Ugh. I am so unambitous. (Is that even spelled right? WTF. Way to help me out spellcheck.)


I have spent most of the weekend just laying around watching movies. I have so much crap to do… And yet I cannot seem to get up and do anything. At all.

Maybe its the adrenaline crash. I was doing so much before… I don’t even want to write this post for pete’s sake…


And tomorrow is Monday. And the first of the new month. Which means I need to work my ass off. It’s always better to start off strong. If I get behind at the very beginning, its sooooo hard to catch up.

The upside is that my boss got fired. I should feel bad about that and I did at first… BUT… The man was not doing his job! How long am I supposed to feel bad for someone who made a conscious choice to not be a leader? I mean, Shit! That’s what he was being paid to be!

Everyone is interviewing for the new position. I didn’t apply despite most of my team begging me to… The position would involve some travel andΒ I would absolutely not be able to do that so why apply knowing that I would have to turn the position down?

So I am just waiting out the interview process to see who gets it. At least 3 of my 6 teammates applied for the position so we are hopeful one of them gets it. Nothing pisses me off more than having someone who doesn’t know how to do my job tell me how to do my job. πŸ™„

Karma is a bitch. Didn’t I call this? He really was such a douche.


Ok. Now my phone is running out of juice. Awesome.

Until next time, lovers! MUAH!!!


P.S. my glucose test came back and its a NEGATIVE on the diabetes. πŸ˜€Β Woo hoo! Take *that* diabetes! πŸ™‚

P.P.S. Next up… Mammogram and Breast Cancer Awareness month! Umm hmm…


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