I have shitty friends. Period.

Is there something wrong with me? WHY is it so hard to find strong, genuine women who can keep it real and know how to have a meaningful, supportive, close relationship with another woman?

Look, I realize life is crazy. I get that most people have limited free time in their lives. I understand that taking care of a family is more important than taking care of a friend.


Does that mean true friends are just no longer needed at all? Do women really feel they have no time for a loyal, supportive friend in their life?

I never expect more from anyone than I am willing to give. That said, I am a damn good friend to have. I am generous. I am compassionate. I am 1000% honest at all times. I always have your best interest at heart. I am loyal through and through. I have conviction. I am thoughtful. I am patient. I am understanding.

W.T. F.

I think I have had it with selfish, self-centered, crazy people. If I didn’t keep up with my so-called friends, they would NEVER call me or invite me anywhere. Ever. Because all of them are too busy thinking of only themselves and I am nobody to them. I’m not important to them in any way. They could care less. Because they aren’t genuine. They just aren’t.

Maybe I am just having a pity party… but let me assure you… I am keeping it real right now… I’m done with this shit. Friendship is a two way street. I can’t be the only one trying to maintain it. If I’m not important enough to even warrant an occassional invite to your home or a simple phone call, then you aren’t my real friend. And I’m done trying to convince you to be one yourself.

It’s like that second or third year after high school all over again. You know that time when you suddenly realize that everyone you knew were really just acquaintances and not your BFFs. I think I’m suddenly going through THAT again. At 42 years of age. Super. Awesome.

Let me clarify that I am speaking of my local friends. I do have a couple of true long distance friends. I also have Chelsea, who is my best girl friend, but then again, she kinda has to be… I gave birth to her. 😉 She can’t make lame excuses like my other local friends can and do. In all honesty, I hear more from my long distance friends than I do my local friends, and that just makes my local friends seem even more sucky. But they are… sucky. 😐


Okay. Rant over. I just had to get that off my chest. I’ve been a little lonely lately since Chelsea has had to stay home to work most weekends… and the holidays are coming up… and the anniversary of my mom’s death is also coming up… So many emotional times of year coming up and no girlfriends to share my time with for distraction.

The result is this pity party. Lucky you.



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