I’m now officially an Oldie but a Goodie!

Posted: May 2, 2012 in It's kinda like winning the lotto - without money..., Super duper happy!, You can't pick your family

Meet my new grandson, Paxton James, born today at 5:47pm weighing a mere 2 pounds 14 ounces!

I am now officially a “grandma”! 😀

And I really cannot believe how emotional I am about it. I’ve been kind of weepy all night! Not in a bad way either… It feels really special right now and I haven’t even seen the little guy in person yet! 😀 I am really excited to be able to get to go see him in the NICU this weekend!

He was premature by 10 weeks so he will be staying in the hospital until he gains weight. But he’s breathing on his own and he’s got strong vitals all around. The baby momma is doing fine now after a few days of drama since her water broke a few days ago and she had to be transported by ambulance to a university hospital… but it’s all good.

James was still apprehensive about knowing for sure that it’s his. He has to make that declaration before the birth certificate can be finalized with his name on it. The baby momma is not the run around sort and he is sure she is being truthful. She has a great family and was raised pretty good. He could have done way worse for sure. He just is worried about that 1% chance he is wrong. I just told him that he needs to trust his heart, and if his heart says she is telling the truth, then he needs to quit tormenting himself and make a decision on what to do and stick to it. I think he’ll sign the Affidavit of Paternity. If he still has doubts later, then he can pay for genetic testing and set his mind at ease. It could cause him more legal troubles later I suppose but that’s only if it isn’t his and I think that’s a very slim chance.

I told him to just enjoy his new daddy status and get to know his son. Babies are really no fun as newborns. They sleep and eat mostly so that doesn’t seem real fun, but I think if anyone looks at my fiance they could learn a thing or two about being a very involved baby daddy. I hope James doesn’t just become one of those lazy good for nothing baby daddies. I really do. 😦

Because I am super excited about this and I don’t want him ruining my chances to see my grandson regularly, Dammit!


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