…and that can only mean trouble, right?

Andrew and I bought appliances together. How is *that* for commitment? So three things happened with this. 1. I spent $200 more than I wanted to in about 20 minutes flat because the thought of buying a used washer and dryer creeped Andrew out. He won’t admit that but I’m sure that’s it. 2. Dryers don’t come with power cords? You have to buy that seperate? Are.you.shitting.me? 😯 3. When Andrew told his grandmother, she immediately said, “Oh good! Now you can get married!” 🙄 Yeah… I’m going to need something better than going halfsies (actually, my share is bigger than his!) on a washer and dryer to get married… 😉

Oooo Look at This!

The baby is moving around so much now that I can barely get comfortable but I freak out when he isn’t moving around. It’s really unnerving because if my other two kids had moved around this much, you would think I would remember it. But I don’t. This kid is going to come out of the womb on a dead run… really. It’s obnoxious movement. Maybe he’s just showing off now… 😆

I think I am in love with Jason Bateman and I have no idea why.


I watched the Fighter finally on Netflix Instant last night. I was worried about it being sad and depressing. It wasn’t. I love sports related movies. I love Marky Mark, too. 😉 I almost started crying even… but Andrew was sitting right there… and there’s no crying in boxing… I’m pretty sure of that one… I don’t care what “The Champ” movie portrayed… there is NO crying in boxing!


I have been crying all damn day today, though. 🙄 I must be in one of those pregnancy hormone fogs or something. I watched this week’s episode of Parenthood and cried. I watched this week’s Sons of Anarchy. I cried. I watched the first episode of X-Factor and CRIED! WTF!?!? Like a baby, I swear!

How do you keep plants alive inside your house if you don’t have anywhere that gets any direct sunlight? My basil is dying. Yes. Again. Smartasses. 😛

This morning I woke up and Andrew had cleaned every dish in the house AND made coffee so I could have some as soon as I woke up. I suspect that that was meant to be foreplay, no?

My little crafting sewing machine came in this week. And it works! Even with me running it! 😯 And I threaded it and put in the bobbin all by myself! And it still works! It’s a freaking miracle!!! I should play the lotto this week, huh?

I have gained like 5 pounds in the last month. Maybe even 6. I ate Taco Bell *AND* Subway today and haven’t weighed in. 😦 I feel like such a cow… but I am telling you… and I am totally NOT lying here… I eat and 2 hours later my stomach is literally grumbling with hunger. Audible grumbles… I can usually hold off eating anything for another hour or two before I start feeling nauseous but then I need to eat. It’s ridiculous. And the old diet girl tricks aren’t working… I’ve tried straight protein, more fiber, drinking tons of water… nothing helps this. I can wake up at 3am feeling like I have to puke and then eat a sandwich and be fine. I am sooo going to be a huge whale by the time I have this kid!

Ok. It's not a pregnant whale but close enough...

This no gaining weight thing is just bullshit. 😡

I finally found someplace to put ALL the things I need for this baby in one registry. I got sick of having to be limited by what Wal-mart carries and I didn’t want registries all over the place. This universal registry thing is perfect for me! Of course, I probably can’t afford all the crap in my registries but at least I can have a documentation of the items. It keeps me better organized in my head! 😉

How come the expensive Corned Beef Hash in a can tastes less good than the really cheap $1 Corned Beef Hash in a can at Sullivans?

I spent 3 hours on the phone with an IT guy today trying to fix my stupid printer. Not unusual except that whenever he spoke to me, he would leave like one word out of the sentence. So it was like a guessing game as to what he said all the time. I even pointed out that I was missing a word here and there and maybe our connection was bad. He was like, no… I do that sometimes. 😯 Really? Because it’s freaking ANNOYING!!!

damn you I.T.

Speaking of annoying… did anyone get that apology letter from the Netflix CEO last week? What an ass. 🙄 He could have kept getting my extra $6.00 a month for not giving me anything else extra for the next 6-12 months while he tries to launch Quikster but NOOOO! He is bound and determined to run this biz right down to the depths of hell by issuing a completely unnecessary email to “apologize” while still fucking us over at the same time. Way to tank your company there! You, my sir, are definitely WINNING in exactly that Charlie Sheen kind of way…


Went outside and encountered a very tame and non-chalant family of raccoons the other night. They were kind of creepy. Andy’s response was to buy a slingshot with ammo. This doesn’t sound like a good idea… Not sure who I am more scared of… the coons or the boyfriend armed with a slingshot…

Well, shit. He don't look that speaker!

Okay, I have carried on enough for tonight… Going to the doctor tomorrow. 😐 Hope it’s not too freaky for me since Dr.Death already has me in super paranoia mode. Wish me luck! 😉



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