1. I tried to apologize to Joanne. She decided I am a piece of shit and doesn’t want anything to do with me. All over me yelling at her for taking a dog to a kill shelter instead of giving me a chance to find it a good home. Because apparently she only values friends that never disagree with her and will be fake to her face. Which is why I was her only friend. πŸ™„ (Sorry, I’m a little bitter…)

2. Should I be worried that my fiance is discussing 50 Shades of Grey with another woman? I’ve never read it so I just don’t know… 😐

3. I currently weigh only 3 pounds more than I did when I first started dating Andy. But I look way dumpier. WTF. 😯

4. My photographer just now bailed on me for the wedding. I think I’m going to throw up.

5.Β  My wedding dress zipper is broke. And I need a super long zipper that is normally special order by Tuesday or I have no freaking dress!

6.Β  I have to work on Labor Day… yeah… because everyone does their financial crap on Labor Day. For sure.

7. My dog is at the pound right now because I live in the freaking boondocks where the dog catcher just works whenever he feels like it. Asshole.

It is the beginning of the week I am supposed to get married to the rock in my life and I am wigging the fuck out!



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