I am doing a drive by posting because it may take a couple of days before I feel well enough to do a full holiday round up posting… I spent half of the day or so yesterday in the hospital. Nothing is terribly wrong and they did finally send me home.

Nate will have the details of this posted on his EP page. He’s the only one I have talked to and I did give him permission to post about it since we have the same friends on EP (because he wants to BE me…. but we will save that obsession for another day 😉 )

Today, I am 36 weeks, 5 days. Here’s my 36 week picture:

I look as large as I feel these days… 🙄

I made the Scalini’s Eggplant Parmigiana. It didn’t work… 😦 I’m still pregnant… On the upside, the recipe was halfway decent and I will probably make it again someday…

I started taking insulin on Sunday night and now all my daytime numbers are high. Wtf is that about? My fasting numbers were like 105, which is slightly high but my 1 hour after meal numbers were like 120 (normal). Now, my fasting this morning was 71 (almost too low) and my 1 hours were 148 and 178 (both too high). I swear, they had better not be screwing me up… I haven’t been confident in any of the medical care I have received for the past month or so and if they screw this up, I am going to freak the hell out… 😡

Okay, so this is just a drive by posting for today. I hope my strength and sharpness of mind return in the next couple of days so I can post a better post and get the nursery done. I am just so weak and tired and in pain right now so thinking completely rationally is not really a capability I have right now… (Insert your smartass comment right here and then F OFF!)

Love you, guys!


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