Okay, I know I haven’t posted so this is a completely random, free flowing thought post…

I started back to work on Thursday because none of my friends won the lottery. THANKS ALOT! 😡

Never before in my life have I hated working so much. I have always worked. Since I was 14. And I have been a bread winner in my family for 20 years now. So I have *HAD* to work so we all had clothes and food and a roof over our heads… pesky crap like that… 🙄

I never minded it much. I am a much better bread winner than I am a housewife… shocker… 😆 But now, all of a sudden, I don’t wanna work! 😥

I want to lay around and stare at my amazing baby boy all day… and cook… and take care of my fiance by doing the dishes… only the dishes… he still has to do the laundry 😆


Yes, he is still doing all the laundry. 😀

Today I treated myself to Taco Bell. I have to treat myself because Andy doesn’t believe in fast food or something. He could care less if I am starving to death and haven’t eaten all damn day, he wants me to eat at home because the food is better and cheaper. True. BUT… sometimes this fat chick just wants a freaking shitty taco!

Okay, so anyway… I went to Taco Bell and got the Big Box Meal. The box meal currently contains one of those Dorito Loco taco thingies. Now on all the marketing things I’ve seen, it shows the taco coming out of a Dorito bag… So I’m thinking… Taco in a bag! Hell yeah! Right?

No. 😐

It does NOT come in a bag. I cannot smash the whole thing up and eat it with a spork. Nope. They found a way to screw up a sure thing. It does not even taste like the super yummy taco in a bag! WTF? Figures. 😐

So, when I got pregnant, I was 15 pounds more than what I was when I started officially dating Andrew. It was that “happy 15” which is pretty similar to the “freshman 15” only without the homework… So, anyway, I gained about 20 pounds during my pregnancy. So, add that up, smarty pants. 😛

I currently only need to lose about 5 pounds and I will be the same weight I was when I started dating Andrew. Cool, right? No. Not cool. I am way more jiggly. WTF is that about? It sucks! Everything below my collarbone and above my hips is just icky loose. I look horrible!

STFU 😛 <<<< That was for all you jack offs that are thinking, “go exercise, whiner!” I’m not stooopid. 🙄



Okay… this was a quick post but I am on a breast pumping schedule still… still… yeah, that’s getting old… but hey… I lost 30 pounds in 2 months! 😉 So I’ll be a slave to that as long as I keep losing…




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