Well, that wasn’t worth my emotional breakdown… Geez Louise!

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Are you TRYING to kill me?, Awkward, Hugh Hefner Happy!, I am an Emotional Trainwreck., Loving My Life! (so screw you!), My body hates me, WTF is WRONG with you people!

I am writing this REALLY late… I should be in bed! πŸ˜†

So I obviously survived the whole fundraiser event that I was freaking out internally over… πŸ™„ What a waste of my own superficial emotions… It ended up being pretty much a non-event. For those of you who remember when I was married to Tim (if anyone is still even around), this event was the OPPOSITE of any event I have ever been to. Very strange feeling for me. Really.

Now, Andrew is hardly a social butterfly. He barely speaks to anyone and isn’t exactly friendly with too many people at all. He hates small talk and you have to really DO small talk to get to know people initially. Anyway, so we go to this event and basically spoke to no one, except each other. πŸ˜†

No schmoozing. No random introductions from strangers. No abandonment. No talking to freaks who may turn out to be complete douchebags. Nope. None of that. That was the good part!

The bad part is that it felt kind of alienating. Andrew is used to that. He inflicts that kind of enviroment on himself. It doesn’t bother him. Me? I was kind of looking forward to meeting even just a couple of his co-workers. I mean, he doesn’t have any friends around here so co-workers are the closest he comes to that. Plus, it would be nice to see some people I slightly know if I have to go to the hospital all by myself when the time comes. Maybe that;s just my own selfishness coming out.

His work bestie left the scene without coming over to talk to us. The person hosting the event just said hi to us as we came in and I’m sure she was busy anyway. Some people I actually know myself were not in attendance when we were. After we ate, i got up to go to the bathroom and Andrew was waiting for me as soon as I came out of there and wanted to leave. So we did. πŸ™„

I don’t know. Do I care so much that I am heartbroken or anything? No. It’s not MY co-workers after all. My co-workers are nosy and would come up and introduce themselves. Hell, those girls would be falling over each other to get to us first! πŸ˜†

Oh well. It wasn’t a bust, but it wasn’t a super fun time either. We ended the night going to Walmart and Andy took my list and literally ran through the store getting everything on my list for me because I apparently dilly dally too damn much! It was kind of comical. Note to self: don’t take Andy when I really want to browse. He’s a party pooper. πŸ˜‰

So other than that weird instance, we had a great weekend together. I just realized that we are approaching our anniversary date and it seriously feels like he made that first move YESTERDAY! There is no way it feels like a year! And I really REALLY like that I feel that way. It’s been an amazing year and I am happier than I have ever been!

Oh! And Andy finally felt the baby move! Have I told you this already? Maybe I did. Anyway… I kept telling him he should be able to feel it since I can put my hand on my belly and feel it, even WITh the 2″ of fat on top. πŸ™„ He never could seem to feel it. Then, this past weekend, I rolled out to snuggle up next to him when he rolled over and my huge ass belly was on his back and he felt it! FINALLY!

I swear, this kid kicks and rolls and moves ALL THE TIME. Maybe I am just old and overly concerned and oversensitive but I just don’t remember all this activity in prior pregnancies. It can actually be very irritating after an hour or two of almost constant movement because I can’t sit however I want to when that happens. I have to lounge back or lay down and I don’t have time for that lately!

Which reminds me, they extended our deadline AGAIN on that work program. Luckily, we had already warned all of our clients that the deadline was coming so we are just finishing up paperwork for the most part. No more overtime for me… but that’s okay… I almost died last week when I worked 62 hours. I don’t think it’s the hours so much as the feeling like I am reading tax regulations for 12-15 hours a day, you know? Craziness…

Still looking for a washer and dryer. I have that ultrasound in Rockford Thursday and Chelsea is coming with… I put my scentsy order in, which that stuff is ridiculously overpriced! Still looking for a Bears “baseball” style jersey. Oh, and I took a baby bump picture in Nate’s favorite shirt so I will post that here. Facebook people probably already saw it.


So I need to go to bed now. I’m beat and 6am comes around real fast! Can’t wait for this weekend! We are going to eat and see TWO movies hopefully: Drive and Killer Elite! I’m really excited! All the good things in my life are going to be a part of this week in big ways! LOVE THIS!

Talk at you later! Love you all!



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