Ok. So Nate has already emailed me and texted me like 20 times today, telling me I’m a slacker because I haven’t posted in a week… 🙄

Dude. I get it. But some of us don’t have a sugar daddy that lets us sit around stuffing our fat asses with Double Stuf Oreos every freaking day of the week. SOME of us W.O.R.K. for a living… and when you do that, you kinda want to do nothing but veg on the weekends and nights! Bitch… 😛

This last week was a bitch at work and I still have at least 2-3 more weeks of incredible stress to get through before this special program with the government ends. So postings may be a little sparse and possibly incoherent until then.

I have had a fabulous weekend so far. Thanks for asking. 😛 Very low key and lazy, which is how I like it these days. Hell, I could stay in bed all weekend if people let me. And that is really NOT me at all so you know I have to really be working hard to get to that point…

James had a really bad week last week. He is just in this downward spiral. And it’s all his own doing. I mean, some of it is that bipolar crap but it’s also his own cockiness and thinking he is invincible. I am sick of requesting and asking nicely and being cooperative and trying to find middle ground and being willing to compromise with him. He could care less about me at the end of the day. He only thinks of himself.

So, unfortunately, I now feel like he is forcing me to draw a line in the sand. Tomorrow, I will go home and just tell him… if this or this or this happen, there will be no discussion and there will be no arguments… if those specific events happen, you are to move out IMMEDIATELY. No questions, no bargaining, no crying and begging… I’m done. As your parent, I have told you in the most caring way possible what to do with your life and what I do not want going on in MY house and you have continually disrespected me and ignored me. I am sick of being stressed about it day in and day out. I am the ONLY person in your family that has helped you and you continue to spit in my face. So now, it has come down to a line. You cross it, there are no second chances. I am done.

I have to do this. He could care less if his actions cause me to lose everything I have or trash everything I pay for. If he cared, he wouldn’t just ignore me or make excuses or argue with me about semantics. I have to take care of what is mine. I have a daughter who still needs me as much as him and she gets the short end of the stick most of the time. And I will have a new baby that will need me to be stable. If James wants to make decisions that only affect himself and cause him to go down in flames despite my warnings and urgings, so be it. But I will not allow him to take me down with him along with my daughter and my unborn child.

So that is where I am on the James front. Fed up. 😡

In other random news…

I can feel the baby moving around all the time now. 😀 It makes me happy! Andy can’t feel it yet, which I think disappoints him. Damn 2″ of fat anyway. 😆 We are very excited to find out the sex of the baby on Friday. I mean, I have been saying for a couple of months now that it’s a boy and I do believe it is. BUT… what if it’s a GIRL? 😯 Yeeeeee! I’m so anxious and excited!!!

Do you ever read up on women’s health news? Don’t. It’s depressing and scary. And every other story is about pregnant women and how they shouldn’t do this or that… I haven’t been sleeping good and it’s because I am trying to sleep on my left side (as my doc told me to) and not my right, which has a main artery that you can cut off there. So I read this article on how stillbirths in the last trimester could be caused by sleeping on your back or right side. WTF???

Maybe I need one of these!

It’s not like I really have a choice… my body kind of does what it wants when it’s sleeping. 🙄 And, my body has always hated me. Anyway, so I told Andy I would need to maybe get a body pillow before I killed our baby. He came home the next day with one in hand. 🙂 I love that guy!

We are still waiting for Grandpa (Andrew’s dad) to finish the electrical in the baby’s room. I am hoping we can convince him to do that this week because I will be very anxious to start the remodel after I hear the sex of the baby. I have kind of been in a holding pattern because I want to get this ultrasound done and make sure everything is okay…

I have decided on my final lighting project but it will probably involve me getting at least a crafting sewing machine. Me and sewing machines just do NOT get along for some reason. I am a pretty smart woman but that stupid bobbin thing gets me every time! 😡 Anyway, I want to get started on this already!!!

I have been watching a crapload of old movies lately. I want to do a movie round up this week like back in the old days. 😆 But I will have to see if I have any extra time to do that. They just don’t make movies like they did back in the 70’s and 80’s. *sigh* This weekend, so far, we watched “Silent Rage” (Andy’s favorite Chuck Norris movie), “Class of 1984”, “The Long Goodbye”, and “Bad Dreams”.

You just can’t go wrong with movies that are so bad that they entertain the shit out of you! 😉

Okay, I need to wrap this up and walk Kiana before Andy gets up. Hope everyone has a good week and hopefully this post will get Nate off my ass for a day or so. 😉 Love you, guys!


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