Quickie blog post here…

Not much going on, yet so much going on. 😆

I am still putting the nursery together. I know. Shocker, eh?

I have just been too consumed and overwhelmed to get all the projects done that need to be done. I work at about half speed right now so everything is a long and exhausting task!

Boo hoo. Right?

So I wanted these two chairs in the baby’s room so we could BOTH sit in there if needed… like to talk and stuff when I’m nursing or whatever… Andy decided we didn’t need the second chair. I think he thinks it will crowd the room. I think it just makes it “cozy”. 🙄

So he left the other chair in the basement. 😐

I get it. I do. But now my vision is off kilter. So now I am contemplating how to get the damn chair up from the basement myself when he isn’t home just so I can have a looksie myself… I mean, maybe he’s right? But I won’t know unless I SEE it for my damn self… I guess I am hard headed like my ex said. :/

James and Tim went to visit Chelsea last weekend. Tim asked what was going on for Christmas. Chelsea is working Christmas Eve because she is addicted to money and like paying her rent and stuff… so annoying right? 🙄

So she tells Tim she will come to my house after work and sleep there and then spend Christmas morning with me and then she is free for him ALL DAY. We always have Christmas breakfast. Once the kids started growing up and going to boyfriend and girlfriend holiday gatherings, it just seemed easier to do breakfast than to coordinate schedules… It’s pretty much the same deal even now that we are divorced.

So she tells Tim this thinking it will make up for the fact that she is missing Christmas Eve church services at her Grandmother’s house. But it isn’t good enough. Tim tells her he is being put second…




I don’t even know what to say because the statement is just ridiculous. Period. My Christmas will be done by 11am at the latest. I’m sure my kids don’t want to sit at Tim’s and see all the gifts and interactions he has with his girlfriend’s children. James already has a jealousy issue there… let’s try to blow it up more? idiot. 🙄

And Chelsea just thinks this is all stupid. She’s the one who called me to tell me all of this. I didn’t pry it out of her or anything. She was telling me because she thought his statement was ridiculous as well. I told her I would step down and they could go stay at their dad’s and wake up there and she was just like… no. 😆 I think she thinks he is just being bitter and petty now and that he should just get over it. She’s probably right.

I’m not even putting a tree up at home this year. Last year, no one came and helped me. Well, okay… a drunk ex-girlfriend of James’ came and helped me… and I appreciated it… but she has quit being a party girl so I can’t even get her help this year! (Thank you, Kirstin! 🙂 ) It takes like 3-4 hours to get the ginormous tree assembled and decorated and that’s WITH help. I am 8 months preggo and can barely stand… the tree wasn’t happening without help. And both kids are refusing to help. So… no tree. 😦

I thought James would have a fit. I think he is disappointed but realizes that times are a changing and the big huge Christmas tree may be one of them. If he was willing to come help, I would do it… but it would take me ALL day all by myself!

This week is crazy and I am so darn unorganized. I took a day off so I could regroup but now that day has filled up as well. I have about 5 To Do lists in my purse notebook as it is… and none have been completed just yet.

One of the items on the list is to buy gifts for Andy. 😯 As most of you know, I suck at this and all of YOUR ideas have now sucked as well! I have no idea what to get him. It’s very frustrating and now even moreso because I need to actually SHOP since it’s too late for shipping on most items. 😡 Plus, I rarely go anywhere without Andy because I am so pathetic looking that he is worried I will hurt myself when I am out alone… 🙄

This is going to end up being very laborious… I can feel it…

Oh wait… that’s Andy’s unborn son… nevermind. 😉

I took a breast feeding class last night. My first one EVER! Too bad the presenter was so damn BORING! Her completely monotone voice almost put me to sleep! She had alot of good info but she stuck pretty rigidly to her training on the presentation and as a result was just reading from her memory what our booklets read. Maybe I am being too harsh, but as an educator myself in the past, I never would have done that… ever… it just isn’t a very personable way to conduct an education session… and I do know how to read… don’t need someone to do that for me.

The girl sitting next to me said she felt more confused than ever at the end. The nurse was trying to answer her questions but wasn’t answering very directly… 🙄 way to confused the scatter brained pregnant women… you win! 😆 I finally got frustrated on one question and just answered the girl myself on a nursing bra question… That nurse probably hates me now… I really do wonder sometimes how some of these women made it through such intense nursing classes.

Prenatal classes start in 2 weeks… as long as we don’t go into labor before then… and I make no promises. 👿 I will be 34 weeks on Friday and most women at that stage have babies that are just fine.

I am in such pain on a daily basis and I feel huge! I am running out of clothes that fit and that includes the few maternity clothes I bought. (Yes, I’m the fat ass that outgrew her maternity clothes. STFU. Dick.) 😛 I am in danger of wearing house slippers 24 hours a day because the swelling in my feet and ankles are making it very hard to wear any of my other shoes. My tummy indents the steering wheel of my truck. My vagina still hurts most of the time.

So I am VERY anxious to get this baby OUT! Besides, I could really use the 8 week maternity leave to screw my head back on straight! 😆 I feel so looney out of it right now! Plus, I need a good reason to not leave my bed for a week straight. Gosh, I love that bed… *sigh*

Maybe all the running I do tomorrow will get the ball rolling… 😆 On the agenda TO DO list for THURSDAY: pick up Honda from shop, get hair cut, color hair, buy and wrap all Landon’s gifts and get ready to mail, LAUNDRY!, Blood Sugar Chart needs to be completed, Dr Appt with non-stress test, email the diabetes educator, call and fight with the heater repair people, call and fight with the Rockford Memorial people, call and fight with James about how to get stuff done that I have no knowledge of, call my insurance agent, make a cute gift for the office party gift exchange, pick up a rental car, balance my checkbook so I can pay bills at midnight, shop for Andy’s Christmas gifts, and make 3 cards for my various bosses/coworkers for Friday…


So what ISN’T gonna get done on that list? 😆

Ugh! So sick of “prioritizing”!!! I need a vacation from MY LIFE! 😆

I’m outta here.


PS: I *will* get this nursery DONE! so expect a post with lots of pictures SOON. That’s a guarantee. No. Really. I’m guaranteeing it! (offer invalid if “guaranteeing” is deemed to not be a word.)


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