Not sure what to write about so this will just be a rambling post… It’s pouring down rain here right now so I will be lucky to even be able to upload this post. 😐

So my ex-BFF came to visit me this last week… 😯


And… she apologized… 😯


I’m still going to be cautious so no need to tell me to do that. I know. I know that if she could turn on me so swiftly and not speak to me for over a year that she could do it again. I know. I don’t need a warning.

I do think she was sincere. But I also know that her apology came at a time when she was feeling very lonely and betrayed by some other friend. She feels this was karma. I don’t know what it was since I didn’t ask questions… but I appreciated the sincere apology.

As I said, I will take this new step with much trepidation and be very careful. I will NOT allow my heart to be broken again. After many years of stupidity in my marriage, I know that it’s okay to forgive someone but I should never forget and I will be the only one to blame if it happens again.

I know if I had listened to Andrew, I would not have ever heard that apology. He has had some really heartbreaking things happen to him and he is not someone who will easily forgive anyone. Ever. He doesn’t believe in that. If someone fucks him over, they are dead to him. I think he was extremely surprised by this outcome.

Speaking of my fiance… he was a witch hunter this last week.

That’s why we were desperately seeking babysitters this last week. He was busy filming a short film with some people he knows through work. Luckily, the filmmaker’s wife is a pediatric nurse at the hospital and was willing to watch Sean while I worked and Andrew filmed…

I’m really hoping they can complete the film and enter it into a film festival because i think that would mean Andrew can get his own IMDB profile page like the filmmaker. I think Andrew would really like that. I don’t know if Andrew is very confident in the acting skills of his co-stars but I think he’s still pretty excited about it, which I love about him. πŸ™‚

So did everyone do their taxes? Well, I did. 😦 And because James made $259 more than the limit, I could not claim him on my taxes and I ended up owing $724. 😯

Seriously… NO ONE can support themselves on $3900 for a whole year. OBVIOUSLY, someone was helping to provide for him… that sucks alotta ass. I had to use the funds I had saved to help pay for my $2800 in medical bills to pay that…

I am hoping that since Andrew works at the hospital that they will kindly accept payments and not charge any interest. If not, i am going to flip out because I am almost out of savings entirely.

I have been slowly trying to sell some items but it’s piecemeal crap and the money doesn’t stick around for long. It has helped me to have some savings for the medical bills, though, but not nearly enough to pay them off. 😦 😦 😦 Depressing.

We got a flyer for Andrew’s class reunion this week. Luckily, he isn’t big on going to those things. Not that I would mind… in fact, I wish he would be into those things because unlike him, I am curious about some of those people and I do want toΒ  catch up with them…

BUT… my ex-husband also graduated with that class…

So… since I know Andrew won’t want to go, I am going to contact one of the organizers that talks to Tim on a regular basis and just let them know that Andrew and I won’t be attending so that Tim can go. He likes those things and one of his friends is hosting the picnic.

Unfortunately, after almost 4 years, Tim is still quite bitter and generally won’t go anywhere if he thinks I might be there. So since I am NOT bitter and freaky about the whole situation, I will have to be the one to clear the path…

And that’s fine. It’s his class, not mine. I just hope he doesn’t go there and tell vicious lies about me and what went down in our marriage like he did for the first 2 years after we split up.

Eh… on second thought, I don’t really give a fuck… πŸ˜† I have spoken to a couple of the people who are in his class that are or were my friends and they all know my truth of the situation… I will just have to trust that they will be able to see what parts of his stories are too grand to be true… For everyone else that hasn’t asked me about that already or spoken with me, I could care less. πŸ˜›

Maybe that’s wrong of me… πŸ˜† Oh well.

Chelsea and I decided to take our vacations together this year. We are going to try to clean as much stuff out of the house that week as possible. I love that when I suggested it that she was all on board for doing it. How many teenagers do you know that want to spend their free week off moving their mom? Not my son. πŸ˜†

I did find out from James that he had removed some items from my attic for his father without telling me. WTF? I mean, it was stuff I would have been okay with giving him. It was his stuff and I didn’t want it, but really? You are both just going to go behind my back and do shit like that? Really?

This is why I need to get my stuff out of there. I no longer feel safe with it all being there. Anyone can just decide without asking me to take things out. It’s bullshit.

I was at Walmart today, trying to get a battery for the watch James and Monica gave me 5 years ago… I’m hoping that’s all that’s wrong with it… but I may never know because I stood at the jewelry counter for like 15 minutes and NO ONE came over! I mean, it’s the busiest day of the week for Walmart and they couldn’t man the jewelry counter? Come on!

So while I was sitting there waiting, I ogled the bridal rings… and then I realized that they have a 6 month layaway plan. So why in the hell don’t I have a ring? πŸ˜† I mean, I know he shops ONLY at Walmart so I was letting him off the hook but now I KNOW! I KNOW THEY HAVE LAYAWAY! πŸ˜†

Ok, I have to go to bed. Baby Sean will be up before I know it!



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