I know, I know… I missed my traditional New Year’s posting…


Things just went a bit haywire here on my end and I am having a hell of a time trying to get back on track. Actually, I don’t think it’s going to get back on track until after baby Sean is born, but I am trying like hell… πŸ˜†

I know I glossed over the whole hospital visit in my last post and poor Nate didn’t have all the details either so let me explain a little… I went to the hospital because on Christmas Day I started to develop a headache. Nothing bad and I was really stressed that day as I had WAAAY more breakfast guests than I ever anticipated. And, my sinuses seemed a little dry from all the kooky weather.

I didn’t think much of it. It got better over the day. I started insulin shots that night before bed. I woke up at 3am with a splitting headache. Since I am pregnant, all I could take was acetaminophen. I took 1000 mg and got into a hot bubble bath and then crashed in bed and slept for a good 6 more hours. 😦

When I woke up, I still had a headache and my body ached. I took more acetaminophen. I couldn’t seem to shake it. I spent all day in bed off and on because it was better to sleep than to stay awake and endure the pain. My blood sugar numbers were all over the map despite eating the same as I had been. The baby didn’t seem to be moving as much.

I thought I was just being a whiner so I didn’t say anything to Andrew about it. I hate whiny ass people and I’ll be damned if I am going to turn into one! πŸ™„ So, I grinned and beared it and hoped for a better day the next day…

I was even worse the next day… In fact, the pain was so bad that I couldn’t keep my eyes open for long as the daylight was killing my head. And even just moving around was jarring the pain in my head. Like I said, I am not usually one to whine so when I do, it is actual pain… not the pussy pain that brings most men to their knees… Plus, baby Sean did not seem to be moving around much, and when he did, it was like slow motion movements…

Soooo… we decided at 3:30pm to call the doc’s office. They told us to go to Labor & Delivery and get checked out on the fetal monitor. We were supposed to have our final prenatal class that night. We figured we could go in and hopefully everything would be fine and we could get to the class downstairs by 6:30pm. Yeah… that didn’t happen…

We didn’t get out until 8:30pm. The baby seemed fine. He is just real laid back, and if I sit around resting, then he is going to rest quietly as well. (Hope he keeps that up once he’s here! πŸ˜‰ ) They gave me a Tylenol with Codeine so my headache would clear and it did… but they wouldn’t give me a script for it… and then sent me packing. 😦

Two days later, I went in for a doctor appt. (a day early but that’s another “Reneeisadumbass” story…) and they had problems getting baby Sean to wake up. It was 9:45am. He’s not a morning guy. πŸ˜† My doctor wasn’t in until 1pm so the nurse practitioner looked at the fetal monitor and immediately ordered an ultrasound. (YESSSS!!! SCORE!!! πŸ˜‰ )

I have been waiting for this ultrasound… all the specialists I have seen and every doctor except my current one had told me that after 30 weeks I would be closely monitored and given multiple ultrasounds. None of that has been true. My doctor never seems concerned about ANYTHING… EVER!!! It is maddening really… because I feel like I never know what’s going on! 😑

Anyway… so I had the ultrasound… it looked like all the things she was measuring were measuring a week or two ahead but she said there was a 2 week error margin so that may mean I am either right on target or even 2 weeks further! 😯 WTF?

And the estimated weight amount at 36 weeks 6 days with 3 weeks and one day left of growth estimated?


😯 😯 😯



You read THAT right.

When I spoke with my doctor about it, he seemed very unconcerned. Very. He was just like, “well, we won’t induce simply because of size. If we get worried about it, we will consult with someone in Rockford.” Grrrr! 😑


I do NOT want to GOOOO to Rockford! I want to have this baby safely in Freeport! And don’t be telling me you don’t induce for size! Women with Gestational Diabetes get induced at 38 weeks NATIONWIDE all day long! You have been telling me the entire time that I have Gestational Diabetes (even though I question all that) and now you are saying it just doesn’t matter??? Well, why the hell have we been “treating” it then? And who cares??? And I know several Freeport patients who were induced before their due dates! WTF???

I wish they would explain better. Really. I shouldn’t have to pull information out of my medical team bit by teeny bit. It’s so frustrating. But it’s also frustrating when the information they give me seems completely wrong or they try to tell me that I am wrong. I know my body, people… maybe you guys should be willing to admit that sometimes weird shit happens that you can’t explain! ever think of that one?

For example, I started insulin Christmas night. My blood sugars in the morning lowered a bit but the rest of the day my numbers were crazy out of whack. My diabetes educator said that must be coincidence because the type of insulin I was taking would not do that. I decided to stop taking the insulin 3 days ago… and what do you know? My sugar levels are all normal again! But, yeah, it’s just a fucking coincidence… πŸ™„

The same thing happened when I tried to tell my doc about my iron deficiency symptoms and he blew me off. I took matters into my own hands and that changed things dramatically for me… He also recently tried to tell me that the obnoxious sound buzzer on the fetal monitor would not cause contractions to last for more than a couple of hours… really? I guess I was faking all the uterine cramping for those 30 hours I had them, then. Because faking uterine cramping is so hip and fun. πŸ™„

Can you tell how OVER this I am starting to get? COME OUT, KID! πŸ˜†

Oh, and before I forget… I posted my 36 week picture but failed to mention that the shirt was courtesy of Mr. Nate Brown and his magnificent godlike husband Stephen. Thank you! It was a perfect gift for me! I love you both!

Speaking of Christmas, Andrew bought me such great gifts and all of mine to him were lame. 😦 Thanks alot, guys… you really helped me out this year… πŸ™„

No, Nathan… no ring… BUT he did get me a couple of cool movies, a $100 giftcard from Kohls, and…. a double electric breast pump… πŸ˜€ I KNOW! I am like the only person on earth who would be excited to get a breast pump! πŸ˜†

Look, he knew we were on the last leg, and I have this ongoing list of “crap I need to get before the shit hits the fan”. The breast pump was at the top of the list. And he knew it was important… so I was very happy to get it… I just hope it works okay and it lasts… Andy is good at buying on impulse but never does any research ahead of time. This pump does NOT have good reviews and breast pumps cannot be returned… for good reason. 😐

Overall, once I got done dealing with the kids and writing them checks πŸ™„ , I was pretty over Christmas and just wanted to sleep… Maybe because I was sick but also because the holidays in general just seemed exhausting this year. And that was AFTER I pared my usual efforts down! πŸ™„

I have been working since then on the nursery… constantly… and I can honestly say that I am ALMOST DONE! πŸ˜€ I could take pictures now BUT a. my camera broke and b. it’s not perfect yet. And I am one of those annoying perfectionists… so I won’t be doing my unveiling until it is done to my satisfaction. Andrew already posted a couple of pictures on his FB but I doubt that any of you are his friends… so you will have to wait! πŸ˜‰

I am still missing that second chair that I wanted for the nursery. There is just this empty hole there. It is driving me nuts. I keep secretly hoping that it will start driving Andy nuts too but I think I am dreaming on that one… I don’t think he notices the HUGE GAPING HOLE in the corner like I do! 😑

He also tried to half ass the movie poster art project I want to do and that he was so enthusiastic about. He wanted to do it the easy way because my way would be “too much work”. Well, yeah… because it would be done right… and it wouldn’t look like we did it for a junior high art project… duh… πŸ™„ I’m just saying!!!

I know… I shouldn’t be this anal… but I am. I can’t help it. For what it’s worth, I try like hell to be a perfectionist and fail at least 50% of the time so it’s not like it works out for me the way I want all the time… but hell, I am always willing to try for it… I just may not always achieve it… πŸ˜‰

Hmmm… what else? On the family front – Chelsea is still Chelsea. Sassy and pissy and stable. James is still acting like a little boy and needs to grow the fuck up so I can see my grandchild in the future. Pray for him. He needs it. My dad was all depressed during the holidays because he is fighting with and worried about my brother who seems to be undergoing his self awareness 30’s phase that at least 50% of us go through… like my brother is his only worthy family or something… πŸ™„

My ex-brother-in-law turned me down for free housing for 6 months because he would have to share the house with me and the current caretaker. Oh well, I tried… I am back to square one and just hoping and praying Zack doesn’t find a job far away for a couple of months at least or I am screwed… My next alternative is an open request on Facebook to see who I get… yikes… 😯

My ex-BFF has contacted me. She did not apologize for anything. Regular readers here and EP members know what that means so I won’t elaborate since I have done so in previous posts ad nauseum… just trying to find time to respond to her as I feel it would be rude not to respond. Andy thinks I am being stupid by responding at all but that’s his way of dealing with things.

Oh! There’s something I didn’t tell ya’ll… when I was in the hospital, one of ex-BFF’s children was there and found me up in Labor and Delivery in a Triage Room. Now, granted… someone else of authority obviously let him in… he didn’t know any better… but that is a big No-No on that floor… and Andy was extremely stressed out because I was in so much pain and couldn’t even carry on a full conversation with him…

Anyway, so they let the kid onto the ward and direct him to my triage room. He comes in and talks to me and sees if I am okay… I wasn’t sure yet if I was but I told him I was in hopes that he would make a quick exit. He didn’t. And when he didn’t, and then proceeded to ramble on and on and then could not shut his phone off quick enough, Andrew started talking in “Security Man” voice… πŸ˜† I don’t know how else to describe it! πŸ˜†

So he scared the bejesus out of the kid AND me when he started talking in a very very deep voice that was loud and obviously extremely pissed. YIKES! 😯 Andrew apologized to me but I understood. It was kind of a stressful situation to begin with and entertaining visitors was not on our agenda that evening…

So now, when I do go into real labor, I am basically going to be in the “witness protection program”, FHN style. He has spoken with several people about the incident and has been assured that it will not happen again… at least not with me… and how I will be listed when I am finally admitted will be super secret confidential like… I wish I could make up a super secret spy name, though… that would make it so much funner… πŸ˜†

Okay, I have now rambled all damn night… I need to get a few things together before I return to work tomorrow…

Yeah… you heard me right… I am super duper enormously pregnant and still going to work… Need that paycheck, baby!!! πŸ˜‰

Love ya! Hopefully the next post is either of a BABY or at the least a baby ROOM!



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