I do read the comments you all leave on my blog BUT I get so many that are spam here that I don’t approve all my comments for publishing anymore. If you are an EP user, then comments on the mirrored blog are published…

Anyway… let me just take a minute to answer some of the most asked questions from previous blog posts…


Ha! Well, as far as I know, he is alive still and really enjoying his new life in Greece… and he did the unthinkable… he got a J-O-B! 😯 I KNOW? Who woulda thunk? 😆 So he has not been around much of late and possibly won’t be for a while. He still pops in to EP periodically and still talks to me in comments using 14 different languages. 🙄 He is NOT dead, though… I’m pretty sure Nate started that rumor HIMSELF…

okay. I know I am being a freak. I can’t help it. I worry now about EVERYTHING… Of course, I understand that whole concept of not being able to change destiny and fate and blah blah blah. I saw Final Destination, yo! 🙄 Thanks for trying to ease my mind, though. You are all RIGHT! (Better mark your calendars! 😉 )

I was *NOT* trying to get all of YOU to compliment me. REALLY! 😆 (Nate is going to call me a liar on this one…) But is it really such a bad thing to want the man in your life to acknowledge that after seeing you covered in spit up, breast milk, and pee stains for the last month that you look nice for a couple of freaking hours??? I mean, COME ON!!! 😡 (Thanks for the compliments, though… you guys rock! 😀 )

4. “He really has done all the laundry? For 2 months?”
YES. Yes, he has. Be jealous.

Thanks for everyone’s support and kind words regarding James, especially Brenda. I do realize that his bipolar plays a role in his behavioral shortcomings. However, at some point, he needs to take responsibility for himself… bipolar and all. You can’t be all like “oh, I killed that dude but you should let me go because I was haviung a bipolar episode and he pissed me off”. That is NOT how the world works. He is grown enough now. He needs to take responsibnility for himself… now… because in a few months he will now be responsible for teaching this to his own child…

And, to Andy’s credit, he does not treat James any differently than he treats Chelsea… it’s just that Chelsea doesn’t seem to mind and kind of “gets” his behavior. In fact, today she came by for a quick lunch… Andy stayed in his office but came to the table to eat something… I don’t think he said much of anything the whole time she was here… she didn’t seem to care at all… I think she thinks its awkward sometimes but the more she hangs out here, the more comfortable she feels…

I still wish Andy would step up and be a little more personable and inviting for both of my kids… 😦

I loved hearing everyone’s different stories on conflicting parenting styles. You all are hilarious in your approaches! Now I can see why we are friends! 😉 But, for real, I myself am the one who sees the humor in all this. I doubt very much that Andy thinks this is humorous… He’s just not that type… he’s more critical in his thinking than that. I’m okay with that because I am secure in who I am as a parent. I am hoping Andy will learn a couple of key life lessons that kids make you learn so he can quit being so uptight.

Oh… and before you ask… the key life lessons he may need to learn? Patience, open mindedness, and forgiveness. I think Andy could be in for a rude awakening as Sean grows older.

Thank you, Sierra, for helping me decipher several diagnosis codes on my bills. I was able to cut that bill by $200! Key lesson here is to watch your bills because they will double bill you for crap! Sneaky little fuckers… 😡 And, no, this still has not been discussed with Andy… it’s just too awkward… I really can’t believe he hasn’t offered or said anything at all about helping me with this… 🙄

8. Yes. That motherfucking camping chair still exists.
I currently have a swing in it’s place but once I start back to work that stupid chair will be there again. *sigh* 🙄


So there ya go… Forward and Onward now…. 😛



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