I am literally pulling five minutes out of my ass right now to write this blog post. I have been up to my eyeballs in complete bullshit while people scold and flog me… a submissive’s dream if you are in to that S&M stuff… not very dreamy when you are trying to just do your damn job. 😦

So, lots of weird things happened the last week or so in little tidbits:

1. I found out my ex-brother-in-law finally divorced his evil wife, which was good… except he broke free by fucking some other married woman. 😡 Men. They just can’t do shit on their own. Oh well. At least that crazy blood sucking bitch is out of his life… although it doesn’t sound like anyone has met the new girlfriend either. That kid just never learns…

2. My dear friend Susie contacted me because she felt bad that she told my ex-BFF I was pregnant and proceeded to tell me that she (the ex-BFF) wanted to be a part of my life. 😯 Uh. Yeah. I’m glad she can tell someone else that but unless she gets some balls and comes and tells me that herself, that shit doesn’t fly. I feel like she just said that to make herself look better to Susie because if she really wanted to talk to me, she would. She knows where I’m at. I am not at all hard to find. 🙄

3. Baby room is still not hooked up to electrical yet. Grandpa found a crimp in some wiring in the attic and now the whole house could go up in flames… so he’s still working on it. 😦 I guess it’s okay, though, since I don’t even have time to breathe hardly, let alone start a new remodel job.

4. Because of the whole ex-brother-in-law situation, I got to catch up with my ex-sister-in-law (the good one, not one of the evil ones…:lol: ) and my ex-little-brother-in-law. That was pretty cool. Tommy actually comes around from time to time to visit or borrow stuff but he never told me about his brother getting divorced. Go figure. Tina was really nice and sweet. I wish we had been closer when we were actually related. :/

5. Also because of the ex-BIL (I’m getting lazy now) situation, I stalked out my ex-evil-SIL to see what she has been up to. She has made David out to look like a cheating asshole… and he is… but she was totally flirting with this 12 year old from New Zealand before that all blew up in her face. 😯 Then, she planned a trip to see the dude… in NEW ZEALAND! I don’t even know if her and Dave had split up before she planned it! She left like 2 days after the divorce was final! That’s harsh. And questionable. I am extremely jealous and pissed that she was able to get a divorce in like 2 months. Fucking Tim… 😡

6. I went to my gender ultrasound and didn’t find out the sex of the baby. I was so pissed! And I don’t even know why! I mean, it really doesn’t matter to me what the gender is… I just want him or her to be healthy and normal. I already have the nursery decided on so it doesn’t really matter one way or the other. But the tech was such a nit wit. She wasn’t very aggressive at trying to get the baby to move and she clearly missed some opportunities. The pictures we got are crappy as hell. I’m pissed. 😡 I did get a good look at the baby’s face in the 4D mode (the tech didn’t because she was stupid but whatever) and I think he looks like Andrew… 🙂

7. I had a doc appointment after the hour long ultrasound that produced nothing but extreme back pain… (I know. I’m bitter.) I weighed in and still haven’t really gained any weight. I thought he would say something but he didn’t. So strange. I guess I just keep on doing what I do and try not to gain and try not to lose. 🙄 It just doesn’t seem right, though…

8. I went on a Girl’s Day Out with about 15 other women last Sunday. We floated on tubes down the Maquoketa River. It was fun but it was extremely cold. I did fall out of my tube at one point and found it hard to get back on… Amy helped me but we are sitting there yelling at each other and I could not seem to get her to understand that the fat around my middle is not squishable anymore. It doesn’t MOVE! It’s hard and doesn’t allow me to put my thighs up on my chest like all of them could! 😆 What a hot mess we were! I was the only sober one of us all. Craziness. We are totally doing it again next year. In July. When it’s 100 degrees out. 😉

Well, I could keep going but I’m out of lunch break time. I will try to post again soon. The work project I am on is supposed to end next Tuesday so then I will have more time to like blog, do laundry, and bathe. Lucky you! 😉

Love ya!


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