True story…

Last week, I bumped into my old high school bestie at the local grocery store. I didn’t even recognize her. I usually don’t. I rarely pay attention to people around me when I am out and about… just habit from my separation days when my ex-husband was causing such a ruckus that people followed me around the grocery store to tell me what a piece of shit I was for divorcing the most amazing husband on earth. πŸ™„ No, really. People did that… 😐

Anyway, so we stop and talk and say like 2 things to each other and thennnn…. nothing… just an awkward silence until she excused herself to the checkout lane. It was very awkward and strange. This girl was with me all during high school. Her parents were like my parents… we knew everything about each other… we spent pretty much all of our free time together… and 25 years later we have absolutely nothing to say to each other? UGH!

Okay, so that was just weird… I am so bad at small talk, especially if I don’t know someone. It’s like I was talking to a stranger! I need to fix this… I have no idea where my small talk gene went to… Andy hid it where he hid his apparently… πŸ™„

Lesson learned: I need to learn how to small talk better! Geez Louise!

True story #2…

Good old Susie (remember Susie back in the Myspace days, gang?)… she recently told me that she saw another old bestie of mine’s mom at the grocery store. Apparently, the former bestie is pregnant and her mom is very ecstatic but scared for her 42 year old daughter. Since I am old and just had a baby 😯 , Susie gave her my name and email address, which is fine…

Except I was instrumental in ruining this ex-bestie’s high school years… in a way… kinda… well, I mean… she slept with ALLL of our group’s boyfriends… so we somewhat banned her from being part of the group and then she had no one… so she dug her own grave but she fucked my boyfriend first! so I was the band leader… 😑

So I ditched the friend and married the cheating ass boyfriend… now who is the smart one? πŸ™„

Okay, okay… I’m still the smart one… she was dumb as a box of rocks… πŸ˜€

Lesson learned: even the stupid ones eventually reproduce… *sigh*

True Story #3

I finally wrote that response letter to my ex-BFF. I just called a truce and told her I wanted to just let it all go. I have no desire to keep things between us bitter and uncomfortable… it’s pointless. Really.

Hell, the major damage has been done and that won’t ever be erased now. The apology I wanted… I never got it and I never will. The major life events I wished to share with her… she let them slip right on by. My ability to 100% trust any of my friends ever again, gone and not ever coming back… (no offense) 😦

Continuing to be bitter and hurt was just nonsense. I needed to let that go so I could concentrate on my new priorities in life: my children, my future husband, and my inner soul. I feel good about it… πŸ™‚

Lesson learned: Let It Be.


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