Are ya waiting??? Still??? How bout now???

Posted: December 21, 2011 in Blogging to Blog, It is What it is., My body hates me, Stabbing People is Wrong., Wasted Efforts

Ha ha!

I don’t know what made ya’ll think I was going to stick to that whole “I’ll post tomorrow” bullshit when the title of that post was “Procrastinator Extraordinaire”…

Naive. You are just naive… πŸ™„

Let’s see… what shall I embellish on… hmmm…

Nate wanted to hear all the dish on the baby shower. Not much dish to spill. It was very cute and nice and just a small gathering, which I knew it would be because I didn’t send out very many invites… only about 20 total really… and I already knew half of those wouldn’t show.

What surprised me were the people who went out of their way to send me their address and sent me messages expressing how much they would love to come and then no RSVP, no message, nothing… what’s up with that? 😯

The cake was super cute but it was made for 26 people…

No worries, though. I took it home to Andy and he had it gone in like 2 days. I wanted him to take it to work for the co-workers who weren’t able to attend (which was all of them) but he apparently was NOT sharing! πŸ˜†

Anyway, I got lots of cute little outfits and toys and stuff but the best gift so far was the great gift from Andy’s two co-workers, Elaine and bestie Melissa. They gave me a portable play yard that I really wanted in case I need to have anyone else watch Sean. And it was wrapped in the most adorable way ever with little green baby blankets! πŸ™‚ I was bummed that I once again didn’t get a direct connection to any of his co-workers but I am so happy about the gift they gave! πŸ˜†

I am still short a few items that I absolutely MUST have but I’m sure that it’s no fun giving people stuff for their breasts… maybe I should have invited more men. πŸ˜† But my two Aunts on my dad’s side sent me money so I am going to use that towards getting what I need. Andrew’s Grandma sent us $50 for Christmas. I think. I haven’t seen the check so I have no idea what that is going for… what’s up with thaaaat? 😐

As I mentioned, no Christmas baskets this year. I have been paring down since I am poor… only essential gifts are being bought and given this year. Only my children, no one elses… well, except my nephew… BUT! I now had an added task of thanking the people who gave to me at my baby shower! Sooo… I eliminated Christmas baskets and added Thank You baskets. WTF? 😯

It’s alot of work for this fat pregnant lady! πŸ˜† At least most of the baskets aren’t real extensive… I wasn’t doing any until one of my shower hosts mentioned that he was WAITING for the basket this year…


What could I do? I had to make one! And then I needed to make Amy a larger gift for hosting and paying for the whole shebang…

And that’s how it ballooned and snowballed. I guess that’s why I am glad that the shower attendance wasn’t more… I would be screwed! πŸ˜†

I am making the Scalini’s Eggplant Parmigiana Saturday and giving a big portion to Rex. For those of you not in the “know”, LOOK HERE for info. I am under the gun here. Only 10 more days to try for this 2011 tax deduction! πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† Come on down!

No seriously… I only have 10 freaking days! 😯 Once the New Year hits, I have no tax deduction for 2011 and another $500 deductible… πŸ™„ That sucks! But I am 36 weeks preggers on Friday… enough baby incubating already! COME OUT, SEAN!

I really am just so flipping miserable. I can barely move and when I do, the safety of my movements is questionable. My right hip and left knee lock up ALL THE TIME and makes me virtually paralyzed. I have to get up 3-4 times a night to pee a tablespoon of urine. I am itchy all around my belly and back no matter how much I moisturize. It takes me FOREVER to do ANYTHING at all! All I want to do is sleep… in a jacuzzi… with Ryan Gosling…



Okay… so I didn’t bring my laptop charger… so I need to post this… so maybe it’s shorter than I wish… Oh well…

I’ll get back at ya… maybe… I’ll try… kind of…

Merry Christmas everyone! πŸ˜€


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