My Angelcare saved my son’s life this morning.

Posted: June 9, 2012 in It's kinda like winning the lotto - without money..., Useful Shit, You owe me big time!

I shit you not… THIS baby monitor saved my precious fatty bundle of joy this morning!

At about 5am, the monitor went off and was beeping. I was groggy, and just as soon as I realized that it was probably the monitor going off and not an alarm clock, it stopped beeping. I laid in bed and listened…

It has a subdued “ticker” type sound that ticks with the movement in the crib. You can only hear it if you turn the monitor all the way up. It ticks to the beat of the breaths your baby takes. Well, okay… it’s not like really tracking his breathing but more like the rhythm of his breathing… and if it doesn’t detect any movement for 15 seconds it beeps once and then gives another 5 seconds and then starts beeping like crazy.

So I am listening really intently and hearing it tick. I slowly get up and look at the face of the monitor. It has a pendulum swinging, which means it is detecting movement in the crib (aka breathing).

Whew! Maybe I was dreaming? Could that be? Everything looked and sounded fine to me…

So I laid back down, keeping a cautious ear out, because I just could not figure out if the beeping was really from the monitor or if I was dreaming about it going off…

At almost 5:30am, that little monitor beeped ONCE and I jumped out of bed and burst into the baby’s room. There I found my precious baby boy with both legs between the slats of his crib (so much for all those new fangled safety standards there 🙄 ) and his blanket pulled up and around his head!

I immediately whipped the blanket up off of him, which startled him and he started screaming (which obviously means he started breathing again)… so then I tried to pick him up, which is when I realized his legs were caught. I had to really work him loose and then just collapsed on the floor of the nursery, with him in my arms, my heart racing, and crying right along with the poor kid… 😥

I have always said that the baby monitor was the best thing I got at my baby shower. Now I have absolute proof! It wasn’t just because Chelsea gave it to me from her hard earned cash and it was really beyond her budget. It’s also because this monitor works! It really does save lives!

I am not normally someone who just sings praises from the rooftops regarding products I try but I will forever recommend this baby monitor. It doesn’t have a fancy video thing (although I think they have a model that does) and I know it is a little more pricey than your standard baby monitor, but it is sooooo worth it.

As a side note, this morning is when I finally fully realized that Sean is the absolute best thing in my life right now. I’m not trying to minimize Andy (I still love him, too!), but Sean is truly Heaven sent for me at this time in my life. I would be devastated beyond belief if I lost him. Truly. He makes every day I have on earth good, despite all the assholes I have to deal with… one smile from my little guy makes all the negativity go away. I need him as much as he needs me…

If you are a mommy, or know someone who will be, go get this. Now. Please.


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