial expression. We decided at the exact same time that a walk was necessary to get away from the awkward conversations going on at a particular moment. It was nice.

This is a change for me. Tim was a schmoozer. The ultimate schmoozer. I remember going to certain events with him and not seeing him for an hour while I sat at an event table alone so he could schmooze. In later years, I remember not being able to wait until he went off on his own, and he always did, to talk to others because he was always kind of lying and being fake when he spoke to people and I just couldn’t STAND it. I don’t have to worry about any of that with Andrew. He doesn’t leave me to fend for myself even though he knows I will be fine and we seem to be very well connected so we are on the same page at these things. It’s awesome! 😀

So tomorrow is Monday. I am NOT looking forward to it. Work is kicking my ass! So much stress it is unbelievable! But I am just trying to get through. We won’t be this busy forever so I just need to hang on and make it through. I still love what I do but the workload on the special project I was assigned to is extraordinary. All I can do is grit my teeth and grin and bear it. Attitude is everything and every day is a new day. Right?

Have a good week, guys! I love you!

  1. sarah & al says:

    The family picnic sounds nice. It’s nice when you have a team partner, isn’t it? 😉 And the new doctor is good. You are on a roll!

    So sorry that you had to deskunk Petey! I know what a big job that can be! My dog Reba was skunked last year and it took a month before the smell wore off. Poor girl had to stay outside all that time. 😦 Al wouldn’t let her in the house. At least someone was kind enough to return him to you. I had to laugh at your grandchild comment. I used to tell Stacy that all the time. She loses everything. lol!

    Attitude is everything. I’ll try to send positive vibes your way today.

  2. Brenda says:

    See how everything changes in just a matter of a day or two? 😀

    You must be so relieved to have found a decent doctor. I know this has been pretty stressful for you, dear. Now you can relax and have this happy baby! And we all get to find out what the sex is on September 2nd? 😉

    James must be on the downward bipolar swing. You knew he wouldn’t be on the upside forever. He will come back around. Hopefully, it will be before you decide to kick him out. LOL!

    Look at the up side for Chelsea – her car isn’t completely useless and she won’t have to buy a new one. Despite the cost and hassle, she is mobile again. She has a good job and a good head on her shoulders. Let her deal with her father. Don’t you worry too much about that.

    Since I am from England, maybe I should send a bodyguard team to meet you father in London? I have burly cousins who live there. 😉 It sounds like he may need it. Have you told him what you know? Maybe you should express your concerns before he leaves.

    The family picnic sounds delightful. I am glad that you have had such a good experience with his family and that they all seem to like you. When will we see some new pictures of you and Andrew?

    Happy Monday! Hope your week is good!


    • Renee says:

      I may take you up on the cousin offer but probably not. 😉 There is a little part of me that wishes my father would get his ass kicked over this. He deserves it. But we will see…

      I’m not sure about pics of us together but when I get done with this work project I plan to take some baby bump pictures… so stay tuned!

  3. The compare uterus sizes with food?????? (Glad I can’t have babies)

    I am VEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY excited to find out the sex of the bambino! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO TEAM GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You dog killed a little skunk? AWWWWWWWWWW. He’s a skunk murderer!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m with your bro on the England trip and your dad. Maybe he needs his ass kicked. He always thinks he’s right, right? Better some other guy kick his ass and prove him wrong becuz you won’t be able to do that and still inherit money. SEEEEEEEEE??????????

    OK. After that, all I saw was Cheesy Ranch Potatoes. WHATTTTTTTT???? I want some!!!!! 😦

  4. rick says:

    “fucking inconsiderate prick” – im stealing this

  5. Jessie says:

    How did the peroxide baking soda mix fare for you? I did the same thing with my dog and it took the smell right out!

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