Posted: February 26, 2012 in Boys Suck!, Patience is a Virtue, Sucking It Up, Wasted Efforts

(Let me preface this post with this: I love Andrew. I *LOVE* ANDREW! The fact that I am still here with him and he is not dead and chopped into pieces and buried in our backyard is testament to my love for him…)


1. I AM NOT STUPID! Everything we do with baby Sean is currently being “run by” any and every woman at the hospital now that Andrew has started working again. UGH! I am NOT some stupid idiot. I know that it has been a long while since I did this but I’ve done it twice and both those children are still alive so they survived my parenting… Oh, and I do know how to use the internet as well… 🙄

2. In the next few years, you WILL have every kind of poo and puke and other various body fluids touch your body and they WON’T be YOUR OWN fluids!!! Andy seems to not understand this and goes to extreme lengths to insure these things don’t come into contact with any part of himself… 🙄 It would be comical actually but he is DEAD serious… *sigh*

3. YES! I AM THE MORE CAREFREE PARENT! I can’t help it. Get used to it… I just have way less hang ups about what is important in child rearing since I’ve already done it. Remember that old saying about picking your battles? Yeah… that’s kind of my parenting mantra… some things just aren’t worth my time… and if you don’t realize this now and accept it, you are really going to become extremely and irrationally irritated with me… soon. 😦

4. COULD YOU OFFER TO HELP PAY SOME OF THE MEDICAL BILLS??? I mean… fuck me! I only owe like $2500… sure… I can do that by myself… even though I only make $2000 more a year than you and my benefits cost 5 times more than yours and my living expenses are double yours… sure… let me just take care of this too… like I got pregnant ALL.BY.MYSELF!!! 😡

5. Would it really kill you to just acknowledge James when he comes around? I know, I know… he’s not exactly a model son and he is extremely selfish and self-centered… but he’s still my son. So when our son is 23 and is acting in some sort of awful way, I don’t plan on disowning him… just like I am not disowning James… so would it kill you to just say Hello when he stops in every once in a while? Jeez Louise!!! 🙄

I am sure there are more items to add to this list but right now I am feeling guilty about even having this list so I am drawing a blank! 😆




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