Okay, bitches… and by “bitches” I mean NATE… I am checking in!


I have been a crazy workaholic hot mess of late and I am entering the last lap. I hope. They keep extending deadlines on us! 😆 But I think that’s over now and they really are going to finally end this program. While I love the overtime, I do NOT love the whole corporate politics blame game. Everyone is so frazzled and that whole “blaming people for shit” and not having your co-worker’s back thing is just not productive (or loyal) in any way whatsoever.

I love my job and I love where I work and I take pride in doing my job extremely well. I work my ass off above and beyond what is expected of me every single day. I help my co-workers and I am a leader on my team. Every.single.day. And it sucks when you know that you are not appreciated for that and not being treated like you are of value to the whole and that you are EXPENDABLE. Does that make sense? 🙄


I’m just bitching… 🙄

So I have mostly been just working and sleeping. Like I literally do NOTHING else. It’s ridiculous. BUT… I have been planning what I want to do with all the overtime I have been getting. Hell, they may fire me at any moment so I had better get all I can out of them! 😆

I already did my big order from Avon for item #1 on the list. It’s been a while and I needed… stuff… a girl has got to have her stuff. Know what I’m saying? 😉 So that is coming any day now… it will be my first shipment in my name sent to Andy’s house. 😯 Commitment much?

Next I need to order Scentsy products. Before everyone pipes in with “I know a girl…” and “my sister is a rep, order from her!”, I am ordering with a group of people on a fund raiser for suicide prevention so suck it. I don’t need your rep! 😆 One of Andy’s co-worker’s stepsons committed suicide a while back and she now holds fund raisers. This is one of them. And that’s cool because I needed to order stuff anyway and it helps a good cause.

Andrew and I are going to Rockford on the 22nd for the Level 2 Ultrasound (FINALLY! 😀 ) so I plan to make a Valle Produce run there and I also plan to get the sewing machine I want along with the fabric for the nursery curtains. I figure we can stop for paint and primer that day, too. Andrew is going to this straight from work so I hope he is up for shopping that day!

I need to pay some of my medical bills from that overtime money since my deductible was met from the last Rockford ultrasound. 😦 This baby sure is costing alot! Who woulda thunk, eh? Oh well. It will be worth it in the end. Right? Riiiiight.

I wanted to try to find a Chicago Bears shirt of some kind to wear on Football Sundays. Is anyone else as excited about football season as I am??? I am super stoked! (I know… who says “stoked” anymore anyway… 🙄 ) But I so AM! And the Bears look really good right now and I am at the beginning of the season so my hate for Cutler is low level currently…

I also decided that we must have a washer and dryer. used of course because I won’t have enough to buy new. If Andy had his way, he would hang clothes up over heating vents forever. He’s been doing it for a couple of years now… but I can’t do that, especially not with a baby. I need on site laundry facilities!

So I am currently looking for a used electric washer and dryer. I am sure Andy will bitch about how much the electric bill has gone up but I don’t care. i spend $20 every other week going to the laundry mat and that wastes about 5 hours of my life as well. If I have it all here then at least i can do other things at the same time…

If I have any money leftover, it will go towards the crib fund. I’m going to wait until the Christmas season to buy one in hopes that I can find either a good sale or a good coupon to use towards purchasing something I really want. i don’t really want to just settle for what i can afford. I would rather save up for what I want and I want a nice modern crib for my baby! 🙂

Overtime doesn’t come around in my workplace often at all and it has never come at such a soul crushing cost before. But I am grateful it has come around so I can do some of the things I wanted to do but felt too poor to do before. And it will go as fast as it came, so I need to take advantage while I can.

I do realize that you all have commented on previous posts. i do. I read all your comments. REALLY! But I just have not had time to approve them yet. I’m sorry but please be assured that I do read and value all the comments you leave me, even if I don’t know you! 😉

I have to wrap this up and go back to work. I will post again this weekend or on Monday because I have to attend this other fundraiser thing with Andy and all his co-workers are going to be there and I look like shit and I have nothing to wear and I am HUGE right now and I’m having a bit of anxiety as you can see about the whole situation…. Do or die right?

Anyway, only have a couple more days and I’m free again. Until then, you can find me huddled in my office surrounded by piles of semi organized paper, trash, coffee cups, and Pringles cans. That’s the work paradise mecca I live in 16 hours a day… :LOL:



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