Thanking ya!

Posted: July 23, 2012 in I Suck at Life, Insanity is my Defense, You can't pick your family

Hey ya’ll. Just wanted to pop in and say THANK YOU! As usual, you all are much more sane and rational than I will ever be…

You are ALL right… even Naters 😛

We live in a world of so many untraditional families these days. After hearing all your stories about your own families, I don’t feel too bad anymore. No family survives without dysfunction seeping in somewhere, I guess… 😐

That said, I still feel the need to not take this lying down. 🙂

I will still try to show Andrew and Sean every single day how much they mean to me and that we are a family through and through and that I will always have their backs.


I’m still going to go out of my way to be the family member I want others to be and hope some of it rubs off on some of them. 👿 What the heck, right? I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. And I would rather lead Sean by example.

Talk is cheap. You can say all day long that you are a good mother/father/brother/sister, but if your actions don’t show it, then it all just means nothing at all. So I intend to show it. Because that’s who I am. And I should be genuinely me. They can talk about me later. 😆

So, thank you. For the emails, and the comments, and the messages. I so appreciate that I can get decent feedback that isn’t super insane or ego driven. Well, except for Nate, but you know what I mean. 🙄 (Love you, Naters!)

In other news, I am still moving out of my house… but the clock is ticking because I have a renter finally. And they are willing to keep my poor Petey. Yay!

I was able to reach James who acted all surprised that I was moving out and renting the house. 😯 Yeah. I know. I’ve told him how many times? I offered him the house how many times? Then he tried to act like he wanted it. Too late, honey!

I love the kid and I would do anything for my grandson but James dropped the ball on this one. He admitted that he wanted me to offer it for free but I doubt he would have taken it even then. He just would have led me on. Time for him to grow up and start paying his own way. I’m no longer available to take for granted… Tough love. Gotta do it…

Chelsea is taking 2 classes this summer. So proud of her but I have never heard someone complain about entry level Humanities and Philosophy so much! Geez Louise! These are supposed to be EASY classes… 🙄 I think she freaks herself out and makes them way harder than they need to be. The semester is almost done, though. Then it’s on to Anatomy and Physiology. 😯 She doesn’t know what hard is until she gets to this next class! 😆

Sean is going through a growth spurt and is onery as hell. But he is so precious! Maybe it’s because I’m older now, because I don’t remember feeling this way with my other children, but I cannot STAND it if I don’t get to put him to bed. Last night, I moved stuff and had a sitter and Andrew care for him and put him to bed and I was so upset that I didn’t get to see him before he went to bed!

Wedding planning is commencing… slowly… its so hard to do all of it when I have a million other things to do at my house. Next weekend is the deadline for getting out of there, though. Do or die. And then I will spend a month freaking out about how much is undone with the wedding… Grrrr! Prepare for major meltdowns there!

Okay, well, this was just a quickie. I am off to cut flags for bunting for the reception. Joy. Fun. Ugh! I am so far behind! 😆



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