I KNOW!!!!!!!!

I have been M.I.A.

I feel horrible. I have just been so caught up that I have forgot to post here. I posted in EP a couple of times but forgot to post here! 😆

So, I’m just updating I guess…

I have less than a month left and I am in fact FAH-REAKING out! I have been franticly trying to complete one project after another. I am so sick of shopping! No. Like really. I *hate* shopping! 😡

Here are the projects I have completed just in the last 2 weeks:

1. Handwrapped and tied 100 napkins
2. Made 25 little coloring books
3. Made 25 kiddie favor bags complete with custom labels and ties
4. Arranged 2 bouquets and wrapped. (They are a hot mess 🙄 )
5. Hand cut another 400 bunting flags (in addition to the 600 I already have 😯 )
6. Made custom folded table favors for 100.
7. Cut and arranged 12 floral centerpices.
8. Labeled 100 packages of gum.
9. Made *from scratch* 26 chalkboard signs and labeled them.
10. Wrapped and hand tied 25 sticker activity packs for kids.
11. Custom printed 100 placemats, which didn’t fit in the damn printer so then I had to hand IRON the suckers!

I also had to shop for:

1. Easels for chalkboard signs
2. Light Blue paperclips (so frustrating!)
3. Wedding shoes (a complete nightmare trip into David’s Bridal… 🙄 )
4. An entire suit for James
5. Shoes for Chelsea
6. Various items for the kid favor bags
7. Bowls and servings dishes
8. Dessert plate servers
9. Beverage Dispensers
10. Dance floor lighting
11. Flowers, flowers, and more stupid flowers
12. Underwear that sucks all my post pregnancy fat roll into oblivion
13. All sorts of paper and labels for all this crap we have
14. Plain white chalk. (How hard could that be, right? 🙄 Don’t even ask…)
15. 100 white paper place mats (not 6 and not 1000, which is generally all they sell these in… *sigh*)

I’m sure there is more and I’m forgetting stuff, but seriously… isn’t that enough? I’m so exhausted that I’m not even all that excited to be getting married! 😦

Andy has been putting together music for the reception so we can avoid the cost of the DJ. When I finally decided to peek in on him and make a couple of suggestions, he got all “exasperated” (his word) with me. I finally just decided… you know what? Do your thing. I am going to butt the hell out. Do whatever you would like. Please. Like I need another thing to do…


I still haven’t talked to my BFF Joanne. I guess she’s not really my BFF anymore. 😦 I just don’t have the patience to deal with crazy right now. And the finality of what went down fell in her lap. She told me I wasn’t welcome in her home. I was like crying and telling her not to do that and that I didn’t deserve it. She didn’t care. She just dropped me. Boom. Done.

I mean, she of all people should know without a doubt that when you tell me I am not welcome in your house anymore that I take that very seriously and you will have to invite me back to get me back. It’s like the one thing you don’t say if you want me to be the one to apologize or break the silence. That’s what happened with Deann and I didn’t talk to her for over a year. So duh.

But at this point, I have so much going on that I just can’t worry about that. She obviously is not worried about it herself and I really think it is selfish of her to “break up” with me at such a stressful time in my life. Friends can fight. That’s okay. But there are certain things you just don’t say if you respect your friends and still want their friendship. She must not want mine. Her choice.

So enough of that. Like I said, I do not have time for crazy right now…

My masterplan for losing 30 pounds before the wedding is totally not going to happen. Shocker. I stopped breast feeding and automatically gained like 6 pounds. W-T-F??? 😯 I will be lucky if I can fit in my damn dress!

Which reminds me… I got my dress. It made me look even fatter. 😦 So I was all prepared to go shop for another dress. I even made an appointment at that corporate evil bridal shop David’s Bridal despite the rumors that they fat discriminate… then someone referred me to a seamstress… so I took my dress there and I am hoping she is amazing and can fix everything and make me look like Liz Taylor (the skinny one, not the fat one). I hope. Oh. And I will need to lose this 6 extra pounds now. That would probably help, huh? 🙄

All my kids seem to be doing well. Chelsea is moving again at the end of this month into a home with her boyfriend’s parents… 🙄 Don’t ask… I’ve warned her and warned her… I hope she doesn’t get screwed but it’s out of my hands now. James has been living with his baby momma and her family. I have no idea what is going on there and I’m sure he will NOT tell me the truth if I ask anyway…

Sean is my golden boy and he is awesome. I have had trouble keeping babysitters. Maybe he is the devil’s spawn when others are watching him but whatev. 👿 My last babysitter was 21 and totally blew me off instead of quitting respectfully like a normal adult. I can respect someone just saying, “I don’t want to babysit your kid anymore”. I don’t respect just blowing me off. Ya feelin’ me? 😆

My job sucks.

Okay, let me rephrase that. I love my job. My boss hates me. I am convinced that he is trying to make me quit my job. He is my supervisor and I refuse to believe he is this naive that he does not realize that his presence in, not only in my life but also in any of my co-worker’s lives, sucks every ounce of happiness and positivity out of our souls to the very core. He just CAN’T be that stupid. He has to know how his behavior is affecting me and others.

I just don’t understand how a human being can live with themselves treating people like insignificant pieces of shit. These are the same people who determine your own worth to your own supervisors! He should be ashamed of himself. We have expressed our concern as a team in the best way we knew how and have received NOTHING. NADA. NIL.

It pains me greatly to see practically every single one of my teammates go through a period of depression after he has beat them down. There are clear signs that employees exhibit when they are in a bad place careerwise and all but one of my co-workers has been through it, including myself. (I was the first!) I see so much talent and wonderful resources being WASTED because that P.O.S. doesn’t respect or appreciate any of us. 😡

All I have left to say about that is: Don’t worry, asshole, I am the one actually managing your employees and we can pull ourselves out of this. We don’t need you just as much as you act like you don’t need us. Karma is a bitch.

Ok then.

I’m just sayin’… 😆

Sure as heck, life just keeps rolling on… goes by faster and faster every day. Before I know it, I’ll be married and this will all seem like a whirlwind past, right?

All I ask is that ya’ll keep me in your prayers… pray that I can keep my mouth shut so I don’t get fired… pray that I can keep my head on straight and pull off this whole wedding thing… pray that my kids stay strong and healthy and out of trouble (so many local tragedies lately… it worries me sometimes…) And please pray that I can win the lotto, would ya???

That may solve all the rest, huh? So maybe just pray that —

Dear Lord, let Renee win the big lotto! 😆



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