Well, I am wrapping up a pretty amazing weekend here on my end. Hope you all have had as great a weekend as me, too!

So, Andrew and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary this weekend. Yep. It’s been a whole year. Can you believe it? Time just FLIES by when you are extremely happy. It feels like yesterday when he first grabbed my hand on our walk in Clinton…

And what really amazes me is how the newness of him has not worn off. Do you get what I’m saying? You know how once you get used to someone, you get comfortable. You ease up on yourself and you feel this level of being able to relax and be comfortable. Usually. I don’t feel that way at all. And that’s not a bad thing, I don’t think…

I still feel excited. Every. Day. I am excited about seeing him and spending time with him. Every. Day. I am comfortable around him but not so comfortable that I feel I can just let go of myself. I still want to impress him and for him to take pride in me and to actively pursue him. Every. Day. I still want to love him as much as I can and make sure that he feels that love I have for him. Every. Day.

I’m not 100% sure about this since all my prior relationships have sucked but… I’m pretty sure that feeling all those things is a good thing. That it’s something really special since I do still feel that way. That these pure and genuine feelings are somehow unique to the way we love each other.

I know… I’m a total sap… that’s how the weekend has been. One big sappy love fest.

I kind of like life that way. šŸ˜€

Okay, so we did the Level 2 Ultrasound last Thursday. Most of you already know the outcome from my posts on FB and EP but… please say hello to the most precious little boy ever, Sean Christopher Warfield:

My Precious Little Boy

Isn’t he just adorable? I mean, considering that he is still in the womb, only weighs 1 pound 6 oz. and has virtually no fat stores yet… He’s cute, right? šŸ™‚

The ultrasound went great. Everything was there and normal. 4 Chamber heart with blood flowing correctly. He measured in the 50-60% range in size which is AVERAGE! We were very pleased and happy. The tech we got was a great tech and she wouldn’t let little Sean say no to pictures even though he tried repeatedly to hide. šŸ˜† I am so glad I had it done.

After the ultrasound, we had a consult with a perinatologist, which a specialist in high risk pregnancies. A doctor. We now refer to her as Dr. Death. The woman comes in and really truly acted like something was seriously wrong. She started asking about foot size in our family. She totally ignored Andy. She starts telling me how I am *extremely* high risk for a having a large large baby.

Now, when she said this to me, my mind flashed to the news stories a while back of this woman having a ginormous baby that was like 20 pounds at birth and looked like a 1 year old! It was either that or Dr. Death was somehow trying to tell me I was having a dwarf because the wide short feet. šŸ™„ Either way, I was on the verge of a panic attack…

Then she tells me I could have a baby as large as 9 1/2 pounds! šŸ˜Æ Really. *That* was her idea of ginormous apparently. She freaked me out over *that*? Pssshhh! Puh-leese. šŸ™„ I guess she didn’t read my chart very closely. I have pushed out 2 babies with NO DRUGS that were both close to 9 pounds. I’m not saying having another will be easy but I’m saying that a 9.5# baby will certainly be easier than the 25# baby I imagined and she was alluding to! Geez!

Then, she says that at my age, I could still lose the baby at any time. I am not in the clear. šŸ˜Æ Well, thanks for that, Dr. Death. Thanks alot.

In an abrupt bipolar shift, she suddenly at the end decides to try to cheer me up and ask if I am worried about anything. I’m like, Well, YEAH… DUH! She was all like, Well, why would you be? Everything looks fine! šŸ˜Æ Seriously?

So whatever. I am not going to listen to all that negative shit. She was some kind of freak. The ultrasound looked good. Everything measures good. I’ll start the insulin probably on Oct. 1st based on her recommendation and not look back anymore. She was really too much of a Debbie Downer to take seriously at this point.

Chelsea came with us to the ultrasound but she was late so she didn’t get to see everything. She called me when she woke up late. I told her she didn’t have to come up. As soon as I said that, she started bawling. I asked her what was wrong and she said she didn’t want to be there (her house).

So… I still told her to come to Rockford. She was there for Dr. Death. She went to the fabric store with us. She went to lunch with us. And then she went home. She’s just very stressed out and needed time away from her life. She looked horrible… messy hair, wrinkled clothes, breaking out everywhere, feeling run down, very pale…

It sucks because she is supporting everyone else and yet those people still bitch at her for stuff. But she does it to herself. She is going to need to put her foot down at some point and make those people help her out or at least pay for their own shit. Chelsea can’t support everyone and do everything on her own. But you can’t tell her that. She has to learn to stick up for herself and not let these people who are mooching off her tell her what to do. She’ll learn eventually. I hope. šŸ˜¦

Other less notable news that I should talk about but won’t because I want to watch a movie šŸ˜› :

1. Ex-evil-sister-in-law claims that my ex-stupidass-brother-in-law came to her about his mistress problems and wanted to get back together with her. I don’t believe it but I guess anything is possible. I hope he didn’t do that, though. I get that cheaters generally regret what they did and usually way too late to salvage anything but PLEASE DON’T REGRET DIVORCING THAT BITCH! Fucking stupid men.

2. More nonsense on the ex-BFF front but I’m just ignoring it all now. It really is just stupid gossip that people with little self control want to drag me into. I’m not falling for it. I have learned my lesson long ago. Do *NOT* get involved in bullshit like that. Ever. It will come back to haunt you even when you have done absolutely nothing wrong. No need for me to make that mistake again…

3. I hear that people are appreciating me at work behind my back. WTF is that about? šŸ™„

4. Big shake ups at work. Hope I can keep my J-O-B at the end of the day. It looks like it’s getting mess-ay!

5. Went and saw DRIVE and KILLER ELITE for our anniversary on Friday night. Reviews posted at EP in the movie forum for the EP geeks.

6. For those of you still wondering where Nate has been, he posted on Saturday morning on EP in his profile what’s up but let’s just say that his husband has recently been transferred to a very poshy location and Mr. Nate has been soaking up some freaky vibes looking for a new crib! We are very excited for him! Go read his post! šŸ˜€

Okay… so that’s it. I have got to go watch this netflix movie I have been sitting on for like 3 weeks. Hope everyone is doing okay. Tomorrow is Monday. Another day, another dollar!



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