Sorry, guys.

I have been feeling so blaaaah lately. Not sure what’s up with that. Hope it’s not a serious depressive thing I’m coming down with. 😦

I just really don’t feel like doing anything.

Or thinking about anything.

Or… anything.


I literally did nothing today. I sat around and did nothing.


I hate being this way.


So I have posted a little over at EP but not much. Nate still hasn’t been around. Bummer. 😦

I’ve stopped losing weight because I keep eating sweets which is so not me. Seriously. I am not a sweets eater at all. I know I’m a fat chick but I got fat eating fried southern style foods, not sweets. Still, I find myself eating ice cream and jelly beans and frosting out of the can. 😯 Yeah… I know… 😦

Work has been grade A sucky. I absolutely love my job, but corporate management has really been very demoralizing lately. They want you to work your ass off but want to beat you down at the same time. It’s strange because I have never felt so down about it as I do right now. I hate that I am so loyal and feel so strongly about the work that I do but work for people who act like I am nobody and treat me with such disrespect. 😑


The baby has started smiling and laughing finally but he has also been pretty fussy in between. He’s drooling alot and one of the other girls that had a baby the same day as me said her baby is doing the same and her doctor said that maybe she was teething. 😐 Great… that will be fun if he’s an early teether and I can’t seem to get my head on straight.

Oh, I didn’t win the fucking Mega-millions. Dammit. πŸ˜₯

i have been trying to move shit out of my house slowly. Emphasis on S-L-O-W-L-Y… It makes me sick to see all the shit that needs to be done on the place… most of it is small and cosmetic but it’s such a pain in the ass and I don’t want to fix anything as long as those boys are there. It would be useless to do that. They just keep breaking shit… so frustrating…

But they do look after my dog, whom I miss terribly… especially lately… πŸ˜₯ Kiana is not a lovey dovey dog like Petey and she still kind of hates me. And lately she has been irritating me… and maybe that’s just me being irritable. But she drives me nuts. I feel like she is purposely walking in front of me sometimes. And she spazzes out alot around me, getting too rambunctious and “accidentally” stepping on my feet or running me over trying to beat me somewhere. She paces around alot when the baby is fussy and her nails clack all over the damn floor which keeps the baby up even longer…


I’m just bitching. To bitch. I know I am being such a Debbie Downer. I wish the sun would finally come out for good so I could sit on the porch. It’s been cloudy lately. I need sunshine. And happiness. And some general tender loving care, I think. I feel run down and I haven’t even done anything! How pathetic am I being?

Alot. Alot alot.


That was my Nate impression. 😐

Nate: if you see this, please call me… I need someone to kick me in the ass please. Thank you. 😦




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