Okay, then.


I know it’s been a while… I have been running around trying to do so much and getting frustrated when I realize I have barely done anything…

Damn pregnancy! 😆

Okay. So I am just going to do a quick run down and maybe blog about a couple of items on the list…

(WHAAAT? I just told you! I’M TIRED! 😛 )

1. Baby shower was small but fun and intimate. I like how people who begged to come never even showed or sent me a message or anything! 🙄

2. Me saying “I’m not doing Christmas baskets this year” still resulted in me making 10 pints of bruschetta with a billion pieces of bruschetta bread, 2 pints of salsa, and 48 gourmet mini tea sandwiches… 🙄

3. Nipple cream for my breasts is $10!!! That’s a fucking crime on humanity, I swear.

4. I am never going to finish this damn nursery! Still have an extensive list of stuff to do! Yikes! 😕

5. Which is now going to lead me to bitch about: crib sheets. Does no one make WHITE crib sheets anymore? WTF? And why the hell is every baby section of every store in the BACK of the store? Are you purposely trying to make my fat ass lose weight? They should be ashamed…

6. My doctor wrote me a script for insulin but not one for syringes. So I can get insulin but can’t get it in my body… this seems like a basic thing, no? Also, I gained like 3 pounds in my third trimester and got a mini “reminder” talk about how much I am to gain. I lose 5 pounds in 3 weeks and no one says anything? Just doesn’t seem right… 😕

7. I feel like I am constantly in slow motion. Yesterday, I went to DeKalb and went to maybe 4 stores. It took me 6 hours and I was ready to collapse at the end of the day. seriously. 😐

8. My furnace had to have a $200 repair this last week. You know… a week and a half before Christmas. 😥

9. I still cannot get anyone to live in my house for free. Zach is there but looking for a job far away and now has a girlfriend in Dubuque so he will probably move that way. I offered it to my ex-brother in law… waiting to hear back still… *sigh*

10. In response to #9, James did a semi freak out again, saying he was pissed that he wouldn’t have a roof over his head. 😯 Uh… dude… you don’t LIVE HERE! 😯

11. Oh, and he gave me permission to now say stuff if I want… I am going to be a grandma in June/July. Yeah. My kid will have a nephew 6 months younger than him. 😆 It’s all weird. And crazy. And Chelsea is now mad because the chick is even younger than her. 😆

12. We did a Brady Bunch style picture for our Christmas cards at work. ONE of my co-workers was a complete jerk to me about it. Can you tell which one? I bet you can’t… because I am THAT gooooood…

13. Little “things” have been coming out about the childbirth process and the weeks prior to that for testing and such that NO ONE had told me about. 😕 And now I am scared! Butt swabs? Enemas? Huh? 😯

14. My dad is insisting on coming up for Christmas… even though no one is going to be around since Tim threw that fit a couple of weeks ago about being “second”. I hope he’s prepared for boredom! 😆 Because, really… I do practically nothing anymore. Once I sit in that damn recliner at Andy’s, I am OUT! Sleeping like a baby! That should be fun for him…

15. Still don’t have a tree up at home and now I feel bad about it but now I know it would take me 2 days to put up by myself so it’s no longer an option. Ugh! Makes me very frustrated! 😆

16. I got a new smartphone yesterday. It’s smarter than me and its holding my voicemails hostage. Please don’t leave me a voicemail. 😆 Just text me. Thank you for helping this old lady out. ;P

17. Wow. I’m up to #17! I always liked that number so I will end the breakdown on this one… hmmm…. oooo… Birthing bag. Do I really need one? I remember having one for James and barely taking anything out of it. Chelsea came so fast and we were let out of the hospital before 24 hours was even up so I don’t remember having ANYTHING for her. Do you know how much shit is on the “list” of stuff you should take? It’s madness!

Okay. Now, tomorrow… I will write a little more in depth on one or two of these topics. Message me, IM me, or comment here if there is one subject that just has you soooo intrigued that you MUST hear MORE! 😆 Then I can laugh at you. I need a good laugh. 😉

I’m joking! Sheesh! 🙄

I know I am procrastinating. I hate being this way. I am not normally this person. But Sean is hungry and chili is calling his name. With cheese. And onions. And cornbread. 😀

I think I understand the enema deal now… Ewwwww!!!!!!!!!!



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