I am trying to turn this frown upside down… so I am trying to find good things in my life that make me feel good.

First off, I lost 4 pounds last week. Yeah, yeah, yeah… it was probably water weight… but hey, I gotta start somewhere, right?

I started watching The Misfits on Hulu. Genius show. And I feel super smart for finding it and loving it. I wish it didn’t tank itself in Season 4 but all great shows do that eventually I guess…

I have decided that I need to start taking my finances seriously so that I can someday quit my job. I absolutely love love love my clients and talking to people at my job. I hate hate hate corporate politics. And I am SICK of being prejudged. I need to take control of my life again. I am going to look at all my possible options to reduce my expenses down to virtually nothing. It’s the only way I will be able to confidently leave my job and feel free and feel like I can still make a difference in people’s lives. Wish me luck! 😉

My new husband is probably the *best* thing ever. Sure… he has not a lick of mechanical ability at all… and yes, he gets his ass kicked on some electronics as well… but he loves me more than he has ever loved anything and shows it… and he is honest to the core… and he’s really hot… no, really, he’s like super hot. 😀

I love my kids from my first marriage. They may not always love me but I love them. Always. I hope that someday my first born son will come around and live up to everything I ever wanted him to be and everything he was raised to be. I am thankful every freaking day of my life for my daughter, who is doing amazingly well at college and is completely responsible and has more common sense than any other 20 year old I know.

And, holey moley… my newest kid is turning out to be the best thing that has ever happened to me. Ever. Like beyond my wildest dreams. I can be having the crappiest day ever and I get one little smile from him and he just melts all of that away. And, for now, he thinks I am the best thing since sliced bread! When I come into a room during the workday on a break, his eyes light up and he comes racing over and just wants to play and laugh and be with me. I love that! Now I know what being the fun parent feel like! It’s AWESOME!

So, I guess not everything I do and have in my life makes me stupid… some things make me smart… most notably my willpower, my impeccable taste in television shows, my hot ass husband, and my kids…

Off to watch Project Runway Allstars! 😉



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